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Cancer and Treatment Program using Powerful Magnetic Field Therapy

We have been working with our own, specially created, powerful Neodymium BioM™ Health Magnets for over 8 years and we are specialists in Magnetic or Biomagnetic therapy, as we prefer to call it: 'Bios' means 'Life' in Greek.

Our Practices here in the Netherlands at Hilversum & Woerden are unique and as far as we know, we are the only therapists in this country, if not Europe, using such innovative and exciting treatment processes.

From RSI to Rheumatoid Arthritis, we have been achieving amazing results, with our therapy helping many who were previously unable to be positively treated with conventional medical or alternative methods.

Recently we were asked, by a close friend, to see if we could help Kiki, a lovely lady, who was suffering from a particularly invasive cancer.

We were unable to find suitable equipment to treat her, so we decided to build our own. 
Although somewhat crude in design, it seems to be having really positive effects and Kiki's health has improved considerably. She has lots of energy and is literally a new person, filled with hope and a terrific, positive attitude to life. 
As part of her treatment we also use soft lasers, as well as our well tried and tested, Detox Eating Regimen which we combine with gentle relaxation massage, in order to redress and stabilize the body's chemical, hormonal and stress levels.
I must also point out that we insisted with Kiki, as we will with all patients, that our magnetic field therapy must work alongside standard medical cancer treatment procedures whenever possible, and it must never be used instead of these traditional methods, unless all other options have been ruled out.

To date, we have been working on a very tight budget, with our own limited funds, but we need to create stronger, more directional equipment to really fulfill our aim of seeing how magnets could help fight cancer. The therapy on Kiki seems to be working, we think we know why, but not exactly, so we need to carry out further research and clinical studies on monitored patients to understand more. However, as with acupuncture, past experience has shown that magnetic field therapy does not work on everyone: If it did, we would have a panacea, the likes of which the World has never seen before, but we believe that continued well focused research, development and testing of magnetic field therapy, could have long-reaching benefits for so many sufferers of disorders, formerly deemed as untreatable. We simply DO NOT KNOW, so we must FIND OUT! 
We just cannot give up now, because too many have too much to lose. Hope is needed, and no matter what, we must never take away that chance of hope. It is so precious!

So to progress with our aims, we are now looking for other sufferers, like Kiki, who are interested in seeing if we can help find some of the answers as to how magnet field therapy might help combat cancer.

Please read the following details explaining about cancer and our current treatment processes:


Over 100 types, some of which are less well known than others.
We are all born with cancerous cells, but normally the immune system prevents them from becoming active.
Healthy cells continually replace themselves when they become damaged or worn out but sometimes this process goes out of control and too many new cells are created. If the immune system is then incapable of rectifying this, these cells can form new independent tissue with its own blood supply, and this is the basis of a tumour. Some will be benign, some malignant.

"Why me, you must be asking yourself?"

Generally, there is often more than one answer to this question:

Perhaps you inherited the predisposition? Does cancer 'run in your family'?
Perhaps your DNA make-up has been damaged by toxic chemicals or free radicals?
Perhaps you have had a past serious illness, disease or virus, or even a period of chronic stress, which has overworked your immune system and lowered its ability to cope with this disruption to your body’s normal way of functioning?
Perhaps your normal diet has not been capable of increasing the efficiency of your immune system?
Perhaps your normal cells have become cancerous due to exposure to carcinogens?

As with most disorders, genetic, environmental, lifestyle, and nutritional factors all play their part in controlling the way your immune system responds to your type of cancer.


If your body has certain 'triggers' within it, then normal cells can become cancerous through exposure to carcinogens and here are some common ones:
Smoking, Nitrates, Nitrites, Alcohol, Asbestos, Burnt food, Radon gas, Chlorine, Fried food, Ultraviolet light, Pesticides, Fluoride.

A recent in depth clinical study was carried out in Sweden that showed how food that had been cooked, especially fried or roasted, at a very high temperature, actually promoted carcinogens that could encourage cancer. Food items such at potato chips and crisps, as well as crisp bread were particular culprits.

Free Radicals:

These are molecules that can damage the body’s DNA and cell membranes (outer cell layer).
They are closely linked to the initiation and spread of cancer and are produced in the body as a normal by product of metabolism. Strong sunlight, smoking and fried foods all create free radicals.
Your body needs antioxidants to disarm these free radicals.

