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"NHS Pain Nurse Specialist Develops New Magnetic Therapy Treatments Which Virtually Guarantees Pain Relief Within Just 2 to 6 Short Weeks"

I Reduced My Pain By 87%, PLUS At The Same Time, Improved My Mobility, Strengthened My Immune System And Detoxified My Body... And Best Of All, I Sleep Better Than I Have In Years And I’m Bursting With Energy...

“You Can Do It Too - Here’s How…”

From Dee Parsons RN, Dip MC(MT)
Pain Nurse Specialist & Magnetic Therapist
Tuesday 07.01.08

Dear Pain Sufferer,

Ask yourself this question - "DO I WANT TO BE FREE FROM PAIN?"



>> Freedom from pain? No more sleepless nights! When you wake up after a good night's sleep you will want to get up and enjoy the day ahead of you!

>> Freedom from drugs and DEADLY DRUG SIDE EFFECTS!

>> Your old lifestyle back? Do what you like...when you want to do it! Have enough energy and enthusiasm to start a new hobby, if you'd like!

>> Money in your pocket instead of paying for drugs and doctor visits? Stop the long term effects of the Chronic Pain and Inflammation itself.

>> DO YOU WANT TO DO THINGS FOR YOURSELF.... instead of waiting for others to do them for you?

>> Get up out of that chair...or bed? Take walks? Go

If so...


If you've heard about the benefits of magnetic therapy, wearing magnetic bracelets, sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad or drinking magnetised water, but you're sceptical or unsure, or are simply looking for more information, you've come to right place.

Because while yes, there ARE proven health benefits to using magnet therapy to relieve pain from a number of illnesses including Arthritis, Back Pain, Fibromyalgia and Spondylosis, there are also a lot of scams and misleading claims that you need to be aware of...

But first let me tell you, as a pain nurse with more than 37 years experience within the NHS,

“How I Vanquished All Over Body Pain”

Eight years ago, I was suffering excruciating pain. I have osteoarthritis in my back, hands, shoulder, neck, knees and feet and was at my wits end; I simply couldn’t face another day in pain.

My back was my worst area at the time. I struggled with pain in other areas as well, but there wasn’t a single action that I could do without my back hurting, the pain was constant 24/7.

At the time, I was still working as a community nurse and driving from patient to patient coupled with the steps and stairs, plus helping the patients themselves, made my back pain intolerable. It wasn’t very long before I was unable to walk.

My GP sent me for an x-ray which showed that my discs were collapsing and constantly pressing on my nerves which caused the constant stabbing and burning pain in the back and down my leg. His opinion was that I would be wheelchair bound within 2 years. I was only 49 at the time and the news came as a devastating blow.

Stuck at home unable to walk my collie dog or drive or garden, I became very self-absorbed and depressed. I really didn’t think that there was any hope for me at all. My life seemed like an endless road of misery stretching out before me.

“One Day, An Envelope Through The
Letterbox Changed My Life Forever”

The letter talked about magnetic therapy. I had never heard about it before and was extremely sceptical. It professed to relieve arthritic pain. As a trained nurse, I found it hard to believe the claims that it made.

I would normally have thrown it in the bin and dismissed it with contempt, but something stopped me. I had hit rock bottom and couldn’t have been more desperate for pain relief. So I decided to give it a try; what could I lose? There was a money back guarantee so I thought if it disappointed me by having no results, at least I would get my money back.

Imagine my surprise when three weeks later I could bend down and put my shoes on, without screaming in agony. I had worn a thin belt with magnets inside for around 2 ½ weeks and my pain was subsiding. It was still there but dulled and no longer stabbing or burning. I could move at last! Over the next 6 weeks my back went from strength to strength, and was eventually pain free.

Of course, friends and family members noticed how I was now able to get out and about without pain.

Obviously they wanted to know how I achieved this phenomenal turn around in such a short time. Several had pain themselves and wanted to try magnets.

