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February 15th 2007 - Issue 6

Greetings Reader,


- Success story of the month
Read how magnetic therapy is changing the life of real people.

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A challenge to ALL subscribers: Send me your best 'little' success story and I'll publish it in the next issue of "Magnetic Health Matters"

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Discussion about how to use magnetic therapy effectively and the latest research taking place in magnetic therapy

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1. Read how magnetic therapy is changing real people's lives

Jean is a 75 year old lady who has suffered from osteoarthritis for 30 years. As with many people with osteoarthritis Jean had inflammation (swelling) and pain in many of her joints including her ankles, knees, spine, neck, wrists and shoulders. Her pain was severe requiring regular Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. In addition Jean used a tens machine and pain relief patches on a daily basis.

The constant pain in virtually all of her joints meant that Jean was unable to carry out many everyday tasks. Going up and down stairs was a particularly perilous task because her balance was affected by the swelling and pain in her knees. There were many occasions when she thought she may fall when attempting to get up or down the stairs.

Jean’s garden also suffered as she just couldn’t kneel or bend down to weed or prune. You really can’t enjoy your garden to the fullest if someone else has tended and nurtured your plants for you.

In June 2005 Jean started using the breakthrough mattress cover. Within days her pain was significantly reduced in all areas. After just 4 weeks almost all her pain had resolved. In addition she has been able to stop taking the Paracetamol and ibuprofen tablets, plus she no longer uses the tens machine or pain relief patches.

Jean can now safely get up and down the stairs and rejoices over the fact that she can return to her beloved gardening. In Jean’s own words “I certainly have more energy and ‘get up and go’".

Daphne is a most wonderful and charming 88 year old lady who has suffered from “agonising” pain in her back which in her own words, “made life seem not worth living.” For 18 months Daphne had spent the majority of her time being looked after by carers, house and bed bound.

The doctor prescribed her very strong codeine based tablets which caused Daphne to have hallucinations and nausea. Unable to cope with the symptoms Daphne stopped taking them and as a result was unable to mobilise around her house at all.

Just over a year ago Daphne found out about magnets from a friend and decided that she had absolutely nothing to lose by giving them a try. She began sleeping on a magnetic mattress cover in July 2004. Quite literally and astonishingly within just a couple of days the constant agonising pain in Daphne’s back resolved.

Daphne has slept on the mattress cover every night since then, apart from 6 days when she leant it to a friend in need, she soon realised how much benefit she received from the cover as her pain very rapidly returned.

After 18 months of being housebound Daphne was finally able to go out in the car and visit her family and friends. Her dependence on carers has greatly reduced and she can now honestly say that “life is worth living again!"


2. A challenge to my subscribers:

Send me your best 'little' success story and I'll publish it in the next issue of "Magnetic Health Matters"

If you would like to help others believe in how magnetic therapy can release them from pain, send me your story and I'll publish it in the next edition of Magnetic Health Matters.
Please email your success story to


3. This month, I should discuss how to use magnetic therapy to relieve all over body pain and improve well being and which magnetic therapy devices should be used for the best results.

New drug free treatment for chronic pain sufferers who have multiple pain points.

If you suffer from pain in several different areas around your body, the magnets you are already using are enough to reduce your pain by noticeable degrees, no matter what’s the cause of your pain.

Many magnetic therapy users are asking if they should or can use greater strength magnets to reduce their all over body pain faster and more effectively.

The answer is YES but let me be clear.

The magnets you are using will have, by now, almost definitely and noticeably reduced your pain by some degree. Certainly though, if you have a quite severe and constant pain, in multiple places, greater strength magnets have shown to reduce even quite severe pain very much quicker. Plus once the severe pain has been reduced or eliminated it tends to remain so for life, as long as you keep on using the magnets.

Many doctors are treating their patients with magnetic therapy instead of drugs – Here’s why...

Magnetic therapy is no longer being shunned by the medical profession. At last it is gaining mainstream recognition. Not every doctor is adverse to magnetic therapies. We work closely with GP’s and many doctors use magnets themselves. After all, magnetic therapy is licensed for prescription in 54 countries worldwide.

Doctors who are already using magnets have these comments:

“I have to admit, I was not among the physicians who embraced magnet therapy early on. Now, I firmly believe high-quality therapeutic magnets are one of the best (and safest) ways to treat many types of pain” Dr. Steven Sinatra – The Sinatra Health Report

“This is not magic; there is nothing mystical about this... We have tested magnets on more than 5,000 patients and there is absolutely no doubt... the treatment works!” Robert Holcomb, MD – Assistant Professor of Neurology at Vanderbilt University Medical Centre

“The short term effects of the product are amazing, but nothing can surpass the effects you will receive long term. The magnetic mattress Pad is the best product for preventative medicine and treatment of discomforts. This places the body in a negative magnetic field for a sleep inducing, stress reducing, and anti-inflammatory night of sleep. The health rewards of restorative sleep and stress management cannot be overemphasised.” Dr. William H. Philpot – Neurologist and Chairman of the Bio-Electro Magnetic Institute in Oklahoma City

“Magnetic energy has a beneficial effect on the blood circulation, lymph flow, hormone production, nerves and muscles.” Dr. Ulrich Warnke, MD – Magnets To Overcome Pain. The New Healing Method

How to determine if you will actually and substantially benefit from sleeping on a magnetic mattress cover?

