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Conversion Chart
1 milliTesla (mT) = 10 Gauss

Who do you trust with your health?
 A Nurse or a sales person

   The directors of World of Magnets Ltd are trained nurses and therapists. It is the reason that we first identified the therapeutic benefits of magnetic therapy and started World of Magnets Ltd in January 2001. Every product we provide is manufactured or brought in because we recognise it to be the most therapeutic magnet of it's type. Also because we are trained nurses we provide you with free healthcare consultations. You will always be able to speak to a nurse advisor or magnetic therapist for advice and impartial help. Plus we provide FREE follow up for every client. You can trust the advice, the healthcare consultations and products offered on this website because we are nurses not simply sales people.

From the comparison chart below you can see which of the UKs magnetic therapy suppliers also provides the same level of ethical care.

  World of Magnets ltd Bxxflxw Nxxtxr Maxxo-Pxxse Maxxxtic Thexxxy ltd Noxxh Sxxth Maxxetixs
Has qualified magnet therapists available for help and advice X X X X X
Provides free healthcare consultations for clients X X X X X
Has trained pain nurse advisors X X X X X
Provides free follow up consultations for all clients X X X X X
Provides a totally risk free money back guarantee* X X X X
Strength of magnets in a high strength bracelet in Gauss* 3000 Not known 1200-1500 Not known 2000 approx 3000
Registered Class 1 Medical Device with CE marking X X X X
Cost of a high strength bracelet* 37.95 50.00 39.00 39.00 45.95 35.95
*Information gathered from several websites on 15.07.06 and correct at that time
The names of the various companies have been altered so as not to seem biased towards World of Magnets Ltd.


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