To try and explain this a little more clearly, cut an apple in half and squeeze lemon juice onto one half. The uncovered half will react with oxygen in the air and become discoloured, while the half protected with the juice will retain its bright colour. In a similar way, antioxidants protect against damage from free radicals.
Your body’s liver also makes its own antioxidant enzymes: Superoxide Dismutase, and Glutathione and they rely on, manganese, iron, zinc, copper and selenium as nutrients.

Much of the food you eat daily, such as dark green leafy vegetables and wholegrain products, contain these nutrients, but as part of your treatment we will naturally increase your intake of them in both your diet and in the form of supplements.

The Treatment Process:

By now, you might, or might not, know why you have your cancer. This is not important. That is all in the past, so let's now look at the breakdown of our treatment process to see if you think it suitable for you.

Throughout the treatment, I work hard to verify the following, which has already been stated and written by others:

Cancer cells prosper and thrive in oxygen free environments.

Cancer cells cannot exist in a strong magnetic field.

Obviously we will help you avoid carcinogens and we will use good nutrition, supplements, relaxation massage, as well as powerful magnetic field stimulation, to try to increase the amount of oxygenated blood flowing through your body, to assist detoxification, and at the same time to build up the strength of you immune system. We have a very positive attitude, and so must you.

Your therapy travels along the following path:

Introduction: Detoxification: Nutritional advice: Supplements advice: Magnet field stimulation, twice weekly for an hour, at one of our Practices: Magnet field stimulation, continual, using strong purpose-built magnets that I attach to your clothing or tape to your body: Relaxation massage: Advice on positive thinking & self help.

(Bio)Magnets, (Bio)Magnetic Field Therapy & Their Effects on Cancer.

The following details are taken from various publications & I must stress that it has been very difficult to find articles that were not totally biased in favour of the author who is, all too often, just trying to sell his or hers magnetic products. Now, as in the past, commercial gain has often clouded genuine studies and findings, bringing with it distrust and superstition. Our opinions are based on true findings with patients we have treated over the years, the majority of whom have visited us, only on the recommendation of others.

'My thoughts are written in blue, statements from various sources are in

'Attempting to cure cancer by using unexplainable techniques, like powerful magnets, has, in the past, been generally suppressed by the medical profession, the law, and by society in general, fearing exploitation of vulnerable and often desperate people. This is, to a degree, understandable but in the long term has proved unhelpful to the sufferers.' 

'More reliable research into the effects of magnets on cancer is needed and it is up to us to ensure this happens.'

Dr. K.E. MaClean of New York, stated in his book, published in the 80s, that: “Cancer cannot exist in a strong magnetic field”.

'As with so many articles and papers written about the effects of magnets on sufferers of many types of disorders, it is always difficult to find well documented proof. I am very, very scepticle about the results attained from any natural treatment unless I see them for myself. However, because of the sometimes totally amazing results achieved in my daily work, my enthusiasm for magnetic or biomagnetic therapy as I prefer to call it, is ever increasing. Of course one can never discount the placebo reactions, or the ability of one’s body to heal itself, but even taking those factors into account, there is definitely something very positive about biomagnetic therapy. Hundreds and hundreds of books have been written on the subject and many universities, worldwide, have carried out investigative research, but I continually strive to carry out my own trials, working on the theory that ‘seeing is believing’.

Through thousands of clinical experiments, it has been proven that magnetic therapy is safe, non-addictive, and there are no known harmful exposure levels. Clinical tests have proven that magnets reduce pain. Magnets deeply penetrate the flesh and create a magnetic field that energizes, alkalizes, and oxygenates the blood, improving the immune system performance and the body's healing abilities.

'I have certainly found magnet or biomagnetic therapy to be totally safe with many positive effects and results. I have been treating patients here in Holland for over 8 years but I must point out that I am only just now treating my first cancer patient, Kiki.'

Dr. Albert Roy Davis, Ph.D., noted the positive and negative magnetic polarities have different effects upon biological systems of animals. He found that magnets could be used to arrest and kill cancer cells in animals, and could also be used in the treatment of arthritis, glaucoma, infertility, and diseases related to aging. He concluded that negative magnetic fields have a beneficial effect on living organisms, whereas positive magnetic fields have a harmful effect.

