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While the use of magnets for health purposes dates back hundreds of years, there have been no real studies performed to determine the actual level of benefit until the University of Virginia published results from one of the first clinical research studies performed. This publication came out in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine with some interesting findings.

Overall, the results were inconclusive although people suffering from Fibromyalgia pain did experience a reduced level of pain. Pain is measured in many different forms. However, for the purpose of this study, there were three measures used, which used the functional status reported by study participants on a standard questionnaire used nationwide for Fibromyalgia, the number of trigger points located on the body, and the level of pain. The data was comprised of 94 patients with Fibromyalgia that were divided into four separate groups randomly.

The first group was given sham pads that contained magnets that were demagnetized by going through a heat process. The second group was given their usual treatment for Fibromyalgia. The two remaining groups were given active magnetic pads - one of these groups used Pad A, providing exposure to the entire body through a low, uniform static magnetic field of negative polarity, and the other group used Pad B, which had been exposed to subjects in a low static magnetic field, which varied in both polarity and spatially. All four groups were then treated and monitored for six months as the data was gathered.

For most of the outcome measurements, there were no significant statistical differences found. However, there was a statistically significant difference regarding the intensity of pain for one of the groups using the active magnetic pad. Both of the Pad A and Pad B groups slept on active magnets and showed the highest level of improvement in all three measurements - pain intensity, number of trigger points, and body and functional status after the six-month trial.

For the group with Pad A, they showed a consistent improvement on all three measures over the course of six-months while the Pad B group showed the same improvement but in only three months. The group with the sham pad and the group receiving their normal care showed no improvement. As a way of quantifying the dosage and exposure of the magnetic fields, the mattresses were thoroughly tested. The result for the group with the active magnets showed that the therapy works although there is still little understanding as to how. Some skeptics state that conclusions cannot be drawn on one study and perhaps more in depth studies are needed. However, with the outcome of the study that was conducted, the results were promising.

Drinking Magnetized Water

Although most people know that the quality of drinking water can make a huge difference on health, many do not know that water is a diamagnetic substance. In other words, structured water helps to improve absorption of minerals and vitamins, which improves the removal of unhealthy toxins. In addition, structured water also provides anti-oxidant protection for your body. You can find many reputable structured water systems that can provide a great benefit to your overall health. Many of these systems will offer the benefit of water clustering in which eight or more molecules will be included in each glass of water.

The magnetized water system is able to greatly reduce acids while increasing oxygenation and therefore, improve digestion and give much better tasting water. For this type of system, you would simply stir in the product and leave it standing for approximately 30 minutes. Once again, this product is excellent if you want eight molecules or more clustered in your water.

The way in which these two systems work is by cleaning up your water. Water that comes from wells, lakes, or running streams is naturally charged as it flows through the earth’s magnetic field. During the water treatment and transportation phase, this water passes underneath the ground through metallic pipes where the charge dissipates. Therefore, when water is treated with magnetic fields, the natural energy and balance are restored. Additionally, the ionizing magnetic field increases oxygenation between molecules, slowing the bacteria while improving the quality and taste of the water.

By drinking magnetized water, people report having better health. Magnetized water also has a positive influence on plants and animals. Although this technology is fairly new in the United States, it has been around for thousands of years. The great benefits are that magnetism is able to speed up sedimentation of suspended particles found in water, as well as other liquids, and boosts conductivity as well as the ionization and dissociation of atom and molecule into electrically charged particles. As water passes through the magnetic field, the hydrogen ion and any minerals dissolved in the water become charged, which creates a temporary separation of the minerals from the molecular water clusters. The result is improved taste.

We are shown by physics that chemicals and water are able to change weight by being influenced by magnetic fields. There are more hydroxyl ions created in order to form bicarbonate, calcium, and other alkaline-type molecules. These molecules are what help reduce the acid from the traditional pH level of seven or greater. Magnetism also has an affect on the bonding angle between the oxygen atom in a water molecule and hydrogen. This causes a hydrogen-oxygen bond angle within the water molecule that is reduced from 104 to 103 degrees. In turn, the water molecule begins to cluster in groups of six or seven, rather than the normal level of 10 to 12. The smaller the cluster, the better the water absorption across the cell walls.

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