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Senior pain nurse specialist and qualified magnetic therapist Dee Parsons answers 4 fascinating questions from chronic pain sufferers

Dee is pleased to receive questions via post, phone and in person. Although she cannot answer all of these questions individually, she will answer questions that are of interest to most newsletter subscribers.

Q1: I have been diagnosed with sciatica. I have had physiotherapy but this did not alleviate the pain. I have shooting pains down my leg and pins and needles in my feet. I have an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon this month. My GP says the discs are worn and the nerve has become trapped. Would a magnetic bracelet help the pain and offer some relief? Christine Hutchings

A: Christine unfortunately a magnetic bracelet will not help to reduce your sciatica symptoms because it is simply to far away from your area of pain. In order for magnets to work they have to be placed directly over the area of pain. That would mean that you would need to wear magnets over the damaged discs in your back. The magnets will reduce the swelling around your worn out discs and this will take the pressure off the sciatic nerve which is causing the pain to shoot down your leg. The pins and needles should also resolve once the inflammation in your back is reduced.

Because your back condition is quite severe I would suggest using a super strength back belt that contains 2,600 gauss magnets as apposed to the standard 800 gauss magnets in the basic belt. Drinking magnetised water in-conjunction with wearing the back belt 24 hours a day 7 days a week will speed up the healing process as the combination of tackling the problem from inside and outside at the same time will increase the power of your magnets by ten times.

Finally I would highly recommend you using massage in combination with the magnets because when you have sciatica the muscles in the lower back go into spasms and this causes even more pain around the lower back. If you apply gentle massage for about 5-10mins just 3-4 times a day it will relax the muscles, ease the spasm and assist the magnets to get to the centre of your pain. If you havenít got anyone to massage you can use an Omni massage ball which is a ball in a cup then works just like a roller ball effect and it is so easy to use but doesnít put any stress on your hands or fingers because the ball is doing all the work for you, plus you can do it yourself with out needing anyone else.

Q2: I have pain in my thigh and calf caused by peripheral vascular disease. This is due to smoking. I am trying to give up whilst waiting for a hospital appointment regarding treatment. Will your products help with this pain and what type would you recommend? Knee strap or thigh strap? Samuel

A: With PVD the circulation to your legs is severely impaired because your arteries and veins have become clogged with fatty deposits and this stops the blood from reaching the lower leg properly. You need to be able to increase the circulation to the lower leg and increase the oxygen that reaches the feet. This can be done by using very high strength magnets implanted into shoes insoles. The magnetic insoles have a total strength of 40,000 gauss so they are incredibly strong. What they will do is increase the flow of blood down the legs and also increase the amount of oxygen in the blood so the feet and lower legs are more perfused, that is have more oxygen and you will not suffer with cramps and pain. The magnets canít cure the PVD only surgery can do that but it can help to reduce the pain and radically improve blood flow.

You would also benefit from drinking magnetic water as it will increase the strength of the insoles by 10 times and boost your circulation around the whole of your body.

Q3: I have a stainless steel bracelet and have never worn one before. How tight does it have to be around the wrist for the magnets to be effective - at the moment it is fairly lose and is free to move quite easily? Do all the magnets have to be in contact with the wrist at all times? Mr Parkes

A: You need to be able to insert your index finger underneath the magnetic bracelet when it's on your wrist. That's what we recommend so that the bracelet does not restrict blood circulation. The more magnets in contact with the skin the better but obviously all the magnets will not be in contact with your skin all the times but the magnetic field will be generated around the whole of the wrist so you donít have to have total contact at all times. If you have more than one fingers width of slack in your magnetic bracelet, we can remove a link for you so that it fits correctly.

Q4: Hi, I am a 36 year old woman and had my first child 17 months ago. About 10 years ago I had an incident with my lower back; I was just bending down to put something in a cupboard and my back "locked". The pain was excruciating, I felt faint, had pins and needles in my back and I couldn't move for several hours. My GP came to the house and injected my back with muscle relaxants. I lay in bed for a few days and it was still very tender, took about a week to heal completely. I saw an osteopath afterwards and he said my facet joint had locked, it was one of those things that can happen to anyone and it may never happen again.

Anyway over the last 10 years it has twinges now and again but nothing like that first time. However, in the last couple of months it has started again, probably with me lifting my toddler son, which I try not to do unless I have to (putting him in the car, highchair etc). It starts off as a niggling twinge in my lower right back and gets worse and worse throughout the day until I can't move. I sleep that night on my left side, with my knees bent and a pillow between them, and in the morning it's better, but still tender. I tend to just get it for one day at a time and after having rested for the night it's ok.

But it's happening so often now it's starting to affect what I can and can't do with my son. Would a back support help me? The pain is on the right side, always in the same place, right at the bottom of my back and the top of my right buttock. Once it's gone, the pain is sudden and excruciating and I'm frightened to move, so I just sit with lots of pillows behind me and walk around very gingerly, holding my back.

Nurofen seem to help a bit but they're not a long term answer. I haven't been to the doctors yet, don't have much faith in them I'm afraid. I'm getting so down about it now as there have been days where I've planned to take my son out and then can't and sit at home all day and can't even lift him. I'm not overweight and am healthy other than this. I work in an office 3 days a week and have no problems there, the problems start on my days off with my son so I know it must be lifting him that aggravating it, but I can't not lift him. I don't do any regular exercise but walk a lot with my son and to the office and back. I put on 4 stone when pregnant and was amazed I had no problems then. Please help!
Mrs Nicola Smith

A: Your problem is quite common and yes it is very debilitating because your lower back is the main support for the whole body so if you get an injury there it affects how you stand, sit, lie, bend basically every movement you make depends on the lower back, so when it is injured you know about it regardless of what you do.

The good news is that yes I can help you. What you need to do is wear a magnetic back belt 24 hours and ay 7 days a week until it completely resolves. This may be as long as 8-10 weeks because your injury is not resolving with other treatments. But you should begin to feel relief quite soon maybe 1-2 weeks after wearing the belt. But leave it on until all of the pain has gone, donít be tempted to take it off to soon or the pain will come rushing back.

What I would also suggest for you would be to use a magnetic bed pad as well. This is a pad that fits under your sheet on top of your mattress. You lie on it every night and it has 20 x 2,400 gauss magnets which make sit very high strength. The benefits of using a pad at night time are amazing. The body actually do most of its healing at night time so the best time to use magnets is at night. You could also use the magnetic bed pad during the day behind your back whilst sitting and in the car this will boost the effects that you receive and help you to resolve your pain much quicker that with the belt alone and it sound s like you want to get rid of this pain sooner rather than later.

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