So I took my new found knowledge and put it to good use helping friends, neighbours, work colleagues and family members

"This Was The Turning Point In My Life...
 And Eventually My Career"

Immediately, I went on a crusade to learn as much as I could about magnetic therapy.

I became so enamoured by the abilities of medical magnets that I trained to become a magnetic therapist and now hold a diploma in magnetic therapy in addition to being a qualified pain nurse specialist.

What’s most astonishing is the fact I helped more people relieve their pain in 6 months than I did in over 40 years of nursing.

Since then, I've devoted a lot of time and resources undertaking magnetic therapy research to find the most effective magnetic treatments.

After 7 years of research, I discovered that the biggest myths about magnetic therapy is the fact that most people, including medical professionals, believe wearing a magnetic bracelet will relieve pain from any part of the body.

This is by far the biggest the most DANGEROUS MYTH about healing magnets, both to your health and your wallet!

Furthermore, the studies showed that there are 3 ways to using magnetic therapy;

1. by drinking magnetic water,

2. by sleeping on magnets,

3. by applying a healing magnet continuously at the point of pain.

And by using all three methods together you will get the fastest and most effective results.

Here's the reason why:

When you drink magnetic water each day, the overall healing effect of the magnets placed on your body has been measured to be as much as ten times greater.

It will also detoxify your body, eliminate excess fluid and waste. But what’s even more important, it will increase your energy levels and help your circulation.

Your body heals by the greatest degrees at night time whilst you sleep. That is when most of the healing work is done. Sleeping on magnets will dramatically boost your body’s natural healing process, reducing the time it takes for your pain to be resolved.

Hence, I developed these very effective magnetic therapy pain relief treatments which combine the above 3 methods to relieve pain naturally  in specific areas of the body.

Now Let Me Show You How Magnetic Therapy Can Improve Your Health And Wellbeing And Above All - Get Rid Of Your Pain For Good...

How Does Magnetic Therapy Works?

Science has discovered that a magnetic field over and around a point of pain increases blood flow in the affected area.

This increased blood flow carries with it greater quantities of oxygen, vital nutrients, and especially endorphins which relieve and soon remove and alleviate the pain.

Magnet therapy is a natural treatment for wide variety of ailments in both humans and animals. Small high strength healing rare earth magnets are placed on the body as close as possible to, or directly onto the point of pain.

The magnetic field created (by wearing magnetic bracelets or straps or sleeping on magnetic mattresses or pads) penetrates deep into the muscle and tissue surrounding an injury and reduces pain by neutralising the inflammation and swelling in the area for most types of painful conditions.

What Can Magnetic Therapy Do For You?

Chinese, American, Russian, German and UK scientific studies have proven that sufficiently strong therapeutic magnets (not fridge or toy magnets) will:

  • Improve Your Circulation by stimulating the red blood cells and blood flow hence getting more essential oxygen and nutrients to your organs, muscles, joints and limbs!

  • Reduce Inflammation and Swelling by excreting excess fluid and promoting a Toxin Free Body!

  • Experience a Tremendous Boost in Energy due to your improved circulation and elimination of toxins which allows your heart to rest, hence, LOWERING your blood pressure and pulse rate naturally.

  • Encourage Deep, Long And Restful Sleep as magnetic therapy brings the levels of  'melatonin' the sleep hormone back to its optimum level.

  • Strengthen Your Immune System through the cumulative result of more oxygen, more nutrients, balanced hormones and a rested heart.

  • Above All Reduce Or Completely Get Rid Of Your Pain. Your mobility is improved as you have less pain that restricts your movement. You don't have to take as many painkillers and in some cases NONE - And all these benefits without any side effects!
End Your Pain By Choosing A Magnetic Therapy Package Designed For You!

You Need MORE Than Just A Magnetic Bracelet

Wearing a magnetic bracelet or wrist band WILL ONLY give pain relief to the lower arm, elbow, fingers, wrist or hand. Even if you have pain in those places, you will certainly need more than just a magnetic bracelet to take ALL your pain away. You cannot treat pain all over the body by wearing magnets around your wrist..