Naturally you need to be absolutely sure that a mattress cover is right for you before you take the plunge and invest in one.

The truth is that not everyone needs to sleep on a magnetic mattress cover. To find out if it is appropriate for your painful condition, just answer these 5 short and simple questions;

 # Question 1. Do you have pain in more than one area of your body?

 # Question 2. Is your pain widespread covering most of your body?

 # Question 3. Is your pain concentrated predominantly in the upper or lower part of your body?

 # Question 4. Do you move about a lot in bed?

 # Question 5. Does your partner use or want to use magnets as well as you?

Here’s what your answers mean and how they can help you decide if you do really need to sleep on a magnetic mattress cover

You don’t necessarily require severe, chronic, long standing or all over body pain to use a magnetic mattress cover, but most people associate mattress covers helping with these types of painful conditions.

Even if you have pain in just one area you would still gain all the benefits that someone with 10 points of pain would get, the only difference being that a mattress cover may not be the only logical and most identifiably beneficial choice for you. It is after all your choice whether to wear magnets 24 hours a day 7 days a week or whether to just sleep on them every single night.

The fact is, your answers to these questions will tell you whether a magnetic mattress cover is absolutely the most suitable and truly valuable type of magnetic device for your individual needs.

Now read below to find out what your answers mean:

Question 1. If you have pain in multiple areas of your body you will need to treat each area individually with magnets. As I am sure you are aware of, magnets only work on the area in which they are placed.

What this means is, that if you have 4 areas of pain then you will need 4 different magnetic devices and so on. That’s why a mattress cover may be the most fitting device for you as you wouldn’t need to wear a collection of different items day and night as a mattress cover will treat all of the body at once, plus night time is when the body is most responsive to the magnetic field.

Question 2. You may have several areas of pain but are they all confined to one part of your body (such as your upper body) or are they spread out all around your whole body? If you have widespread pain that covers large areas, (such as back, neck, knees, wrist and feet) you will, with absolute certainty, benefit from a magnetic mattress cover.

The magnets in the mattress cover are placed so that they cover the whole of the body from neck to feet so all your areas can be reached at the same time.

Question 3. Your pain might be contained to just your upper or lower part of your body and if this is the case for you, a mattress cover may not be necessary, as a half bed pad will, most likely, cover your problem areas.

Essentially a bed pad is a magnetic overlay that is placed under your sheet on top of your mattress. As the name suggests it will be in contact with half of your body at a time, it can be placed either at the top or bottom half of the bed depending on where your problem areas are.

Obviously the half bed pad doesn’t have as many magnets as a mattress cover, only 20 x 2,600 gauss magnets in comparison with 70 x 2,600 gauss magnets for a single. BUT these 20 magnets are concentrated on the half of the body that which lies over the pad. That’s why this pad may be more suitable for your needs if your pain is concentrated in one area.

Question 4. This may sound like a daft question but it is very important when choosing the correct type of magnetic overlay. Quite simply, if you are a restless sleeper who moves about a lot in bed, you will most probably find that a magnetic overlay which is not fitted to the mattress will shift it’s location during the night.

You will clearly see the disadvantage of sleeping on an overlay that alters its position whilst you are sleeping. It will become apparent after just a few nights that you are not receiving the benefits that you should.

Bed pads and travel pads (a full length single overlay) are not fitted to the mattress, so they will move if you are a restless sleeper. If you do not toss and turn excessively, then either one of these will be adequate on a bed.

The Magnopain® magnetic mattress cover is the only mattress overlay of its kind that is fitted around the mattress in the same way as a fitted sheet. I guarantee you it will not move an inch no matter how much you toss and turn at night.

Question 5. If you sleep alone and you are not a restless sleeper then a half bed pad or a full length travel pad (depending on where your pain is located) will offer the same level of benefit as a mattress cover.

However if you sleep with a partner who uses, or wants to use, magnets or you are a restless sleeper then the breakthrough magnetic mattress cover will definitely be the magnetic device that provides you with the most beneficial therapeutic effects.

So remember, if you don’t travel very much and you move about a lot in bed, you are tall or both you and your partner want to benefit from magnets then a mattress cover is the best device for you. And if you go away often, spend a lot of time sitting in a chair, car or wheelchair and you are the only one who wants to use magnets then the portable bed pad is the best device for you.


4. Offer of the month are special offers on our magnetic devices available only to our newsletter subscriber.

After much debate with my company directors, I have managed to get you the best ever deal on a magnetic mattress cover, portable travel pad and bed pad.

You can save an amazing 25% off any of those magnetic devices.

But let me be clear, there are not many of these devices available at this price. Only 37 mattress covers, 29 half bed pads and 22 full length travel pads. And I'm pretty sure that by the end of this week they will all be gone as my newsletter list has grown immensely in the last 2 months. There is now over 6000 subscribers!

To take advantage of this offer use the code MCTPBP in the coupon box at checkout. click here to find out more now>>


5. links to specific products and information on magnetic therapy and other natural methods of pain relief.

Interactive Health Tools. Improve your knowledge and check out your health status

Latest research in magnetic therapy

Live BBC Radio Shows discussing magnetic therapy

Ask the experts your questions

Audio Interviews of real people

Magnetic Therapy Devices for pain relief

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