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October 15th 2006 - Issue 3

Greetings Reader,


- Success story of the month
Read how magnetic therapy is changing the life of real people.

- Tell Your Story
A challenge to ALL subscribers: Send me your best 'little' success story and I'll publish it in the next issue of "Magnetic Health Matters"

- Improve your magnetic knowledge.
Discussion about how to use magnetic therapy effectively and the latest research taking place in magnetic therapy

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links to specific products and information on magnetic therapy and other natural methods of pain relief.

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1. Read how magnetic therapy is changing real people's lives

"I do not know if thank you is enough. After I felt so ill and depressed, my blood pressure was 195/85. Just three weeks of magnetised water and I feel fine, blood pressure down to 147/67. Thank you once again. Gratefully Yours." Mrs H Johnson.

"I obtained one of the wands in April; I canít believe how quickly it worked; about 7 days. Iíd had like toothache in the muscle at the top of my right arm and it was going all down my arm to my wrist. I drink 4-5 glasses of water or juice a day and itís stopped this awful ache, isnít that marvellous. Thank you again." Mrs Jean Barton.

"Dear World of Magnets, A few months ago I purchased a knee strap and a Magnopainģ water wand from you. After using them for one week, I was free from pain in my knee and I felt generally much better. I am ninety years of age and confined to a wheel chair, I thought there was no help for me at my age. I also suffer from epilepsy, asthma, kidney trouble, arthritis and insomnia for which I have taken sleeping tablets for 60 years. Iíve now come off my sleeping tablets since drinking magnetized water and all my other troubles have much improved. I have recommended you to several of my friends and my doctor thinks itís marvellous. Thank you very much." Regards Violet Ambrose.

I could make this a very brief note, two words in fact......THANK YOU
It's as simple as that, but of course it's not. I have been an Osteoarthritis sufferer for many years, with my illness getting gradually worse as the years have gone by.

Recently, through severe side effects from the Nsaids I have been taking, my GP has withdrawn these from my prescription and simply increased the dosage and strength of my painkillers to compensate. Without a doubt, I have been in "Absolute Agony" for the last month or so, finding even getting round the house virtually impossible. To put it bluntly, I spoke to a friend of mine, who's sister passed away some years ago through kidney failure, caused by the medication she had taken for many years for her "Poly-arthritis" and I was so "low" about my state of health, I commented how I wished they would "cut the b....y leg off and have done with it".

Then I read an information leaflet on Magnetic Therapy. Hence to the internet and lo and behold....World of saviour.
Having read the information on your web site I ordered a knee strap/insoles/water wand, which incidentally arrived in 24hours and my relief began. I've now been following your advice for just a week.....I simply can't Thank You enough. I am singing your praises from the roof-tops to all my friends and family.

Now I'm placing an order for a bed pad so my pain relief will be on-going from this moment on.

Once again may I say a sincere and heartfelt Thank you for giving me back my life.

H.Baddeley (Mr).


2. A challenge to my subscribers:

Send me your best 'little' success story and I'll publish it in the next issue of "Magnetic Health Matters"

If you would like to help others believe in how magnetic therapy can release them from pain, send me your story and I'll publish it in the next edition of Magnetic Health Matters.
Please email your success story to


3. This month, I have put together some valuable information about magnetised water. Does it really work? If so how?

Magnetic water is an ancient way of relieving inflammation within the body.
Find out how you can do so effectively by reading this report by Debbie Shimadry - Magnetic Therapist

All water coming out of our taps has a source from a river or a reservoir, whether man made or natural. All water that comes from a natural source has at some point in the river, stream or spring, if you are using spring water, actually come into contact with the earth and the earthís core.

It is important to know that the earth is actually a large magnet. Gravity is magnetism. We are standing here or sitting here and not flying about in the air because of gravity and the magnetic field that is surrounding the earth. The earthís core is magnetic and holds a magnetic charge.

When water is underground in the earth, in natural wells for example, it actually absorbs magnetic charge from the earthís core. Similarly in reservoirs and dams, the same process takes place. Hence in its natural state water is magnetic. So if you drink water straight from a river, it might be very dirty and it might be full of pollutants but it would actually be magnetised. If you were to drink water straight from Buxton spring or Malvern spring (in the U.K), that water would be magnetised too.

