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Extract from the "Worcester News" newspaper on the 23.08.06
by Rebecca Fisher (health reporter)

   LIZ Roberts' Pershore garden is positively blooming this year.
   The keen gardener has been out and about planting and pruning to her heart's content.
But while this may sound like the norm for any keen horticulturalist, for Liz it is quite an achievement.
For the past several years, the 64-year-old has had to relinquish her love of the garden as she suffers from fibromyalgia - a severe form of arthritis.

   It causes her tremendous pain all over her body, and everyday tasks - including gardening - have become very difficult.
But four months ago, all that changed when Liz, from Sheldon Close, discovered a treatment that she claims has reduced the pain she suffers by up to 40 per cent - magnetic therapy.

   According to the Magnetic Therapy Council, therapeutic strong static magnets can help with the scores of medical conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, spondylosis, fibromyalgia, back pain, sciatica, diabetes, insomnia, migraine, MS, stroke, high blood pressure, poor circulation and many more.

   Science has discovered that a magnetic field over and around the point of pain increases blood flow in the effected area. This increased blood flow carries with it greater quantities of oxygen, vital nutrients and especially endorphins which relieve and soon remove and alleviate the pain.

   Magnetic therapy does not aim to replace existing methods of treatment but complement and assist in the reduction of painful symptoms and help speed up the healing process.
After hearing about the treatment on the radio, Liz contacted World of Magnets and now uses a magnetic mattress cover and pillow pad, as well as insoles in her shoes, a back belt and a water wand - which magnetises drinks.

"I used to ache all over," Liz said.
"Every fibre of my being hurt and it restricted me from doing the things I love the most, like gardening.
"I was even having difficulty sleeping.
"But I can honestly say that using the magnets has been marvellous.
"Even after just two weeks, after using them 24 hours a day, I could feel the difference."
Liz says that her pain has been reduced by up to 30 or 40 per cent.
She added: "When you feel you've suffered for a long time and you suddenly have freedom from it it is fantastic - and of course, getting back out in the garden and being able to use my secateurs has been great.
"It has completely changed the quality of my life."

   Debbie Shimadry, a pain nurse specialist at World of Magnets, said about 60 pert cent of magnetic therapy users are able to significantly reduce the amount of painkilling pills they have to take, while about 35 per cent no longer need any painkillers at all.
"The treatment does not act like painkillers where the pain is blocked for around four to six hours and then returns," she added.
"Magnets act on the cause of the pain reducing the swelling and increasing the body's own pain killers endorphins.
"Magnets take a little bit of time to have an effect - usually around two to four weeks - but some people have benefits within a few day.

   "On the other side, some people take around eight to 12 weeks to really notice a significant reduction.
"And now, the NHS has said that for the very first time it will allow magnetic therapy treatment devices to be prescribed by GPs for the treatment of chronic leg ulcers."
Debbie added that even though there are no harmful effects of magnetic therapy, anyone thinking of using it should always seek trained professional advice about the type of magnets, the placement and the strength before using them.
There is a register of trained and qualified magnetic practitioners available from the Magnetic Therapy Council (MTC), who offers advice, information and education on all aspects of magnetic therapy.
The MTC offer a national freephone help and advice line for members of the public on 0800 612 1347 and have resources available at
For information of magnetic products available call World Of Magnets on 01773 831806 or visit


* Magnets were first documented around 2500-3000 years BC. Their origins are first noted in Asia Minor in a vast land called Magnesia. The earth there was enriched with iron oxide which attracted metals to it. The locals named it Magnetite.

* Cleopatra was probably the first celebrity to use magnets. It is documented that she slept on a Lodestone to keep her skin youthful. The therapeutic knowledge was passed to the Greeks who have been using magnets for healing since 2500 BC. Aristotle and Plato talked of the benefits of Lodestones in their work.

* Michael Faraday, also known as the founder of Biomagnetics made extensive discoveries in magnetic healing during the 18th century. His work is still used as a framework for modern day magnetic treatments.

* 20th Century pioneers include Dr Kreft a German doctor who in 1905 studied the healing effects of magnets on rheumatic disease, sciatica and neuralgia.

* Magnetic therapy is gaining in popularity worldwide with many celebrity devotees including Cherie Blair, the Queen, Prince William, Bill Clinton and Anthony Hopkins.

Rebecca Fisher
Health Reporter
Worcester News
Berrow's House, Hylton Road
Worcester WR2 5JX

t: 01905 742260
f: 01905 742277

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