Do not waste your money buying cheap magnetic bracelets that are supposedly very strong and cures nearly everything. Think about it - If the magnets are truly very strong, they will have a price tag to reflect that. Magnetic therapy is extremely effective at relieving pain but only if used correctly.

Magnets have to be placed directly over the area of pain to have an effect.

Unfortunately you cannot treat the whole of the body with just one magnet. In short, wherever the pain is located you must place magnets within that area or in the very close proximity.

Before you buy any magnetic products, claim your FREE copy of "The Truth About Magnetic Bracelets" - Your complete guide to determine whether a magnetic bracelet will relieve your pain. A Special Report worth £17 for you, FREE!

Simply enter your name, e-mail and area of pain below, and you will be sent the download link via email INSTANTLY .

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Thousands Of Pain Sufferers Have Already Used Magnetic Therapy To Relieve Their Pain

Here are just a few of the many real life success stories of people, who just like you used to suffer with chronic pain, that I've received over the last few months.

They were ALL sceptical at first, but gave magnetic therapy a try and now are virtually pain FREE.

When All Had Failed, A Magnetic Mattress Cover
Came To The Rescue Of Sue Winter

“I had tried all the conventional treatments and without much success. I had a bit of success here and there but when you are in as much pain as I am you would try anything.

So I thought I would have a go at magnets. I decided to go the whole hog and buy a magnetic mattress.

Which has worked wonders, I must say it really has. The pain has been reduced considerably and I’m able to get up in the morning, I think it’s worked a lot. I think it would be about 2-3 weeks really, before I felt the real benefit of it.

Then the pain had reduced considerably.

Before I was waking up and my husband was having to get me a drink to take some pills with and then I would have to lay there for half an hour until they had worked before I could get out of bed and once the magnetic mattress cover had ‘kicked in’ I was actually able to get out of bed and actually make my own cup of tea. So that was a considerable relief.”
Sue Winter, Stewkley Road, Drayton, Parslow, Bucks, UK

Sue winter is a 56 year old business woman who has been suffering from arthritis in her knees and spondylosis of her neck and back for 5 years. She sleeps on a magnetic mattress cover. click here to listen to her life changing story.

Biker Rides Again After Racing Accident...

"As a youngster I had a sporting life. Club motorcycle racing was my big passion and due to spills on and off the racecourse I've broken my ribs, shattered my left arm at the elbow and right collar bone.

My left ankle was pinned and rebuilt and of course the hips take a pounding when bouncing down the race track, but I still ride a motorbike.

I also drive a class 1 HGV for a living and had a nasty accident causing me head and neck injuries and now with age I suffer with a lot of aches and pains and stiffness which I did until I was introduced to World of Magnets products.

I now wear a magnetic necklace for the relief of my stiff neck and enhanced mobility and a magnetic bracelet which has relieved my right elbow of the constant pain. I also use a knee magnet support and drink magnetic water. I can't thank World of Magnets enough for the relief their products have given me." Rod Hamlin, Herts

Piano Teacher Regains Full Use
of Hand and Fingers

    I keep meaning to write to you but I have been so busy!

   I purchased one of your magnetic bracelets last year as I was having a lot of problems with my index finger on my left hand. It seemed to be stiffening up and would not bend totally.

I was told it was probably arthritis and there was NOTHING that could be done about it. As I play the piano, and am a piano teacher, it was causing me immense problems. It was not only stiff, but painful and was affecting my playing.

I had also taken the step of deciding to complete my final grade 8 examination, which although I have been playing for 23 years, I had never taken. The music is extremely taxing and I need my hand to be perfect.

I purchased your stainless steel magnetic bracelet after doing a lot of research on the internet, and your bracelets seemed to be one of the best.

   Well what can I say!

After a few weeks of wearing the magnetic bracelet all the pain had gone in my finger and I had regained full movement.

