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Research Articles

Biomedical Engineering Study Demonstrates the Healing Value of Magnets
by Melissa Maki - University of Virginia

Biomagnetic Research Self Study - Post Ankle Surgery Healing And Chronic Pain Reduction by Jesse MacLean

Magnetic Therapy for the treatment of leg ulcers, knee pain and dysmenorrhoea

Magnetic bracelets relieve pain in osteoarthritis of the hip and knee by the Arthritis Research Campaign (Dec 04)

Randomised controlled trial of magnetic bracelets for relieving pain in osteoarthritis of the hip and knee British Medical Journal (18.12.04)

Magnetic Bracelets Cut Osteoarthritis Pain - Study by Reuters London (17.12.04)

Magnetic bangles DO help arthritis By Lorraine Fisher, Daily Mirror (17.12.04)

Magnetic bracelets 'do help beat pain' By Celia Hall, Medical Editor - Daily Telegraph(17/12/2004)

Magnetic bracelets reduce the pain of osteoarthritis Medical News Today (17.12.04)

Magnets 'can cure depression' by MARTYN HALLE, Daily Mail (19.08.03)

How magnets can ward off disease and keep ageing at bay by NAOMI COLEMAN, (07.09.01)

Magnetic Bracelets DO work say Researches Daily Mail (17.12.04)

Magnetic bracelets ease aches BBC news (17.12.04)

Healing Power Of Magnets By Richard Dean Jenkins

Biomagnetics: The science

Complementary & Alternative Medicine (Magnet Therapy)

History Of Magnets And Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy: Techniques Of Application

Magnets And Magnetism

Bio magnetic Therapy By Dr. Michael Tierra L.AC., O.M.D.

Golfers Can Now Benefit From The Amazing Therapeutic Powers of Magnets By Martin Meyer, Herbalogist Nutritionist

Magnetic Healing Does it work? By Tom Edward

Magnetotherapy, It Can Help You. By Ken Wiancko, MD

Man And Magnetic Therapy

The Positive Benefits of Bio Magnetic

Famous people who use magnet therapy

Feeling Good

Understanding Magnet Therapy for Dogs By Shawn Messonnier, DVM

The Effect of Magnet Therapy on Fibromyalgia Pain

Diabetes study confirms the power of magnets

Treating Multiple Sclerosis With EMF

Magnetic Wound Treatment Externally Applied Magnetic Fields

The Magnet: A Natural Water Filter

Biomagnetic Research Protocol Sacroiliac Pain Reduction by Lindsey Groem, CTB

Melatonin may have an effect on nocturnal blood pressure

Cancer and Treatment Program using Powerful Magnetic Field Therapy

Drinking Magnetized Water

Study on magnet therapy shows potential for Fybromyalgia pain relief

Bone healing with medical magnet By Jennie Albin, CTB

Gauss and the Global Magnetic Field

Carl Friedrich Gauss(1777-1855)

The Healing Arts: Animal Magnetism By Dr Allen M Schoen

Explaining Magnetic Field Therapy by Drs. James E. Bullock and Kevin J. May

Modern Magnetic Therapy in Support of Herbal Treatments by Robert McDowell's

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