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"I would just like to say how happy I am with the magnetic mattress cover I purchased from you 9 months ago. Since then I have been free from much of the pain I was experiencing when I came to you. I have recently seen the specialist at the hospital and found not only to have rheumatoid arthritis in my spine but also osteoarthritis together with the spondylosis in my neck. I was in so much pain when I came to you and very frustrated by the side effects the drugs were creating with my stomach, together with the lack of sleep I was experiencing I really was as you would say at the end of my tether. Thankfully with the magnetic mattress cover I feel the situation has been helped and I am now getting a relaxed and pain free sleep. I have several customers suffering similar complaints and have highly recommended this cover to them which I feel has made a vast improvement to my life and even saved me from giving up my business, it is wonderful and has been washed over and over again and still is just like new. Thank you - at least 99% of the time I can honestly say that I manage without the medication and am still much of the time pain free or at least the pain is manageable!"
J. Hodgson, Derbyshire

ďThe problem with my foot is neurona, my foot is collapsing. Immediately after sleeping on the magnetic mattress cover, even after one night I woke up without pain in my foot. Now after 4 weeks my foot is a lot better both during the day and night. I get back pain as well and thatís all fine now. The mattress cover is the best thing Iíve ever bought. Thanks so much Dee.Ē
Susan Dean

"I met Dee at a ladies group where she spoke about magnet therapy. Since a child (I am now 80) I have suffered with rheumatism so decided to give it a try. After choosing a magnetic bracelet, pillow and mattress cover, I found after 10 days that I could get my engagement ring on over my knuckle, the first time for several months. Also since using the pillow and mattress cover (which is very comfortable) have been sleeping more soundly and haven't had to get up during the night to go to the toilet. My energy levels have also certainly improved, especially in the mornings. At my age you can not put the clock back but magnet therapy seems to be helping me."
G. Fellows, Nottinghamshire

"After suffering with arthritis and spondylosis for over twenty years and very short periods of sleep I was recommended to the World of Magnets. On receiving the booklet of the various types of magnets that were available I thought, here goes, nothing to lose, with the information given and the guarantee that world of magnets gave to me I decided to buy a magnetic pillow  and also the mattress cover. I could not believe the effect and improvements that followed. After several nights of using the pillow and mattress cover I was getting more sleep and almost pain free nights. Also I regularly suffered with severe bouts of cramp but thankfully I am free of that as well. What a bargain, a well worth while acquisition which I can well recommend. Many thanks to World Of Magnets for making my life more bearable."
Anon - Cleethorpes

ďI put the magnetic mattress cover on my bed and started sleeping on it. I have been getting cramps in my legs and pain across my back, but I found that over this last week or so, Iíve lost the cramps, I donít wake up in the night with them now and also my back is a lot better and Iím able to use my thigh muscles better to walk with. I can get in and out of the car easier and thatís just in a couple of weeks. You must try these things; itís worth everything if it gets rid of the pain.Ē
Bert. 84. Stroke

ďI was very sceptical to begin with. I didnít think that they would work for me. I bought a magnetic mattress cover a couple of months ago and believe me, it has really helped me in getting out of bed in the morning. The difference it has made is incredible. Because Iím not stiff anymore in the morning I just get out of bed without any pain and itís wonderful. It really has helped me a lot and I can walk without a walking stick now, itís wonderful. I would be devastated if I didnít have my mattress cover, I couldnít face it and Iím sure I would be in a wheelchair now if it wasnít for the magnets.Ē
Angie. 59. Osteoarthritis

ďIíve spent thousands of pounds on natural healing and alternative therapies and practitioners, with no real relief. Eventually I was asked to participate in a trial in magnetic therapy. I was given a small pad to put in the bed ad I lay with my hip, which was my worst area of pain, on the pad every night. It was only small but it did take all the pain away from my hip and I thought I would need a much bigger pad because Iíve got pain everywhere. I was really very impressed with the test pad so I decided to go for a magnetic mattress cover. It was brilliant it did just what it said it would and my husband who didnít want to use it found that it helped the arthritis in his knees. I even took it to Hungary with me on holiday.

Itís not a cure for my Fibromyalgia but the wonderful thing is, it constantly refreshes you through the night and it has really helped me so much, more than I can say and Iím thrilled to bits with it. It has saved my life. Itís well worth the money that you spend on it.Ē
Vivienne. 67. Fibromyalgia

ďI wasnít sure whether magnets could ease my all over body pain. I took the plunge and bought a magnetic mattress cover. Astonishingly after 2 nights I was sleeping through out the night. Itís brilliant I no longer wake up at all, having to change my positionÖI canít live without this mattress cover.Ē
Tina 54 Fibromyalgia

ďI couldnít get upstairs because of my arthritis. After 4 weeks on the magnetic mattress cover all my pain had gone. I stopped taking my pain killers and I no longer need my tens machine. I certainly have more get up and go and have managed to get back in my garden again.Ē
Jean 75, Osteoarthritis

ďSince sleeping on the magnetic mattress cover for just 3 weeks my pain has reduced by 90%. Itís just sore now, when compared with what it was before. I think itís brilliant; itís worked much better than I anticipated. I am sleeping better at night and I can now walk for over an hour with out pain. My joints are no longer troublesome and the muscle pain has almost disappeared completely. Thank you all so much.Ē
Frank Smith, Lincoln.

ďMy back is a lot better than it was. In the last fortnight I have been aware that I havenít had any pain. I am sleeping on the bed cover every night. I am so pleased with my progress in such a short time.Ē
Gloria Simons

ďThe magnetic mattress cover was the turning point for me. I am over the moon. I have got my life back again. I can walk now. I get up in the morning and I donít feel achy all over and Iím so sprightly. I sleep much better now.Ē
Janet Hutchings

Itís very comfortable; Iím feeling better after just 2 weeks. Iíve just had a flare up and it has gone away much quicker than it normally would have.Ē
Josephine Connolly

ďMy Dad had a magnetic mattress cover from you, it had been on the bed for 2 days and the pain in his back has gone and he is walking a lot more!!!! Thanks.Ē
S. Lawrence


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