When you buy bottled water off the shelves, it is no longer magnetised. When the water is taken away from the natural source for a few days it loses its magnetic charge. Similarly, when water goes through to the water treatment plants for processing, it passes through heavy duty metal pipes which de-magnetise the water. So when the water comes out of your tap it is no longer magnetised. Obviously Mother Nature intended for us to drink magnetised water because there is a wealth of benefits from drinking magnetised water.

It is very easy to magnetise water once it has come from the tap. You simply place magnets of a sufficient type and strength in the water, these tend to be Neodymium magnets and they have to be coated in a non corrosive type substance to actually stop them from rusting. The easiest way is to use what is called a water wand or a coaster which is placed into the water or you place the water on a coaster. The difference between using a wand to a coaster is, when you place the wand into the water the magnetism is taken quicker because the wand is placed directly into the water. If you place your glass or cup or your bowl or jug of water on to a magnetic coaster it takes a lot longer for the magnetism to go through because it has to penetrate through the vesselís layer whether it be glass or plastic to actually get the magnetism into the water so you would need a stronger magnet to actually do the job ,so it is better to use a wand that actually is immersed into the water.

Generally in a glass of water you would immerse the wand for 15 minutes or in a large volume of up to 2 litres would take one hour. So once you have placed the wand in the water for 15 minutes or one hour the water will then take up the magnetic charge and it would then be magnetised.

You do not have to worry about leaving magnets in the water too long because the water is like a sponge it will only take up as much magnetism as is needed and then it will stop absorbing it so if you left your magnet in the water overnight it will not have any detrimental effect . If you use a jug which you constantly top up from the tap such as a filter jug or a normal water jug or one you boil water in, you can leave the wand in there permanently if you wish and just keep topping up. Just always make sure the wand has been in there for at least an hour before you drink the water.

However, if you live in a hard water area, your water will contain large amounts of lime scale, this will eventually attack the Rhodium coating on the wand and brown spots will appear. This will not impede the function of the magnets but it will cosmetically look unappealing. To prevent this from happening, always immerse the wand for the minimum period required (i.e. 15 minutes or 1 hour) and then remove the wand, this will prevent lime scale damage.

When you drink the magnetic water, it goes from your stomach into the bowel. The magnetic charge is absorbed into the blood stream and is then rapidly distributed around the body to all the major organs and all the tissues.

The effects of this are similar to the magnets that are placed on the skin, in that it increases blood flow, reduces inflammation and re-oxygenises the blood and the cells. But what the magnetised water also does that the magnets placed on the skin do not do, is it actually eliminates toxins from within the body.

We all keep toxins trapped inside our body from chemicals in the food that we eat and the tablets that we take. Toxins are stored in our body because the liver cannot detoxify them properly.

We can be walking around with an excess 2 litres of fluid in our body that we do not actually need that is holding the toxins in our body.

What magnetic water does is it detoxifies the body by excreting the toxins through the kidneys. Provided you continue drinking the water you will not retain that fluid back again.

The effects of this is that the heart has a break, that is we take the pressure off the heart. It does not have to beat so many times a minute to do its work and it does not have to work so hard to pump blood around the body. Blood pressure naturally begins to come down which is why magnetised water is excellent for people with high blood pressure. If you have normal blood pressure it wonít reduce your blood pressure to dangerously low levels as the body wonít allow this to happen. All it will do is just help take the pressure off the heart. The effects of this are that we do not feel so tired , we sleep better, we have less headaches, we feel less stressed and we have more energy.

Magnetised water sounds as if it is a cure for all but it is not. It is a great overall body tonic but it is not going to take all the pain away from all over your body because it simply is not strong enough. It is a great booster for magnets that are placed on the body. You can increase the strength of magnets used on the skin by up to 10 times when drinking magnetised water. It will also prolong the results of magnets meaning your pain relief will last even longer, weeks or even months. Best of all the water wand has a life span of 10 years.

So grabbing yourself a magnetic water wand is a worthy investment if you want to reduce inflammation, detoxify or simply boost the power of the external magnets you are already using.


4. Offer of the month are special offers on our magnetic devices available only to our newsletter subscriber.

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5. links to specific products and information on magnetic therapy and other natural methods of pain relief.

Latest research in magnetic therapy

Live BBC Radio Shows discusssing magnetic therapy

Ask the experts your questions

Audio Interviews of real people

Magnetic Therapy Devices for pain relief

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