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March 15th 2007 - Issue 7

Greetings Reader,


- Success story of the month
Read how magnetic therapy is changing the life of real people.

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A challenge to ALL subscribers: Send me your best 'little' success story and I'll publish it in the next issue of "Magnetic Health Matters"

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Discussion about how to use natural pain relief methods effectively and the latest research.

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1. Read how magnetic therapy is changing real people's lives

"I suffer from Arthritis and I am always looking for alternative treatments for my pain other than prescription medication from my GP - most of them have not worked. 8 months ago whilst browsing the internet I came across the Pain Gone pen. It looks and feels like a normal pen which I thought was quite funny at first. I wouldn't be without it now! All I do is point the 'nib' to the area of my pain, click the button at the top a few times and within a few minutes my pain diminishes. I have recommended it to some of my friends who are experiencing the same pain relief as I." D.L.

These machines are very effective in treating chronic pain states such as musculoskeletal and arthritic disorders. They are far more versatile, effective and cheaper than conventional TENS machines and in addition stimulate acupuncture points without needles. I have got some very good results
Dr. D. O.

I'd like to express my gratitude for the way the pain gone pen has given me a better quality of life. Having suffered from chronic arthritis, I have endured great pain for a long time, but since using the Pen, I am now able to do many of the things I was unable to do before plus I'm now getting a decent night's sleep for the first time in months. Mrs M Fawley

Thank you for the PAIN GONE pen and the relief it has brought. My back pain is now under control. I know the pen is not a cure, but as a cure is not an option, I'm more than satisfied with the relief. Mrs K Brown

Does it give relief? Yes, definitely. I can certainly recommend it to anyone. It really works. Mrs J Thomas

I am so thankful to have the pain gone pen. I had been dreadfully ill and now I'm virtually pain free. I'm able to write and do most things with hands that were virtually useless! My doctor is very impressed and I have recommended the PAIN GONE PEN to many people. Mrs G Fulton


2. A challenge to my subscribers:

Send me your best 'little' success story and I'll publish it in the next issue of "Magnetic Health Matters"

If you would like to help others believe in how magnetic therapy can release them from pain, send me your story and I'll publish it in the next edition of Magnetic Health Matters.
Please email your success story to


3. This month, you've probably guessed it, I'm discussing T.E.N.S as a method of instant pain relief. Plus I've also found a product that you would love...But first let's see how effective this method of pain relief is.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (T.E.N.S)
by Dr Trisha Macnair

Many people around the world get pain relief from a technique called transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (Tens). But experts in the UK are sceptical about its use.

Why isn't Tens popular in the UK?

UK doctors are often criticised for not being good at treating pain and that's probably a fair criticism. The nature and management of pain is not taught much to medical students, many doctors feel uncertain about using strong analgesic drugs, there aren't many pain clinics around the country and those that do exist have lengthy waiting lists.

Tens is widely used elsewhere in the world. For example, there are an estimated 450,000 users annually in Canadian state hospitals, while in Scandinavia, Tens is well known as a treatment for period pains. In the UK, women in labour are the main group to try Tens, as it is recommended as a safe and effective treatment for labour pain.

How does Tens work?

Tens uses a small electrical device to deliver electrical impulses across the skin as a way of treating pain

Tens uses a small electrical device to deliver electrical impulses across the skin as a way of treating pain. The device is about the size of a personal stereo although lightweight versions may not be much bigger than a credit card. The device is connected by wires to sticky pad electrodes that are placed on the skin in the area of the pain. This allows a small low intensity electric charge to be passed across the area.

Tens is thought to have two effects:

* By selectively stimulating certain "non-pain" nerve fibres it may be possible to send signals to the brain that block other nerve signals carrying pain messages. Only the non-pain messages get through to the brain.

* Tens is said to stimulate the production of endorphins, which are natural pain-relieving hormones produced by the body. The device is usually used for 15-20 minutes, several times a day, controlled by the user (rather than being given by a health professional). Pain relief may start very rapidly and last for days.

Unlike many pain relieving drugs, Tens is not addictive and seems to have few side effects.

Claims and counter-claims

The claims made for Tens could lead you to think it's the miracle cure for pain. Back pain, arthritis, migraine, sports injuries, period pains and even non-painful conditions such as sleeplessness and stress are said to improve with Tens.

While it's widely recommended in the UK to pregnant women as a way of controlling labour pains, especially in the early stages, a review by the Oxford Pain Unit suggested that Tens does not alleviate labour pain nor reduce the use of additional analgesics. They could find no study of note showing any difference in pain intensity or pain relief scores between Tens and a placebo treatment during labour.

Tens has also been recommended for treating pain following surgery but, according to the UK College of Anaesthetists, Tens isn't effective on its own as pain relief for acute moderate to severe postoperative pain.

There is also some controversy as to whether Tens is effective for chronic pain, and some experts feel that more research needs to be done in this area first.

A partner treatment

Don't let these negative reports put you off. Pain is highly individual and you may feel that it's worth trying Tens for your pain. In addition, while it may not bring guaranteed pain relief on its own, Tens may be effective when used in combination with other pain treatments.


4. Offer of the month are special offers on our magnetic devices available only to our newsletter subscriber.

Some of you might have already heard of this magic pain relief system, but for those who don't here's something that you should take a look at:

Pain Gone Pen for instant pain relief

The Pain Gone Pen is a small handy device which targets pain wherever its needed by delivering a controlled electronic frequency wherever it is placed on the body. This stimulating frequency brings great pain relief to the user.

The Pain Gone Pen works by releasing a small electric charge into the painful area, helping to stimulate nerve endings, which in turn send a ‘cry for help’ message through the nerve passages to the brain.

This process encourages the release of endorphins (the bodies natural pain killer) via the spinal cord straight to the area of pain. Pain Gone is effective in relieving all kinds of acute and chronic pain, including arthritis, sciatica, back pain, osteoporosis, joint pain, migraines, tennis elbow and many more.

It has been clinically tested at 2 NHS pain relief clinics. Here's the results >>

These studies have shown that the Pain Gone Pen resulted in, significant reduction in pain, increase in mobility and reduction in prescribed drugs.

Main Features of the Pain Gone Pen:

*Pain Gone has no medical side effects
*Safe and simple to use
*Can be used for a range of conditions
*Can be used anywhere any time
*Fully self-contained, small and light
*No leads or pads required
*Works over clothing
*Needs no batteries or maintenance
*Has European Seal of Approval

PAIN GONE PEN is effective for pain relief for the following conditions:

- Sports injuries - Aching muscles - Tennis Elbow - Ligament problems - Back-pain
- Arthritis - Fibromyalgia  - Post operative pain - Skeletal pain - Whiplash - Travel sickness
- Nausea - Headache - Shingles  - Menstruation pain - Lumbago - Phantom limb pain
- Neuralgia - Sciatica

How to Use:

Simply hold the Pain Gone on the area you need it most and click the red push button repeatedly for around 30 seconds.

Pain Gone is not recommended for people with a heart pacemaker, sufferers of epilepsy or those who are pregnant.



5. links to specific products and information on magnetic therapy and other natural methods of pain relief.

Discussion Board - Post your health related questions to our pain nurse specialists

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Latest research in magnetic therapy

Live BBC Radio Shows discussing magnetic therapy

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