I was a little dubious and wondered if it was down to the bracelet, or just a coincidence. So I took the bracelet off. After about a week I started to get the pain again.

Needless to say I now wear the magnetic bracelet all the time, even to bed.

   One last thing, I passed my piano examination. Thank you so much for such an excellent product. I have recommended your products to all my family and friends.

Kind regards
Linda Hammond, Chemin de Hajau, Mielan, Gers, France

Shoulder Pain Gone In Less Than 2 Weeks!

“I bought the water wand, I bought the magnetic necklace and I bought the magnetic back belt. I used the back belt on my back.

The necklace was the next biggest help.

It took away all the neck pain where I’ve got 2 joints completely crumbled, and it took the shoulder pain, from the middle of my shoulder blades and part the way down my arms, completely away in a matter of, less than 2 weeks I would have said or maybe even less, it seemed like magic.

I live with my magnetic necklace on day and night.

Then I went on to buy a magnetic bracelet for my husband, he put the bracelet on because he got a lot of shoulder and neck pain and partly down his arms, as he is a lorry driver and this caused him a lot of problems with lifting and he immediately saw the difference.

He swears by magnets!.

If he gets pain in the other arm he changes it over and he gets the relief he wants and he drinks the water which helps the magnets work better.
Wendy Kidd, Manor Cottages, Aunsby, Lincolnshire, U.K

Wendy Kidd is a retired 62 year old lady who has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for 6 years, osteoporosis and a crumbled spine. She uses a travel pad, back belt, water wand, hematite necklace and stainless steel bracelet.

43 Year Old Business Woman Riddled With Arthritis
 Don't Have To Take Painkillers Anymore!

"I would just like to say how happy I am with the magnetic mattress cover I purchased from you 9 months ago.

Since then I have been free from much of the pain I was experiencing when I came to you.

I have recently seen the specialist at the hospital and found not only to have rheumatoid arthritis in my spine but also osteoarthritis together with the spondylosis in my neck.

I suffered for almost 12 years, life had become very hard. I even thought I would have to give up my business.

I, as you know, was in so much pain when I came to you and very frustrated by the side effects the drugs were creating with my stomach, together with the lack of sleep I was experiencing I really was as you would say at the end of my tether.

Thankfully with the magnetic mattress cover, I feel the situation has been helped and I am now getting a relaxed and natural pain free sleep which was proved a few weeks ago when I was house sitting at my mother's.

I suddenly found I was in agony, the pins and needles in my leg returned and on one of the mornings I had great difficulty getting out of bed -- not the thing a 43 year old woman finds easy to cope with!

After 3 or 4 days I suddenly realised the problem, I was not sleeping on my magnetic mattress cover; obviously on returning home the problems that had returned started getting better within 2 days or so.

Thank you - at least 99% of the time I can honestly say that I manage without the medication and am still much of the time pain free or at least the pain is manageable!"

Julie Hodgson, Ripley Rd, Sawmills, Belper, Derbyshire, U.K


"Specially Designed Magnet Therapy Treatments That Will Eliminate YOUR Specific Pain Without Drugs Or Surgery!"

Click here to access the magnetic therapy packages that I have developed over the past 7 years, which I also use on a daily basis, and have also helped over 11763 chronic pain sufferers get rid of their pain in the last 3 years.

Many doctors are treating their patients with magnetic therapy instead of drugs — Here’s why

Magnetic therapy is no longer being shunned by the medical profession. At last it is gaining mainstream recognition. Not every doctor is adverse to magnetic therapies. We work closely with GP’s and many doctors use magnets themselves. After all magnetic therapy is licensed for prescription in 54 countries worldwide.

Doctors who are already using magnets have these comments:

This is not magic; there is nothing mystical about this... We have tested magnets on more than 5,000 patients and there is absolutely no doubt… the treatment works!

