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The 21 most common myths and
mysteries about magnetic therapy

Essential must read information for anyone
who is considering using magnets for pain relief

8) You can't magnetise water because there is no metal in it.

Magnets do not only affect metal they also affect the negative and positive ions that are found in every molecule. Water cannot become traditionally magnetised in that it will stick to other magnetic objects but it can hold a magnetic charge, as can all particles if they contain positive and negative ions. When water comes into contact with a magnetic field it affects the positive and negative ions in the water changing the characteristics of the water molecule, these changes are;

* An increased size of the water molecule this results in increased absorption of nutrients and toxins along the digestive tract.

* A reduction in the amount of free radicals (toxins) that is present in the water which means that the water is cleansed of a large number of toxins that are known to be harmful to the body.

* An increase in the ability to absorb nutrients this supplies the body with all the things needed to heal itself more effectively

* Increased effectiveness at being absorbed into the blood stream through the linings of the digestive organs Which means that the increased amount of nutrients can be used more quickly and the collected toxins can be flushed safely out of your system just as effectively.

All of these factors working together will increase your circulation and bring about the benefits of pain relief and reduced inflammation.

9) Magnetic therapy is a recent discovery and hasn't been around very long.

Magnets have actually been used for thousands of years. They were first discovered around 3000 years ago. They were first discovered in Asia where lodestone, the first magnetic substance was identified. A boy call Magnus, a Sheppard boy, was walking on Mount Ida with iron in his sandals and found that his feet were sticking to the rocky mountain that he was walking on, the rock was in fact lodestone which is a natural magnetic material and was the first documented magnetic material. It was named after the boy who discovered it, Magnus.

The first magnets to be used for healing purposes was documented in Chinese medicine and were used in conjunction with alternative medicines such as acupuncture and reflexology. The Chinese call magnets Chu Sui. Aristotle and Plato were also known to be talking about magnetic properties in their works. In the 1500's a Swiss physician Paracelsus recognised the therapeutic powers of magnets and wrote papers to document this. In the 1600's Dr William Gilbert, an English physician wrote a scientific study on electricity and magnetism and wrote a leading book called De Magnet.

In England in the 1700's a scientist Dr Michael Faraday made discoveries into Bio magnetism and he became the father of Biomagnetics. He wrote that all matter was either attracted or repelled by magnetic forces. His work still holds the foundations of modern magnetic therapy today. Dr Messmer who is known as the father of hypnotism or "mesmerism" was also one of the main pioneers of magnetic therapy as we know it today.

10) Magnetic therapy can cure your condition.

Magnet therapy is not a cure. Magnets will treat the symptoms of the ailments that you suffer with. When your pain and discomfort has been resolved you will still have the ailment. They may slow down the effects of progressive conditions e.g. arthritis but they cannot cure it. There is no cure for arthritis. Pain, inflammation, stiffness, discomfort and swelling are the result and symptoms of many conditions and it is in fact these symptoms that stop us from doing the things we used to do e.g. gardening, rambling, or even just climbing the stairs.

The magnets will relieve these symptoms and even though they will not cure the underlying problem the fact that they have resolved your symptoms equates to you being able to do the things you love to do. The magnets act as an aid to the body's own repair system but it isn't a miracle cure.

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