'I have found that neither poles have created any harmful effects, but recovery and pain relief seemed in most cases to be faster if North facing poles are used.'

According to Wolfgang Ludwig, Sc.D., Ph.D., Director of the Institute for Biophysics in Horb, Germany, "Magnetic field therapy is a method that penetrates the whole human body and can treat every organ without chemical side effects.

"Magnetic energy has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, lymph flow, hormone production, nerves and muscles," says Dr. Ulrich Warnke, M.D., in "Magnets to Overcome Pain."

'I have found that magnets do seem to benefit poor circulation and many patients often feel very warm on the area where I place the magnets. I have also found positive reactions with those suffering with menopausal and other hormonal problems. There is also often a very visible difference that can be seen with patients suffering from swollen rheumatic joints both before and after treatment.'

"A magnetic field can function like an antibiotic in helping to destroy bacterial, fungal, and viral infections," says Dr. Philpott, "by promoting oxygenation and lowering the body's acidity." Both these factors are beneficial to normal bodily functions but harmful to pathogenic (disease-causing) micro organisms, which do not survive in a well oxygenated, alkaline environment. These two factors are why clinical studies have proven that magnets reduce pain.
Dr. Philpott theorizes that the biological value of oxygen is increased by the influence of an electromagnetic field, and that the field causes negatively charged DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) to "pull" oxygen out of the bloodstream and into the cell. 
This electromagnetic field keeps the cellular buffer system (pH or acid-based balance) intact so that the cells remain alkaline. The low acid balance also helps maintain the presence of oxygen in the body. He also believes that: "A magnetic field normalizes the disturbed metabolic functions that cause painful conditions such as cellular 0dema (swelling of the cells), cellular acidosis (excessive acidity of the cells), lack of oxygen to the cells, and function."
One case states that: ‘On my deathbed when pain got unbearable in an area of the colon, I used a 4" x 5½" x ½" approximately 1000 gauss (magnet strength measurement) magnet against the area most all the time. By the end of the first week the pain started reducing and by the end of the month the pain had disappeared totally.’

'In normal circumstances I would be very doubtful about such claims, but I must admit that I have had patients with terrible pain, who have tried every medicinal and natural method available with no luck. They only got pain relief from my biomagnetic therapy and this relief was very visible.'

Today, 4000 gauss magnets are only an inch in size and weigh about an ounce. This type of magnet was especially designed for Professor Wollen and used on cancer patients - all successfully as mentioned in the article "Curing Cancer With Magnets" in Magnet In Your Future magazine.

'I actually have all of my magnets, or biomagnets, as I prefer to call them, made specifically for me and their strengths range from N35 to N65. It is very confusing to judge a magnet by its gauss rating, because there are so many factors that determine this. But I suppose as a comparison to 4,000 gauss, mine would be 12,000 to 16,000. They are certainly the most optimum strength magnets that can be made and are not available to the general public.'

The following is a reprint from Magnets In Your Future magazine. Reprinted with permission. A Z Printing Company, 4000 HWY 62, Hardy, Arkansas, U.S.ARTICLE

(Editor's Note: Summary of a 57 page Report presented by G. Wollin, at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.) Excerpt taken from MAGNETS, Volume 3, Number 4.)

"Mrs. Kerstin Westelius had lung cancer of the metastasis type. After years of surgery, therapy and chemotherapy, she was told by her physicians that her cancer was incurable and that she had only 2 more months to live. Dr., Erik Enby, together with Prof. Goesta Wollen of Clyde, N.C., who invented the method of treating cancer using powerful magnets, treated her successfully with powerful high gauss magnets.

Because of the recent invention of the high strength neodymium magnet, three breast cancer patients have been cured by a method, which will revolutionize the field of cancer treatment. One of the patients had breast cancer of the metastasis type; that is, the cancer had transplanted into tissue distant from the site of the original cancer. The technique we used strongly indicates that all kinds of cancer can be cured by this method. Of importance is that healthy tissue surrounding a cancer tumor is not harmed by a powerful magnet because healthy cells have different electromagnetic potential than cancer cells.