Robert Holcomb, MD - Assistant Professor a Neurology at Vanderbilt University Medical Centre

The short term effects of the product are amazing, but nothing can surpass the effects you will receive long term. The magnetic mattress Pad is the best product for preventative medicine and treatment of discomforts. This places the body in a negative magnetic field for a sleep inducing, stress reducing, and anti-inflammatory night of sleep. The health rewards of restorative sleep and stress management cannot be overemphasised.”

Dr. William H. Philpot – Neurologist and Chairman of the Bio-Electro Magnetic Institute in Oklahoma City

Magnetic energy has a beneficial effect on the blood circulation, lymph flow, hormone production, nerves and muscles.

Dr. Ulrich Warnke, MD – Magnets To Overcome Pain. The New Healing Method

Are You Ready To Live Without Pain?

I know you are. That's why you are here on this website right now searching for the one thing that will finally work for you and give you your life back...

And I know that you are likely to have doubts about whether or not these magnetic therapy pain treatments will work for you. I can guarantee you they will. I don't want anything to stand in the way of you trying these treatment packages.

Start Relieving The Pain In Your Back, Hip, Sciatica, Knee, Neck, Shoulder, Hand, Wrist, Finger, Arm, Elbow, Ankle, Foot, Lower Leg Or All Over Your Body Today...

Get Your Magnetic Therapy Treatment Package Today

If you are thinking of coming back in a few days after visiting other websites to get your magnetic therapy treatment, STOP. Here are a few good reasons why you should not...

  • We are a group of real qualified NHS nurses -- not just sales people -- who also hold diplomas in Magnetic Therapy. We have a thorough understanding of pain both personally and professionally.

  • We are a well established, reputable company that has been trading since 1999 and we are here to stay for a long time to come
  • .

  • We have developed these treatment packages over the past 7 years through rigorous clinical research and use them ourselves on a daily basis.

  • We are not just a virtual online store, like many others that you will come across on the internet. We have a dedicated pain clinic in Derbyshire where we advise people in person about pain relief everyday.
  • You also get FREE lifetime telephone consultation support to discuss any of your pain issues with our pain nurse specialists, when you buy a magnetic therapy treatment package.

  • These magnetic therapy treatment packages have helped over 11,667 people relieve their pain in the last 3 years and that number grows everyday.

  • We are by far not the cheapest, and don't claim to be. Our products are highly valuable but also affordable. The magnets we use in these products are guaranteed to keep their magnetic field for 10 years. You know what they say "you get what you pay for".

  • We offer a FREE alteration service on all our products to ensure that these magnetic devices fits you correctly. As proper fitting is essential to whether magnetic therapy works or not.

  • We are the only company who offer a full 180 days money back guarantee if these pain packages don't work for you. That's how much faith we have in the fact that they will relieve your pain. We don't want your money if it doesn't work for you.

  • Plus, expect a FREE gift when you buy virtually any one of these magnetic therapy treatment packages.

  • We work with the BBC as expert Magnetic therapy guests and have appeared on several radio shows.

  • All Magnet therapy treatment packages are delivered FREE in the U.K, using royal mail first class recorded delivery to ensure that your treatment gets to you quickly and safely.

So Don't Delay, The sooner you start the treatment, the sooner your pain will be gone and your health and well being restored. Do something about your pain now. Get your custom magnetic therapy treatment today - - It will change your life, GUARANTEED.

What if it doesn't work for me? I hear you say - Well as a trained professional, I do acknowledge that magnetic therapy does not work in every single case. That's why I'm offering you a 100% money back guarantee.

"My 180 Day, 100% Risk Free Guarantee!"

I have arranged for you to try your magnetic therapy treatment package with absolutely no risk for an unusually long 180 days. Within those 180 days your pain and swelling is virtually guaranteed to be relieved.

But if (and it will be unusual)— after at least 170 days of continuous use, your pain and swelling has not been virtually or completely resolved, I want you to return the complete package and I will send you a full 100% refund.

