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by Martin Meyer, Herbologist-Nutritionist

You can obtain more energy, enhance your ability to focus and relieve chronic pain just by applying a magnetic bracelet or magnetic wrap. Are you tired of daily painkillers for knee pain, neck pain sciatica, arthritis, bursitis, muscle pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, back pain. Then why not try magnetic therapy? The newest neodymium rare earth permanent magnets have helped millions and are used worldwide.

A powerful magnet smaller than a penny placed near a pain or injury may do wonders for you and relieve your pain as many have experienced. The magnetic field produced by permanent magnets is a safe natural energy source. There are no known harmful exposure levels and no limitations by Governmental agencies. All Magnet Force magnets are of the highest energy neodymium rare earth and are identified, differentiating between south and North Pole.


The science and use of Magnetic Therapy has been known ever since Egyptian times, and has been continuously practiced all over the world. Because many Americans have been fed up with the ever burdening cost of medical care and it’s sometimes failures, it has forced them to look for alternative therapies for their aches and pains. A host of therapies have surfaced some old, some new. Chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, herbal, vitamins, biofeedback, homeopathy, and permanent magnetic are just a few therapies offered. Magnetic therapy has the most appeal, because of its effectiveness. It is natural therapy, non toxic, no pills, no needles, no salves, no side effects and most important, a one time low cost for everyone. Magnetic therapy, when coupled with professional therapy, proper nutrition and exercise, has proven to be the most effective and economical. Magnets can be used over and over, and will last for years.


Biomagnetism works in the human body through the circulatory system, the nervous system and the endocrine system. Magnetism is continuously penetrating every known particle, right down to the single cell. Its ordering effect on living systems arises from the fact that magnetism is a blueprint of life itself. All known energies have, as a base, this electromagnetic field. The latest research indicates that magnetism has a very significant beneficial biological effect on human beings.

Blood contains ferrous haemoglobin (iron) that functions as a carrier of oxygen and carbon dioxide. As blood circulates the lungs, fully magnetized ferrous haemoglobin is able to transport more oxygen to cell tissue as well as taking more carbon dioxide waste from the cell back to the lungs for removal. This means more energy and less fatigue as tissue cells and internal organs stay substantially healthier. Also golfers report an energy reserve allowing their play on the 18th hole to match first tee energy, this enables greater concentration and execution for your game. Magnetic bracelets and wraps recharge the body’s magnetism. The body, like the earth, is a bio magnetic unit that vibrates at approximately 7.9 cycles per second direct current. Our electric devices, TV, computers, lights, appliances etc. vibrate at 60 cycles per second alternating current. Magnetic devices serve to balance the body and counter the deleterious excitement of the 60 cycles per second vibration.


Magnets are used in spacecraft to protect the astronauts from bone loss, disorientation, and other magnetic deficiencies. Magnetic Therapy is the cutting edge of a healing, health, energy boom that is sure to revolutionize the way we treat our bodies. Magnets will not only help your golf game it could also improve the length and quality of your life and that of your loved ones.


by Tom Edward

The idea of magnetic energy or magnetic therapy is centuries old. Legend has it that Cleopatra wore magnetic bracelets and necklaces for healing. Though actively employed by medical doctors in America in the 1800’s and early 1900’s, magnetic therapy eventually fell out of favor. But in the past decade, magnetic therapy has become a 100 million dollar a year industry in this country (magnetic therapy has long been used as an effective healing tool in China, France, India and Japan, especially in repairing soft-tissue injuries).

Studies on magnetic therapies in the Journal of Electro-and-Magnetogiology led some pioneering doctors in this country to experiment with magnets in their practice. Their activities helped to standardize the use of some magnets, the magnet size and strength in treating various conditions. The length of exposure to a magnet for healing certain ailments was also determined. Because of their work we know which magnets work most efficiently for example, a magnet placed in one specific area of the body may not activate the entire body’s healing power, whereas sleeping on a magnetic bed pad radiates a magnetic field that can penetrate evenly into every part of the body and boost the entire immune system.

Through the growth of the magnetic therapy industry, different magnetic products have been designed which can be useful in treating many conditions. Some of the most commonly used magnetic products include the previously mentioned magnetic mattress, which can alleviate insomnia, joint pain, muscle spasm and fibromyalgia. Magnetic inner soles for shoes are often helpful in relieving painful inflammation resulting from bone spurs, and for gout and to improve circulation. Magnetic pads and wraps which can be secured to the lower back, knees and elbows are recommended for arthritic joints, inflamed tendons and carpal tunnel syndrome.


In any material that is capable of being magnetized, there are groups of atoms with their own magnetic orientation arranged haphazardly in the material. When that material comes into contact with a strong magnetic field, it rearranges the groups of atoms so that they are in alignment. As the groups of atoms become aligned, they project a magnetic field.

Magnetic energy has different names. Some people call it energy or life force; the Chinese call it Chi, the Indians know it as Prana. Whatever you choose to call it, magnetic energy is a basic force of life, it pulses throughout the galaxies and is found everywhere in nature.