Of great importance is that we can suggest a mechanism; that is, what is happening when a powerful magnet is trying to eliminate a malignant tumor. The mechanism is based on Wollin's recent discovery of a universal spiral theory. Wollin discovered that spirals are found throughout nature, from the galaxies, each one consisting of hundreds of billions of stars, down to the basic shape of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), the bodies' ultimate genetic material. The miraculous molecule that makes a mouse a mouse or a human-being a human being. DNA exists in every chromosome in every cell of every individual.

" We propose that magnetism and cancer cells are spirals on different scales. When super magnetism is applied to cancer tumors, the magnetic spirals, being larger, are dominating, and at the end, kill the smaller cancer cell spirals.

" The successful result of our cancer treatment project is a consequence, of more, than 400 years of research in the fields of electro magneto therapy and diseases.

" Electromagnetotherapy needs to be clarified because in the literature the term's electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, etc., are used to describe the same process. We use only the term electromagnetotherapy because Maxwell showed that electricity and magnetism are two aspects of the same entity, electromagnetism.

" In a book chapter entitled "About Magnets and Their Wonderful Ability to Help in the Cure of All sorts of Diseases" by Paracelsus, he writes, for example, that he found the use of magnets to be of great value for the cure of epilepsy. He recommends that 4 powerful magnets be placed on the stomach and 4 on the back.

" In summary, when someone has cancer, in general there are three ways of trying to eliminate the malignant tumor from the body. Surgery is one possibility. Another possibility is to kill the cancerous cells with radiation. The third option is chemotherapy. The unfortunate drawback with these treatments is that they can damage healthy cells, too.
" We suggest another option: The employment of powerful magnets. This type of treatment does not damage healthy cells because healthy cells have different electromagnetic potential than cancer cells. It is a new approach to the treatment of cancer, the first, since chemotherapy began more than 60 years ago."

In Discovery of Magnetic Health by George J. Washnis and Richard Z. Hricak quote Robert Barefoot, a bio-chemist who deals with nutrition and disease, as follows: “The loss of energy from natural magnetic fields means that cellular calcium is not maintained in an active ionized state and so reverts to its inert molecular state and is deposited as a solid substance on cells. The benefit of magnetotherapy is the ability of its magnetic fields to raise pH and thereby ionize the calcium, converting it into biologically active calcium ions.”

'As I said before, there has been so much written about the effects of magnets on treating all kinds of illnesses. Some you can believe, some you cannot.

Over the years, I have experienced some staggering results and each day I learn a little more, so there is always hope for good health.

I have added the following information below, taken from published documents, which shows the effects of magnets, particularly on animals, and I only hope that in I, too, in the near future, will be able to confirm my findings on working with human cancer sufferers. I will of course make my results available on this website.'

Madeleine Barnothy used powerful 8000 Gauss electromagnets to see if they could control or eliminate solid tumours in mice, and found that magnetic fields of 4400-8000 Gauss had a degenerative effect on Sarcoma-37 ascites (fluid) tumour cells, but that S-37 solid tumour cells were not affected. Around the same time (1961) Butler from St Luke’s Hospital, Phoenix Arizona observed that the growth of human epidermoid carcinoma cells in culture was inhibited by magnetic fields.

Table: Effect of magnetic field on Sarcoma-37 ascites tumours in mice

Mag. Field (Gauss) % degeneration (Exposed) % degeneration (Control) Statistical Significance*
100 17 18 NS
600 10 9 NS
1500 18 19 NS
2000 10 10 NS
4400 25 3 Significant
7000 98 10 Significant
8000 82 8 Significant

* determined by the z test at a 0.05 level of significance

Source: I.L. Mulay and L.N. Mulay, 1964

Jeno Barnothy was interested in the effects of static magnets in T-2146 carcinoma tumour growth in mice. He implanted spherical tumours subcutaneously in the animals and followed their growth by palpation, comparing the tumour size (using students who were unaware whether the tumours were exposed or a control) with metal balls of various sizes also implanted under a preserved mouse skin. The effect of the magnetic field was an arrest of the growth not followed by any subsequent size diminution but by a quite abrupt rejection of the tumour.