The only reason we can offer you this exceptional guarantee is because experience has proven that chronic pain has been relieved in thousands of pain sufferers by using these recommended pain treatment packages.

Actually, the risk we take in providing you with this long guarantee is very small.

The likelihood is your pain will be gone or greatly reduced and your mobility will be recovered as you apply and use the correct care package.

Nevertheless, if you are the one in hundreds whose pain is not substantially relieved, and whose movements are not almost entirely freed up with the correct package we do not want you to pay for it.

If this is your experience, please return the whole magnetic therapy treatment package after 170 days and we will promptly refund every penny of the cost. You have nothing to lose BUT Your Pain.

Two Bonus Gifts, Yours To Keep
No Matter What You Decide!

No matter which package you order, you get these bonus gifts, YOURS TO KEEP, whether or not you decide to keep your magnetic therapy treatment package.

Your Super Bonus #1

A FREE copy of the most educational magnetic therapy magazine - Magnetic Health Matters - Where you can learn which magnetic products works best for what type of medical conditions, guaranteed to give you a magnetic treatment solution for your specific problems.

Furthermore, you will also get detailed explanation of all magnetic therapy products available and how to use them.

Your Super Bonus #2

Real Life Success Stories!

"Discover How 6 Long Term Chronic Pain Sufferers Used Magnetic Therapy To Regain A Pain Free Life"

If you have tried and tested virtually every single form of pain relief method available and have failed miserably - Do not despair, You are not alone!

My favourite success stories belong to people just like YOU who have lived with pain for most of their lives -- and are now PAIN FREE!

I've managed to secure exclusive interviews with 6 people who have achieved total FREEDOM from pain and persuaded them to share their deepest personal feelings about their pain relief with you!

And now, this Special Bonus Report on CD contains all six in-depth "tell all" interviews, including...

# Christine Chesters, an occupational therapist who has diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritic knees and crumbling discs in her back.

# Roy Sidall, a 71 year old retired gentleman who has been suffering from osteoarthritis in his lower back, knees, wrist and feet for over 10 years.

# Anne Fairbrass, a 63 year old care manager who has spondylosis of the neck and lower back, sciatica, curvature of the spine and shoulder pain.

plus 3 more...

This is an incredible opportunity for you to hear REAL PEOPLE just like YOU, who have had chronic pain for years and are now PAIN FREE since using these recommended magnetic therapy treatment packages!

If You're Still Not Convinced? Then Read On...

20 Months Of Finger Pain Gone...

I suffered with pain in my Right thumb/ hand for a period of about 20 months. The pain at times was 'nagging' and caused me to lose strength in the hand, as the pain would stop me using it, for example when trying to open bottles or jars. I imagine that this was some sort of repetitive strain injury which refused to improve - it's not that easy not to use your right hand if you are right handed.

Pills and potions are not an option I like as more often than not they deal with the symptoms not the cause and can become only a long term option.

The only relief I managed to obtain was with strapping or elasticated sports supports. Which worked as they immobilised my thumb.

I must admit I have always been very sceptical with regards to magnetic therapy but decided anything was worth a try. I purchased a magnopain magnetic bracelet in August 2005 and gradually felt a big improvement and today I am pain free in that joint and as I am now able to use it the strength has returned.

All I can say is that this worked for me and I will keep on wearing the magnetic bracelet.

Best regards
Maureen Griffiths

My Sleep Feels Deeper And My Dreams Are Extremely Vivid...

I actually feel a bit silly in writing this having always been extremely sceptical of most forms of alternative therapy. 

But I cannot lie, I have been migraine-free
for two months now
since combining the use of my magnetic pillow pad with a daily Feverfew supplement (always check with your doctor before taking supplements) and a total ban on chocolate.

Prior to this I suffered with Classical Migraine at least once a month. I am now feeling increasingly confident about going places without the fear of a migraine coming on... it's amazing how trapped migraine can make you feel.

My sleep feels deeper and richer and my dreams are extremely vivid...  but that has been the only side-effect.

