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Magnetic Therapy Article Directory

    The article directory provides valuable information about all aspects on magnetic therapy natural pain relief such as how to use magnet therapy effectively, the best suited magnetic products that you should use for your specific conditions and other tips and tricks on how to increase the strength of your magnets. Happy reading...

How Magnets Affect Your Body?

Indispensable information about how your body will react to magnetic therapy treatments, plus how to ensure you use magnets to maximise your results.

Magnetic Therapy for Pain Relief (A general Overview)

Discover how to use magnetic therapy for natural pain relief. Learn about the history of magnetic therapy and why it is so effective at relieving pain without any side effects.

The 2 Most Important Questions You Need To Ask If You Suffer With Sleeplessness Or Insomnia

If you are one of the 32 million adults in the UK who suffers with sleeplessness or insomnia then you must ask yourself these 3 questions and then read on to find out which treatment will help you.

What is Magnetic Therapy?

This article explore the scientific basis behind magnetic therapy and why is it effective at reducing painful conditions such as arthritis, back pain, spondylosis, fibromyalgia and many more...

The National Health Service (NHS) prescribes Magnetic Therapy for the first time!

Magnetic therapy has finally been accepted by the National Health Service and can now be prescribed by doctors for their patients on the drug tariff in the U.K.

What is Magnetic Water (Part 1)

Magnetic water is an ancient way of relieving inflammation within the body. Find out how you can do so effectively by reading this three parts report.

What is Magnetic Water (Part 2)

The second part of this article discusses in details how to magnetise water that can be safely ingested to reduce inflammation in the body.

What is Magnetic Water (Part 3)

Part 3 of this article describes how drinking magnetised water detoxifies the body

Magnetic Therapy for Arthritis Pain Relief

Find out about the different magnetic therapy treatments that will help reduce the pain associated with arthritis and other rheumatic conditions.

Can Magnetic Therapy Help Sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

This article discusses how to use magnetic therapy and magnetic water to relieve the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

How Can Magnetic Therapy Relieve Sciatica?

This article explains what is sciatica, how it arises and which magnetic therapy products are the most effective at treating the pain associated with sciatica.

Magnetic therapy feature in the Worcester News newspaper on the 23.08.06

by Rebecca Fisher - health reporter  

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Don't Waste Another Minute Of Your Life Suffering With Pain. You Don't Have To. Act Now! Discover how these Back, Hip, Sciatica, Neck & Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist & Hand, Knees & Thigh, Feet & Lower Leg, Insomnia and Depression and All Over Body Pain Treatments Can Get Rid Of All Your Pain And Improve Your Well Being...


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Magnopain magnetic therapy magnets are natural pain relief treatments for arthritis, back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia and more..