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Bone healing with medical magnets

By Jennie Albin, CTB

Intact bone cells have a weak magnetization with both positive and negative magnetic fields. However, when a bone breaks it becomes like two repelling magnets. If it is left to heal naturally the fractured ends resist one another and the bone does not heal together smoothly, leaving the fractured sightly misaligned. According to Philpott (1990) “When a magnetic field is applied to a cell, the cell assumes the polarity of the applied magnetic field until the field is removed. Thus, when negative magnetic energy is applied to a cell, the counter clockwise spin of the negatively charged cellular DNA pull oxygen (paramagnetic) into the cell”.

If a magnet is placed over a fracture sight the external magnetic field over powers the weaker magnetic field of the bone. The bone, being paramagnetic, assumes the identical magnetic field of the magnet being applied to the fracture sight. Therefore the repelling nature of the two broken ends is overridden by the magnet and the fracture sight comes together without resistance. Also, the negative magnet speeds up the rate of healing by enhancing cell permeability. Becker (1990) wrote about a bone growth research project which states, “Osteogenic cells where the potential was negative would be stimulated to grow more bone, while those in the positive area would close up shop and dismantle their matrix.”

Next a case study & a protocol are provided as further rational & future direction for biomagnetic research.

RJ, had a spiral fracture of the left femur on November 8, 1998 immediately following a left total hip replacement (THR). The client slipped in the kitchen and broke her femur just above the knee. The doctor’s recommendation was to redo the THR and replace the rod that resided next to the femur which was initially used to help stabilize the hip.The doctor estimated that the client would not be able to walk for 6 to 9 months following the surgery. The client decided against this procedure and was told that the chances of the fracture healing effectively were poor. The client decided to use biomagnetic therapy.

The following is the treatment protocol that the client followed:

direct placement of a 4x6x1/2” ceramic magnet with a conventional magnetization pattern and a gauss rating of 3,950. Client used an ace bandage to attach the magnet directly over the site of the fracture & cast.

Polarity: Negative side toward the site of injury.

Duration: Approximately 24 hours a day except during toileting for 4 months.

Observation: Client stated that she experienced nausea and dizziness the first 2-3 days of using the magnet. Client was also using pain medication, Vicoden and Tylenoc. At the two week check up following her hospital release the x-rays showed that the fracture was healing. In February 1999 the client had a follow-up visit which included x-rays and at that time the doctor confirmed that the fracture was completely healed. The bone healed together, straight and smoothly. The femur had healed in four months versus the prognosis of six to nine months.
This case study illustrates the potential benefits of biomagnetic therapy which appear to have greatly influenced the quality and rate of bone healing.

The following is general research protocol for treatment of bone fractures by Suzy Balliett, OTR,CBI:

1) Seek medical attention and evaluation from a qualified M.D.
2) Follow immobilization precautions & weight bearing precautions
3) Consult with a Biomagnetic Specialist

Treatment with medical magnets: Direct placement of a magnet that is larger than the fracture. For example, for large bone fractures use a brick 4x6x1/2 magnet and for smaller bone fractures use a plast alloy or neodymium magnet.

Magnetization pattern: Conventional (negative and positive poles are on separate sides of the magnet).

Type of magnet: High gauss magnet 3,000-12,000 G.

Polarity: Negative.

Duration:  As long as possible 20-24 hours per day 12 weeks or until x-rays verify that the fracture is completely healed.


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