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The 21 most common myths and
mysteries about magnetic therapy

Essential must read information for anyone
who is considering using magnets for pain relief

16) Magnets will stay magnetised forever.

To magnetise metal it needs to be repeatedly passed over a magnet. This process imprints the magnets strength onto the metal that is being magnetised. In turn this metal then becomes magnetic. Magnets do not stay magnetised forever. Magnets will retain their magnetism for a certain amount of time and it is different for every single type of magnet. Neodymium magnets retain their strength for approximately 10 years, a lot longer than ceramic ferrite magnets.

17) Magnetic therapy will do strange things to my body.

The only strange thing it will do to your body is relieve your pain without the use of drugs. Magnets will increase circulation, relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Apart from a slight warming around the area where your magnets are placed, there are no reported side effects and even the warm sensation only lasts for a few days while the body gets used to the increased circulation.

18) Your doctor doesn't know anything about magnets. So it can't be true.

Your doctor is probably a GP. This means general practitioner. They are trained in general mainstream medicine and most of them haven't even heard of magnets let alone undergone specialist training. They are not qualified to give out advice on magnet therapy so you should always speak to a qualified magnetic therapist. You don't need your GP's permission and you can use magnets in conjunction with all conventional treatments.

19) When you start using magnets the pain has to get worse before it gets better.

Magnets will begin to work as soon as you start wearing them, there is no delay. The magnets may cause a warm sensation to occur in the area where the magnets are placed but this is due to the increased circulation and the body soon gets used to it, with the warm feeling only lasting a couple of days. They do not cause pain and they don't increase pain. To get the most benefits you should wear them all the time, day and night until your pain is resolved.

20) You can't wear magnets if you have metal implants.

Metal implants are not affected at all by the magnets and the magnets aren't affected by the metal implants either so they are perfectly safe to use together. The implants, are commonly metal pins that are holding bones together, or rods of metal that have been used to support an injury during healing or a joint replacement. All metal prosthesis are made from surgical grade stainless steel (316L). The same type of stainless steel is used in our stainless steel jewellery range so it is perfectly safe to use with magnets. There are some exceptions;

* You should not use magnets if you have an internal defibrillator/pump

* You should not use magnets if you have a pacemaker.

* You should not use magnets if you have are pregnant

Using magnet therapy with a pacemaker or internal defibrillator/pump could cause the device to malfunction which in turn could result in an interruption of your heart rhythm, so for this reason you should never use magnets with either a pace maker or an internal defibrillator/pump.

21) You can't wear magnets when working with electrical equipment.

Most equipment would not be affected if the user wore magnets. It is a safe enough distance from the appliance so that it is not affected. You should not place magnets directly on to the equipment such as a computer monitor or hard drive, as this close proximity may cause damage. Anything that uses a magnetic strip or part that contains information (e.g. a credit/debit card) should be kept away from magnets as they may cause damage to the strip and erase the information contained on the strip rendering it useless. It is fine to use a debit/credit card whilst wearing a magnetic bracelet.

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