My magnetic pillow pad was an excellent buy and although I don't believe I will ever be completely cured it has certainly made a big difference to my life as part of my new regime.

Helen Savage, York

Magnetic Pillow Pad Relieves Migraines

Originally I suffered from migraines, sometimes two or three a week. These gradually lessened to become headaches, but were still painful and limited my social life to the extent that I could never guarantee being pain-free on some future occasion.

I found pain-killers of only limited value and often with unpleasant side-effects. I also had "singing" tinnitus to go with them, also a pest.

Having tried various alternative medicines to little avail, I tried magnets. Magnetic bangles seemed to have little effect so I tried a pad of magnets placed under my pillow at night. And that did the trick!

Quite quickly my headaches grew less in intensity and in frequency to my present state, where I do get the occasion mild headache one a month or so, as other people do, but they can generally be got rid of with standard painkillers.

So magnets do work! Regards, John Stephens 20.05.07

Magnetic Bracelet 'Unlocks' Finger!

Hi there,

This is me, Patricia Lynch with one of the 2 dogs we had in 1985, having a well earned rest half way round Rudyard Lake, whilst taking part in a sponsored walk for Breast Cancer. I Had breast cancer in 1984 and believe me, the pain I felt from that was nothing like the pain I suffered from arthritis in my right hand and wrist, which at times made my fingers curl up and freeze so I had to physically straighten my fingers out to relieve the pain. My son and my Father both had the same arthritis problem with the locking fingers.

Since wearing your magnetic bracelet on my right wrist, I can honestly say that my fingers have never locked up in pain even once so far after several months of wearing the bracelet. I am even considering getting my husband a magnetic necklace for Christmas. He suffers from Spondylosis of the neck, shoulders and spine and it would be interesting to see if a magnetic necklace would help him.

I have also read that magnetic collars can help older, arthritic cats and dogs, we don't have any animals at the moment but I have been considering going to an animal shelter to adopt an older dog, that would maybe love to be living in a family environment and then possibly feel the benefit of a magnetic collar in later years.

Here's hoping my magnetic bracelet keep up it's magnetic powers, as I had suffered from the pain in my hand and wrist for about 2 years before buying the bracelet that I now wear day and night.

Patricia Lynch

I am so thrilled with my magnetic belt and bed pad, I walked for two hours the other day and had no pain. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks. Brenda Harper

20 Years of Tennis Elbow Gone in Days...

Hi There,

About 20yrs ago I got "Tennis Elbow" in my right arm. I had played a lot of Tennis and Squash before this happened but apparently it can happen to anyone.

The pain involved is really bad but if you happen to knock it, then the pain is excruciating.

I was sent to the hospital by my G.P and the consultant treated me by inserting a long needle into the main vein in the back of my hand and then pushing it up as far as it would go!

It cured my "Tennis Elbow" and my arm went back to normal until 2 yrs ago! It came back with a vengeance! I could not lift a CUP of TEA, the pain was that bad.

I saw my G.P. but this time HE gave me the injection straight into my elbow joint, right into the seat of the pain.

The injection really hurt but after about two or three days I was cured again.

6 months ago back it came! Back to my G.P. only this time the injection was that painful that in all honesty, although I didn't cry out, I nearly passed out.

On the 3rd of May (three weeks ago) IT WAS BACK AGAIN!! I became upset and felt really depressed. I told my wife that there was no way I could take another injection.

Having bought a magnetic bracelet for the arthritis in my hand which I believe cured it, I sent for a magnetic arm strap, which I placed just above my elbow.

After 5 days, all the pain had gone, my arm is fine. In my mind, without a shred of doubt, IT HAS TO BE THE MAGNETS. If you are in PAIN then TRY THEM.
Regards and Thanks

Malcolm A Hirst - 26.06.2007

No More Pain Killers Required After 12 Days Of Magnetic Therapy

Dear World of Magnets

I am 59 years of age and just over three years ago I suffered a herniated disc. This led to bad sciatic pain across my right buttock and down my right leg causing numbness down the right side of my lower right leg and across the top of my right foot. It also caused pain in my right hip and consequently I walked with a limp. The only way that I would get pain relief was by taking Ibuprofen tablets or capsules which gave some relief for about 12 hours.