In one of Barnothy’s mice after the first had been rejected a new tumour was seen to grow in the same place. After further magnetic field treatment this tumour was also rejected. Typically, tumour growth in the magnetic field was slower than in the controls. After 5-10 days in the field the growth stopped and the tumour size would remain unchanged for another 5-10 days, after which it was rejected. The mouse then proceeded to recover normally, and in two months could not be distinguished from healthy mice.

One explanation for these rejections might be that the magnetic field itself did not affect the cancer cells but merely increased the homograft rejection capability of the host. Magnetic fields are known first to depress leucocyte growth, after which there is a rebound above the baseline, so by temporarily increasing the immune competence of the animals the tumours might have been rejected. Ultimately however the effect of the magnetic field with chronic exposure appears to be immunosuppressive. This immunological explanation is supported by the work of Rosenberg and Terry in the 1970s, who showed that tumour immunity depends on cellular immune system competence. Such complications must have given pause to those otherwise eager to use magnets in cancer therapy: we simply do not know enough yet to apply the correct management.

There even seems to be a sex-related preference: in one Barnothy’s study out of ten exposed mice five females all rejected their tumours, whereas only two males did so, though this has hardly enough statistical power to be a strong conclusion (Barnothy, 1959,1964). More convincing was the ability of the magnetic field to prolong life duration: the average lifespan of the 19 exposed animals implanted with these aggressive tumours was 37 days (+/- 2.6), whereas the 14 dummy-exposed mice lived on average only 24.4 days (+/- 1.7), some 35 % longer. However the average tumour weight at time of death was 214% greater for the treated group than the controls, suggesting that the magnetic fields did not retard tumour growth itself. Pathological investigation however revealed a much higher level of necrotic tumours in the treated animals, which accounted for this difference, and that there was no metastasis. Finally whereas all the dummy-exposed mice developed tumours seven of the treated did not..

A great problem with the magnets used by the Mulays and the Barnothy family was their cumbersome size. The alnico magnets used in the 1950s and 1960s to generate 4200 Gauss fields weighed 275lbs each! In the 1980s however a new and incredibly more powerful type of magnet, based on a mix of boron and neodymium, was discovered by Japanese scientists and these have rapidly gained a large share of the holding magnets market. Though much more expensive, they are also being used increasingly for therapeutic purposes, and some spectacular results are being reported, particularly with arthritic pain. Moreover, research interest in the therapeutic use of neodymium magnets against cancer has accelerated.

A number of possible mechanisms are presently being explored. At the N.N. Blokhin Cancer Research Centre, of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow Dobrynin and his colleagues are finding that a turbulent magnetic field inhibits tumour growth by over 20% in mice, and they have now developed a "Magnetoturbotron-2M" device (firm AZ, Moscow). Their studies suggest that these devices stimulate the immune system by causing neutrophils and macrophages to produce highly reactive oxygen species which then attack the tumours. The device also appears to reduce the malignant effects of radiotherapy (Dobrynin, Mescherikova et al., 1998a, 1998b).

At Stanford University’s Bioelectromagnetics laboratory Jan Walleczek and his colleagues were unable to find any effects on enzymes from exposure to static magnetic fields, but in Japan at the University of Tokyo’s Dept. of Biomedical Engineering Shoogo Ueno and his team found that 14T and 7.8T static magnetic fields could decrease blood clotting by upto 40% (Iwasaka et al., 1998). In these strong fields the fibrin fibers were oriented, thereby altering optical absorbance which they measured spectrophotometrically. Improved delivery of oxygen to tissue is likely to improve ATP synthesis too, so this might be one way in which magnetic fields are having a therapeutic effect: cancer cells hate oxygen, prefering glycolytic pathways.

These are some of the research avenues presently being explored for possible cancer treatments. Their success ultimately depends on a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms of interaction, since this will not only lead to a more confident approach to clinical trials but make sense out of the confusing array of disparate effects being reported. Somewhere in these diffuse reports is a pattern which still needs teasing out, before magnet therapy can take a full and deserved place in the main armoury of medicine.

Meanwhile its application in minor ailments and conditions is now assured: a recent trawl of the Internet revealed nearly a thousand websites, mainly US, offering a wide variety of magnet therapy products. Considering that few if any of these have been FDA approved suggests that a large research effort is still needed to verify their efficacy!


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