Some researchers and doctors say that magnets don’t actually heal the body. Science knows that the human body is composed of numerous cells that combine to form blood, tissues, bones and organs. These cells are in the constant state of renewing themselves. Dr. Robert Becker, one of the leading medical doctors who advocate the use of magnets in healing, believes that the force, which stimulates cellular growth and division, is electromagnetic energy.

He and other scientists contend that the charge on the cells of the body gets depleted as cells perform their normal daily functions and that the body tries to ‘recharge’ the worn down cells by sending pulses of electromagnetic energy from the brain through the nervous system.

James Souder, President of Norso Biomagnetics in Raleigh, North Carolina, claims that studies performed on animals, and microscopic examination of blood vessels, indicate that capillary blood flow is stimulated by the movement of magnetic fields through the tissue and is the dominant factor in magnetic field therapy.


While there are many applications claimed for magnetic therapy from the reduction of scar tissue to the treatment of internal organs, the predominant use of magnetic devices is the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and myofacial pain. While, as previously stated the mechanism by which this pain relief occurs is subject to much conjecture, there is a consensus that heightened blood flow to the area under the footprint of the magnet is one of the primary results of magnetic treatment. The results have been demonstrated by both thermo-graphic and nuclear medicine studies. There has also been evidence of pain blocking phenomena in certain nerve fibers related to the application of magnetic fields. Researchers have been able to demonstrate changes in the electrical potential of nerve cells, which raise the threshold for transmitting pain impulses as a result of magnetic fields.

Some scientists subscribe to the ‘Hall Effect,’ which promotes the idea that the ions in the blood are manipulated by magnetic fields thus producing a heating effect in the magnetized area and increasing blood circulation. James Souder disagrees, and insists that ‘from a biological perspective, magnets activate or turn on capillaries creating extra blood supply at the cellular level as opposed to the older notion that magnets produce a local heating effect to stimulate blood supply which is essentially what the Hall effect is all about.’

Dr. Dean Bonlie, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy, explains that when the body is fatigued, a ‘loss of static charge’ on the body’s cells causes a ‘clumping of red blood cells.’ Through magnetic field supplementation, he says, chemical reactions are enhanced, building up the charge on the cell walls, which cause the cells to repel each other, reducing the clumping. With more surface area available, he says, the oxygen-carrying capacity of the cells is increased which in turn reinvigorates the body.

Another source of disagreement among magnetic therapy advocates is the healing quality of negative and positive poles. Such prominent voices in the magnetic therapy movement as Dr. Philpott say that ‘there are distinct and opposite effects of the two separate magnetic poles on metabolic function…in terms of biological response, the separate negative and positive polarities are as distinctly opposite as day and night, hot and cold, and acid and alkali. ‘Dr. Philpott claims that his clinical observations show that negative magnetic field energy should be used to fight infection, normalize acid base balance, increase cellular oxygen and reduce fluid retention. He claims that using positive magnetic field energy can actually decrease cellular oxygen, accelerate microorganism growth and result in acidic metabolic response. James Joseph, an independent research consultant for Optimal Living Associates, agrees with Dr. Philpott.

Dr. Philpott concluded that positive magnetic field energy creates an acidic condition in the tissue and negative magnetic field energy creates alkalinity after performing before and after saliva tests on patients being treated with a whole body negative magnetic field. Dr. Bonlie, in a similar test, found that patients who had tested over-alkaline in pre-testing became more acidic, indicating that the whole body treatment with a negative magnetic field brings normalcy from either end of the spectrum. Dr. Bonlie claimed that this happened because of ‘simple rules of physics.’ ‘When an atom is placed in an increased magnetic field,’ says Dr. Bonlie, ‘the charge is increased on the atom for a fraction of a second. This increase in energy is expressed by an increase in the velocity of some of the orbiting electrons and protons. In the case of paired electrons, one is sped up and the other slowed down. This imbalance causes a phenomenon known in physics as precession (wobble). This is much like increased molecular action, which takes place from heating a solution to make a chemical reaction take place. Precession causes electron transfer, which is the basis of all chemical reactions in the body. In summary, when the magnetic field is increased in which the atom of the body exist, body chemistry is enhanced, assisting it in normalcy which improves body performance and healing.’

While the physics of magnetic energy is debated, people around the country are experiencing its benefits. Dr. Ronald Lawrence of Agoura Hills, California asserts that magnets have been extremely effective in the control of arthritic pain in many of his patients. Dee Massengale, an exercise physiologist in Atlanta, Georgia suffering with fibromyaglia since 1982, says that of all the therapies she’s tried magnetic devised have been one of the most valuable tools for pain management.

In one of our own experiments, Anne Ziselman of Hollywood, Florida slept with magnet wraps strapped above her kneecap. She reported a reduction of arthritic swelling and a softening of the inflammation after four nights of use. ‘Sometimes the swelling goes away by itself, but the only times my knee has softened was when I had a cortisone shot, ‘ said Mrs. Ziselman.


First some caveats. Magnets are not meant to be used with pacemakers or automatic internal defibrillators. Nor in cases of pregnancy.