I ordered a magnetic belt, water wand and bed pad from World of Magnets and received them within four days.

I fitted the Magnopain belt which I received at about 12 noon on the day I received it (twelve days ago). Whilst sitting in a chair that evening at about 9pm I was aware of a warming sensation on my right hip which then slowly extended down my right leg and across the top of my right foot, slowly the discomfort of the sciatic pain faded.

I just couldn't believe what was happening, after all I am one of the worlds biggest sceptics!

I went to bed and laid on my magnetic quilt and in the morning I was aware that my limp was nowhere near as bad as it had been.

Now 12 days on I am still experiencing the relief from pain and do not need to take pills. My condition is not cured but the pain is very much better and making my life a lot more comfortable. If this continues I will be more than happy.

My message to other sceptics is give it a go, it's definitely working for me.

Thank you World of Magnets..
Kenneth Moore (08.07.2007)

Still not sure if these magnetic therapy packages are right for you - Here's another 100+ testimonials from current users of these magnetic therapy treatment packages and we get more every day...

"15 Years Of Arthritis Knee Pain Gone In 5 Weeks"

"How Different Would Your Life Be
If Your Pain Was Gone Forever"

Imagine being pain free again in just 2 to 4 weeks. Being able to do all those things that you've had to give up - gardening, shopping, going out, playing your favourite sport... You are capable of feeling great again. Just click on the pain package that applies to you and join the 11760+ people that are now PAIN FREE.

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If You Think They Are Too Expensive...
Or If You Think You Can't Afford Them...

You are going to spend the cost of these magnetic therapy pain relief treatment packages many, many times over and on both big and small things... coffee, cigarettes, meals out, cable tv, movie tickets, etc... let me ask you this...

Would you not trade any one of these in exchange for the elimination of your pain? Is being pain free and feeling great again not worth it?

You CAN afford this, if you choose to. And I know that getting rid of your pain and being able to live your life normally again is far more important to you than coffee, meals out and the like.. And remember, these magnetic products last for 10 years.

Plus, if for some crazy reason these natural pain treatment packages don't help you get relief, simply send it back to us for a full refund... we absolutely REFUSE to accept money from anyone we cannot help...

If You Are Looking For A Quick Fix Or A Miracle Cure For Your Pain, There's No Such Thing...

These magnetic therapy treatments are however the smartest and scientifically proven approach to treating and preventing pain by far and hopefully it makes sense to you... if not, please read over this webpage again...

Don't pay £30 or more for some worthless 20 page ebook that just shows you the same general exercises that they give everyone, or some magic herbal pills or creams... or waste your time, money, and energy on treatments that just don't work...

If you are done with aches and pains and are ready to live life again, you must take action now. Don’t sit around and wait for your doctor to figure it out... only you can make this happen. Take charge of your health and well being!

Don’t put it off any longer...

Order your pain magnetic therapy treatment package today and in no time your body will be feeling great again and your pain will be gone...

Still Have Questions?

Chronic pain can be and is often very confusing and complex and I know that you are likely to have questions... so if you do, just click on the image below. There is a pain nurse specialist waiting with your answers.

To your pain free life.

Dee Parsons RN, Dip MC (MT)
Senior Pain Nurse Specialist/Magnetic Therapist

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magnetic therapy pain relief products for arthritis, back pain and fibromyalgia

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Magnetic therapy is a natural pain treatment without drugs or surgery or side effects. Magnetic healing bracelets relieve wrist pain, tendonitis. Healing magnets are natural pain relievers for fibromyalgia, arthritis, lower back, knees, neck and shoulder pain.

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