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Magnetic Therapy Article Directory

    The article directory provides valuable information about all aspects on magnetic therapy pain relief such as how to use magnetic therapy effectively, the best suited magnetic devices that you should use for your specific conditions and other tips and tricks on how to increase the strength of your magnets. Happy reading...

Which Magnets are the Best for Magnetic Therapy Healing?

This article will help you understand the types of magnets that are used in magnetic therapy products. It also discusses the pros and cons of the different types available.

How To Use Magnetic Therapy To Treat The Pain Associated With Cervical Spondylosis?

This article describes the different types, causes and symptoms of spondylosis and how to use magnetic therapy to alleviate the pain associated with this medical condition.

Magnetic Therapy Can Effectively Reduce High Blood Pressure: Here Is How..

Magnetic therapy can effectively reduce high blood pressure. Read about why and how magnetic therapy does bring down high blood pressure and which magnetic therapy devices are most suitable at doing so.

Magnetic Therapy Can Improve Poor Circulation to Your Hands and Feet, Here's Why

Do you suffer with cold hands or cold feet even in the middle of summer? If yes, then you might be a victim of poor circulation without even realising it. Find out how to improve your circulation the natural way using magnetic therapy

Can Magnetic Therapy Really Relieve Migraine Headaches?

Magnetic therapy can relieve migraine headaches effectively and in the long run even reduce the frequency of migraines. Discover which magnetic therapy devices should be used and how they work to combat migraine headaches...

What Magnetic Therapy Strength Is Required To Get Optimum Pain Relief From Healing Magnets?

To get the most out of your magnetic therapy pain relief devices, you must choose the right device with the right magnetic field strength. So a basic knowledge of Gauss and Tesla is required to enable you to make that right choice. Find out how magnetic measurements are done...

Magnetic Therapy Treatments for Osteoporosis Sufferers

A general overview of what is Osteoporosis and which magnetic therapy devices should be used to reduce the pain associated with osteoporosis

How your mind affects the pain that you are feeling and what you can do to change it permanently…

A mind blowing report that explains to you in details how you can use your thoughts to have better control over your pain.

Magnetic water can reduce blood sugar! How is it so...

Using magnetic shoe insoles and drinking magnetic water can immensely help in controlling blood sugar levels and reducing the long term side effects usually associated with diabetes such as poor circulation to the legs and feet. Here's why...

Magnetic Therapy can treat many of the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia?

Discover which magnetic therapy products can be use to reduce many of the symptoms that people with fibromyalgia suffers from...

Can magnetic bracelets effectively reduce high blood pressure?

This article explains how wearing a magnetic bracelet and drinking magnetic water can help in reducing high blood pressure.

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