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How to reduce your inflammation and reduce your intake of anti inflammatory pain killers—Your information guide—

What You Don’t Know About Inflammation Can Quietly Kill You

You probably know the basics about inflammation. If you’ve ever been stung by an insect, fallen off your bike as a kid, broken out in hives, or come down with a nasty cold, then you know what acute inflammation is like. And you know that your body responds to this type of an “assault” in the form of bruising, swelling, itching, aches, and pains.

In simplest terms,

Inflammation is the body’s immediate first-aid reaction to heal itself from some type of damage caused by a virus, bacteria, fungus, environmental toxin, or an injury. Without the crucial process of inflammation, the body cannot restore itself in the face of damage.

Being able to recognise the difference between temporary and chronic inflammation could save your life

Essentially, all inflammation starts in an acute phase. The body becomes damaged in some capacity due to a foreign agent, and it responds immediately to repair the damage. In many cases, this reaction goes undetected, or symptoms are so mild that they are even unnoticeable. Once the threat is gone, the body is able to go back to a non-emergency state—and the inflammation process turns off.

Inflammation becomes chronic when the body has to continuously fight off a repeated offender, such as, for instance, in arthritis or any other inflammatory joint disease. At this point, the body’s inflammation process fails to shut down. When this occurs, the body is weakened over time because it is overstressed.

The inflammation process can be compared to a light bulb. When left on continuously, the light bulb will burn out a lot quicker than if it’s turned off during non-use. When the inflammation process fails to turn off, the immune system becomes compromised because it is simply overworked and overused. Once the immune system is compromised, ALL forms of chronic disease can occur—not just inflammatory diseases. That’s why diseases seemingly unrelated to inflammation occur. These include, but are certainly not limited to:

Type 2 diabetes



Heart disease


Alzheimer’s disease

Parkinson’s disease


Multiple sclerosis

Rheumatoid arthritis

Lupus ... And many others

So, while inflammation may not be the visible, obvious cause of these illnesses, it is the catalyst for chronic disease.

That’s why chronic inflammation is being labelled the 21st century’s silent killer. Unlike its acute form, chronic internal inflammation can occur undetected because it falls just below the radar of pain and visible swelling.

You feel nothing, or you may experience vague, unexplained symptoms for which there are no conventional answers. Lab results may continue to come back normal leading you from doctor to doctor in frustration. And while you search for answers or even ignore your symptoms altogether, your body’s inflammation process carries on for weeks, months, or even years—which compromises your immune system.

The 18 chronic inflammatory medical conditions to most likely cause permanent and severe damage to your body:

Rheumatoid arthritis.




spinal stenosis

Raynauds disease



Paget’s disease

Polymyalgia rheumatica

Psoratic arthritis




Bahcets syndrome


Tennis elbow


Your immediate and future health and life depends on you finding a way to slow down the inflammatory process in your body

Simply put, by Dr. Sears (author of the The Anti Inflammation Zone)

If you have inflammation, you cannot be well. Chronic inflammation has become an epidemic in the UK and it threatens to overburden the healthcare system and destroy many future lives with the most serious chronic, degenerative diseases.

The key to optimal health and disease prevention is to detect chronic inflammation and treat its root causes promptly and effectively. You can proactively prolong your health—and your life—by preventing your body from entering into a state of chronic, untreated inflammation.

The truth is there is no “overnight fix” for chronic inflammation.

In order to effectively put a stop to chronic inflammation and the potential for future disease, you need to find the true, hidden culprits and either control or eradicate them altogether. Protecting yourself against chronic disease requires changing the way you think about your health. Many people sacrifice their long term health because they simply want their symptoms to go away, so they rely on painkillers to mask the symptoms, instead of dealing with the underlying causes that assault their bodies on a continual basis

Effective therapies to treat the underlying causes of chronic inflammation may take several weeks, months, or even years. While this may seem like “forever,” it is actually only a short period of time when it comes to increasing the quality of your overall health—and your lifespan.

 - Adequate treatment involves a multi-faceted approach:

 - Eradicating foreign agents— Treating any infections in the body quickly and effectively

 - Reducing the body’s inflammatory response— Treating the body with anti inflammatory drugs or alternative anti inflammatory treatments

 - Resolving nutrient deficiencies— Replacing lost nutrients, vitamins and minerals by taking additional high nutrient foods or vitamin and mineral supplements

 - Making dietary adjustments — Including dietary supplements that have known anti inflammatory properties such as omega 3 fish oils, MSN, Green lipped mussel, chondriotin and glucosamine

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