There are some other basics to know about magnets. To begin with the power of a magnet. The strength of a magnet is measured by a gauss meter in gauss units. (The term gauss denotes the electromagnetic unit of magnetic flux density equal to one Maxwell per square centimetre). For example, a magnet that can lift two pounds of iron weight has 530-600 gauss power; five pounds of iron weight has 900-1250 power; 25 pounds has 2500 gauss power. The magnet’s strength is determined by its size, weight and the type of material it is made of. Magnetic therapists have general guidelines for magnetic use. Magnets with 1000 to 3000 gauss power are recommended for chronic diseases like rheumatism, paralysis, backache and injury to large muscles. More delicate parts of the body such as eyes or ears require less gauss power of around 500. 500 gauss should also be employed when treating children.

The depth of penetration of a magnetic field into the body is another important factor in magnetic healing and is in direct relationship to the size of the magnet as well as the gauss power. A magnet can have strength of over 10,000 gauss but if it is small it might only penetrate an inch or two into the body. But a magnet of 4x6 and 1000 gauss can penetrate the body completely (magnetic energy has nor yet been fully standardized in terms of application for all diseases, but a rule of thumb for use established but the Japanese Ministry of health and Welfare is a minimum of 500 gauss for any significant illness).

Drinking magnetically treated water is another way to reap the benefits of magnetic energy. Magnetically treated water is relaxing to the body. Put an 8oz glass of water on the negative pole of a magnet for five minutes or longer and drink twice a day as a general preventative.

Lastly, scientists have been recording the strength of the earth’s magnetic field over the past 158 years and they claim that its magnetic field, and subsequently the intake of magnetic energy into our bodies, has been reduced by more than 8% in that time (this rate of decline has been verified by measurement of the decrease of north-south orientation of magnetite crystals in deposits in volcanic flows and sediments that date back as far as 4,000 years). As the human body is electromagnetic by design composed of charged particles such as atoms and ions advocates of magnetic therapy say that a chemical and electrical actions of the body can be strengthened by exposure to the right kind of magnetic fields.

The range of healing using magnetic energy has been found effective in treating complaints from acne to asthma, but knowing the proper gauss strength, how and where to place a magnet on the body and the duration of exposure to magnetic energy are variables that a trained practitioner would know best. Keep an open mind as you explore this alternative therapy, but be practical and find a therapist who can help you to maximize its benefits rapidly and safely.


By Ken Wiancko, MD

Conventional medicine has long opposed ‘alternative’ treatment techniques.  With many of these, although they provide benefits to those using them, their mode of action was unexplained scientifically.  Magneto therapy (treatment of illness with magnetic current) has been extensively researched and the physiology of its benefits documented.

Life developed under the influence of the earth’s geomagnetic field.  Although this field is relatively small, it plays a major role in many bodily functions.  All tissues of the body and the nervous system carry electromagnetic charges.  These in turn react to magnetic fields.  Electromagnetic currents of the body govern cell regulation.  The body itself creates a magnetic field (termed bio-magnetism), which can be measured by sensitive magnetometers.  In disease states these body electromagnetic potentials are altered and again are measurable.  The effects of magnetics on the body is called magneto-biology, the subject of this article.

Magnets have been used for healing for thousands of years.  The term magnet comes from Magnesia, a province in Asia Minor, where ancient Greeks discovered the rock, Magnetite, which attracted ferrous material.  These people, and early Chinese, recorded its use in their medical literature.  Medical use of magnets has been reported throughout the ages, as in recent years, been the subject of worldwide interest.

Dr. Nakagawa (Japanese Medical Journal #2745) in his paper, ‘Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome and Magnetic Treatment’ outlines the problems of the lack of magnetism on the human.  He believes the body is under the influence of the earth’s magnetic field and is kept in balance in relationship to it.

Under modern living conditions shielding of steel framed buildings, automobiles, etc decreases this field.  Also the earth’s magnetic field has deteriorated 50% in the last 1000 years adding to the deficiency of magnetic force on the body. 

Lack of magnetism can cause abnormalities as stress, headaches, arthritis, muscle pain, the chronic fatigue syndrome, and even allergies.  Space research by US and Russia has shown that the loss of calcium form the bone (osteoporosis) in astronauts is due to the lack of magnetic field action on the body in space.

Magneto-therapy has many other forms.  Application of electromagnetic current to non-unioned fractures often results in healing that has resisted all standard treatment.  European studies have shown benefits of permanent magnetic and low frequency pulsed magnetic therapy for asthma, hypertension, heart attacks, varicose ulcers, arthritis and rheumatism.  Newly developed units help control stress and prevent jet lag (‘Stress master’), control insomnia and anxiety (‘Neuron One’), and offer non-pharmaceutical pain relief (‘Psychotron Delphi’).

Life and the body have been looked upon as a mechanical model functioning with a chemical internal environment.  Treatment has been undertaken with the same mechanical-chemical theory.  It is now starting to be appreciated that health and disease, in many cases, depend on our body’s electromagnetic balance.

Dr. Wiancko is a practicing surgeon with an increasing interest in bio-magnetics and magneto-therapy.

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