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The Magnet: A Natural Water Filter

Beth Tesler, OTS, CTB

Water is one of nature’s best solvents. The human body is made up of over  70% water. It helps cells to absorb the food you eat and then distribute the energy and nutrients throughout your entire body. Hanne Gent of the Natural Health Network reminds us that water is essential to the proper functioning of the body’s metabolism ( Unfortunately, much of the water consumed today isn’t at all ideal for our body. The Environmental Protection Agency lists some of the pollutants found in most drinking water: radioactive contaminants, industrial waste, pesticides, herbicides, lead, cadmium, asbestos, detergent, chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, rust, minerals, soap, copper, paint, and so on ( It is this same water hardening your pipes that can also lead to hardening your arteries.

However, after doing some research as to how water effects the human body, I found that both the effects from these pollutants as well as the effects of magnetized water are in many times too small to notice on a daily basis. I gained a baseline of information from a 24 year-old male who exercises on a regular basis. He has been maintaining an exercise schedule, where he alternates days of lifting and running, for about five months. In order to look at one variable, I focused on running. For nine days the individual maintained his alternating routine, only documenting the five days of running.

Documentation included a questionnaire regarding the individual’s energy level, mood, nutritional intake for the day, and a question asking how long it took the individual to overcome the “initial wall of exhaustion” during his run. After a five-day baseline was achieved, he was then asked to document an additional five days of running while drinking a quart of magnetized water prior to each run. I wanted to look at whether the magnetized water would alter the individual’s running performance. I chose the initial wall of exhaustion as a variable to focus on because it was measurable in minutes, always existent during a run, and tremendously apparent to the individual. Initially, I regarded the results of the study to be somewhat disappointing considering the individual participating in the case study didn’t feel any different after running with magnetized water.

What I have since realized is the importance of understanding the effects of magnetized water on the body from a much larger perspective; a perspective that focuses on maintaining the future health of your body. I would bet that further study of the topic, focusing more on the physiological effects of magnetized water would create a larger perspective by helping us to understand the tiny changes occurring in our bodies. Therefore I think it is important to remember and better understand what is happening to our earth’s water when it enters the body in order to assess what can be done. Water naturally picks up and carries hard minerals. During the ride to your house, they tend to detach from the water and form hard rock scale throughout your pipes. After attaching a magnet to your pipe, the water takes on a greater electrical charge then the minerals. This creates an attraction between the water and mineral – locking them together. Locking them together reduces the size of the molecules. This softens your water and increases its solvency, which in turn will cut down on your soap and detergent expenses.

Dr. Michael Tierra discusses how magnetizing water (with the negative pole) restores your body’s natural cellular balance. The natural progression of degeneration in the human body is inevitable. Current theories describing the concept of free radicals explain how negatively charged electrons spin out of their orbit, invading other cells which in turn cause cellular chaos. You are unable to restore cells in your body which have already spun out of control, however, by using the negative pole to magnetize your water, you are able to maintain the balance of your body’s energy and natural magnetic fields. Magnetizing water is one of the most healthy, easy, and non-invasive solutions to maintaining a healthy body. The negative pole of a magnet produces a neutral, alkaline-like, calming effect which reduces acidity in your body.

Magnetized water increases mineral solubility so your body can more readily digest them. When minerals are easily digested it also makes it easier for the blood to distribute the nutrients from them. This means that the tissue receiving the blood has more oxygen and nutrients. Also, because the magnetized water flowing through your body is soft, clean and pure it has the potential to prevent build up inside of your arteries much the same as it does in your pipes at home.

Let me conclude by reviewing several of the benefits seen from using magnetized water.

improved digestion
eliminates waste and toxin
strengthens immune response
reduces excess acidity
reduces cholesterol levels – prevents arteriosclerosis
helps blood circulation –prevents varicose veins

Research on magnetized water is a substantial step toward increasing our nation’s knowledge and maintaining our nation’s health. The information is out there, waiting to be read. I encourage you to read more, ask questions, and be skeptical of the answers many companies will give you in their attempt to sell you their product.

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