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Biomagnetic Research Self Study Post Ankle Surgery Healing And Chronic Pain Reduction by Jesse MacLean


As an athlete in high school and the US Army, I competed in track, baseball, volleyball and soccer, I experience repeated severe strain and strains to the lateral side of my left ankle. Into my adult years I repeatedly re-injured that same weakened ankle until it was in a chronic state of severe pain with the constant cardinal signs. Most of the time I could put no weight on the ankle without severe pain and walking on it was often impossible.

Throughout these many years of ankle pain – the pain compensation and limp resulted in a postural misalignment, pain in the medial right knee, left hip and lower back.

Pre-magnet surgery & recovery

Assessment / action:

Finally in April of 2001, I saw an orthopedic surgeon at Swedish Hospital in Seattle Washington, who specializes in ankles. We scheduled surgery and he went into the lateral side, shaved away the bone spurring, removed excessive scar tissue and realigned the
connective tissue that had grown out of alignment due to the scar tissue overgrowth.


It took about 12 weeks before I was able to walk without some form of support, the first 6 weeks I had to consume some form of pain killer (which subsided over the course of those 6 weeks). As per the surgeons orders – the leg stay in a cast for 2 weeks, elevated whenever
possible. Once the cast was removed I was to walk with a hard composite leg boot, keep in elevated and iced whenever possible for the next 6 – 10 weeks. The ankle was better and there were times when there was no pain, but over the next 3.5 years the condition returned
to the point where surgery was once again inevitable.

Second surgery with magnetic therapy

Assessment / action:

In November of 2005, the same surgeon went at my left ankle again – cutting a new entry on the lateral side and cutting into the medial side – both anterior to the malleolus. Similar clean up and realignment activities took place as in the previous surgery – but he reported afterwards of “floating bone chips” in addition that were removed.

During this second recovery period I applied the negative polarity of two, 3” x 1/2 “ Nd2Fe14B, 12,200 gauss disks magnets onto the cast, directly over both surgery sites; medial malleolus - 3" incision and, lateral malleolus - 4" incision. The cast was removed 2 weeks post


The surgeon was very surprised at the amount of healing that had occurred, but when I told him about the magnets – he actually dismissed the idea of magnetic therapy completely.

Once the cast had been removed I was able to place, 2 on the 3" incision and 4 on the 4" incision, .5” X 1” Nd2Fe14B, 12,200 gauss disks magnets with the negative polarity inward. These were left in place all the time, except for washing and dressing the incision areas.


Along with ice packs and hot / cold thermotherapy – I had managed to progress this round of healing in less than 3 weeks, what had previously taken 10 weeks of post surgical recovery period. I was walking, unassisted in 2 weeks. I was able to refrain from all painkilling drugs with 3 weeks post surgery. I did not bother doing another follow up with the surgeon – I knew exactly what he’d think and say, and I did not feel the need to spent the time and money to hear what I already knew.


Post first L lateral ankle surgery:
12 weeks disabled, 6 weeks on pain medication

Post second L lateral/medial ankle surgery 3.5 yrs later with biomagnetic therapy:
2 weeks disabled, 3 weeks on pain medication

Ongoing Treatment Plan:

My left ankle will never be 100%. I will never ski or play soccer again. But now I live with magnets and wear them a lot of the time. When I know that I am going to be quite active, I
alternate a 1” Nd2Fe14B, 12,200 gauss disks magnet on lateral and medial sides throughout the night before and throughout that day.

To address the chronic compensation issues in the medial right knee, left hip and lower back – I apply directly over and around the areas - .5” – 1” Nd2Fe14B, 12,200 gauss disks magnets as needed. When coupled with conscience effort to straighten gait and evenly distribute weight in posture and movement - my overall physical structure and animation is more fluid and unrestricted, with less pain in the joints and connective issue.

With accumulated use of healing magnets, I noticed that the joint has actually begun to rejuvenate in ways that surgery and remedial physical therapy alone could never have achieved. The scar tissue is nominal, including the first surgery site - the only way you can tell it exists is the slight discoloration of the skin. As well, I sleep on a powerful magnetic overlay and drink 3 – 5 glass of magnetic water everyday. Now the pain, when it occurs, is totally manageable and I am able to live my life normally, walking with no limp 95% of the time.

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