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Who should not use magnetic therapy treatments?

Are magnetic therapy pain relief treatments safe for everyone to use? This article explains who can and who should not use medical magnets.

Does using magnetic therapy products have any effects on medication?

If you take any type of medication, one thing you would like to know is whether magnetic therapy treatments will interfere with your drugs. This article explains when you can't use healing magnets with medication.

How many healing magnets can you use?

A common question that pain sufferers ask when considering using magnetic therapy to treat their pain is - can I overdose on magnet therapy? Is it harmful to wear too many medical magnets? Here's the answer.

What are the side effects of using magnetic therapy treatments?

Is there any risk involved when using healing magnets or just because it is a natural therapy can it be absolutely safe and without any side effects? Find out now

3 Natural Treatments To Quickly Start Relieving Your Pain And Discomfort Today…

Discover how to get rid of pain and inflammation quickly and effectively using these three natural pain treatments that have been used by many for years...

Magnetic Bracelets - The Facts

This article tells you exactly what magnetic bracelets can and can't do.

Magnetic Bracelets - Which One To Buy?

Here's a quick guide that will help you decide which type of magnetic bracelet will be the most beneficial to your particular condition.

How to get pain relief quickly with magnetic therapy treatments

Discover the four golden rules for getting effective natural pain relief fast when using medical magnetic therapy.

How to make magnetic therapy products work faster?

Relieving pain with medical magnets is really effective. The problem is magnetic therapy takes weeks if not months to get rid of pain. Here's a few tips that will make your magnets start working sooner to relieve your pain...

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