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 by Robert McDowell's Herbal Treatments 23rd August 2002

The understanding that magnetic fields somehow assist in healing, has been around a very long time. Probably, ever since the very first 'Lodestones', which were naturally magnetized minerals of iron, which had these 'magical' properties. They attracted and repelled and they pointed north and south which made them pretty interesting to pre-scientific cultures. For those of you not interested in the physics part of my explanation, you may skip parts of the following and go straight to the health benefits below:

The Physics:

Most of us at school played with the magnets and did the experiment where the lines of magnetic force could be seen in the way steel filings lined themselves up on a sheet of paper when held over a magnet. We all of course live in the presence of the earth's magnetic field every day of our lives and it is not unreasonable to assume that manipulating magnetic fields may influence our health either positively or negatively. Science has demonstrated health benefits from static magnetic fields and from the reversing type of electromagnetic fields where essentially the poles on a magnet are changing from north to south rapidly with the reversal of the current. Reversing fields seem to have more powerful effects. However the problem is, that the presence of the electric currents needed to produce these reversing currents, may be harmful in the same way that electric blankets are bad for us, especially if they are left on while one is in bed. What I have been experimenting with lately, is a new innovation where in the centre hole of a small donut shaped ferrite magnet a second smaller magnet has been inserted with the opposite polarity. This produces in effect, a much more dynamic magnetic field on both sides of this composite magnet and seems to bring the benefits of much larger and heavier static magnets and of reversing electromagnets to us, in a lighter smaller and completely safe form.

The Health Effects:

 In laymen terms, the effects of exposure to these magnets seem to be an improvement in the vitality of the blood itself, the endocrine system and of the physical nervous system. This is not too hard to understand either, as our blood is composed of molecules of all different sorts and many of these molecules may be ionized (or carry a small electrical charge) in the presence of a magnetic field. This can allow blood molecules to flow more efficiently and to perform their various functions of carrying oxygen and nutrients to organs, muscles, ligaments and bones and removing waste products of injury and infection. The endocrine system is comprised of all those organs and structures in the body which, which produce hormones of one sort and another. The most well known of these are the reproductive hormones, but we produce thyroid hormones, adrenaline, endorphins and a multitude of other glandular secretions during every moment of our lives all of which are essential to our well-being and the healthy and efficient functioning of our metabolisms. Improved blood health and supply to the cells of our body and the direct benefits to cell metabolism by exposure to the magnetic fields all work at the most fundamental levels of our bodies, our cells, to support our health and heal us or to protect us against ill health. The physical nervous system is composed of very long single nerve fibres, which carry messages at close to the speed of light and transmit their message via chemical means to the next nerve fibre in line. It is not hard to imagine that the presence of sympathetic magnetic fields could enhance the efficiency and the reliability of all this electrical and chemical activity, which is going on at a furious rate inside our bodies and those of our animal companions, every moment of our lives.

My Experience and Recommendations:

I am always looking for ways to enhance the efficacy of my herbal treatments and have been trialling some of these new magnets with quite obvious results. I am particularly excited by the horse leg wraps, which can put around the shin and canon bone and held in place with a set of working bandages. These wraps each have 4 composite magnets and I am now certain from my trials so far that they further enhance the healing of tendon and bone problems in hoof and lower limbs when used with my Tendon and Bone herbal healing program and my Hoof Oil.  These wraps are made of very high quality and durable cotton fabric and may be machine-washed along with the bandages. A pair of wraps cost $180. and they should last for years. For dogs and for humans the magnets are worn normally as a wrist or collar band to place the magnets directly over major arteries to have the maximum effects. The most obvious results show up in pain management, which can often be evident within a week or so of starting to wear the magnets. Dog collars cost $82 and human wristbands cost $138. As a herbalist interested in reversing processes of ill health. I am interested in any potential supportive therapies which support my patients recovery and well-being but I don't take many of them up as there are fads and miracle cures coming out every few months. Every now and then I do research and take upon one such idea and I already use Maritime Pine, which came out of the pycnogenol hype of a few years ago. I also recommend Reiki treatments, acupuncture and massage to many of my patients to support their healing and am now encouraging many of them to also experiment with these new magnets as well.

 If you wish to discuss particular cases where you feel magnetic therapy may be helpful in conjunction with other treatments, or even on its own, as a simple and safe insurance against ill health in our modern world, don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your own case.

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