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  • Special Issue Dedicated To Going On Holidays

Magnetic Health Matters - Issue 12 August 2007
To Your Pain Free Life...

Special Edition Dedicated To Going On Holidays!

You are, no doubt, making the most of the sunshine, which has finally arrived. I don’t blame you in this country we have to make the most of every sunny day.

You’ll most likely be very busy at the moment trying to do all the outside jobs which have been waiting for a ‘dry spell’, so I will keep this short and to the point.

Your increased activity may cause (or have already caused) a temporary flare-up of your pain… Here’s what to do, in case you strain yourself this summer

You may already have your magnetic devices to use over your areas of pain and in-conjunction you sleep on magnets. This will, of course, help to reduce and resolve any flare-up that may occur during the summer months.


Even your magnets will take time to resolve a strain or flare-up, it may well be a couple of weeks before you are able to get back to your outdoor pursuits.

Here’s how to cut your healing time by at least a third:

Combining your magnets with gentle massage, heat and ice pack treatment is a surefire way to cut days or weeks of the time your body takes to heal during an acute injury. This is because, massage, heat and ice all help to improve circulation and reduce swelling.

In short this is how you would use it:

You would need to spend no more than 15 minutes twice a day using this method.

First you need to gently massage the affected area for 5 minutes to relax the sore muscles and increase the blood flow to the area.

Immediately after massaging you apply a heat pack for no more than 5 minutes. This continues the process of relaxing the muscle plus helps to release trapped nerves (especially the sciatic nerve). You then need to apply an ice pack straight away, after removing the heat, for another 5 minutes. The cold will soothe the area after the massage and heat plus most importantly ice will help to reduce swelling.

WARNING: You should never use heat alone as it can cause inflammation to increase. Always use it with ice to counter act any problems.

That’s it.

What makes this so effective is that the massage, heat and ice actually prepare the muscles and tissues for the magnetic field and aids the penetration. When you use all 4 of these treatments together you will see a very rapid improvement in your pain and swelling. Sometimes in just 1 or 2 days.

You must be aware of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) safety regulations regarding the transportation of strong magnets, before you travel

The civil aviation authority has classed a magnetic mattress cover, with a surface gauss rating of 2,400 or more gauss per magnet and containing more than 50 magnets per cover, as a strong magnetic device which could interfere with the instrumentation of a plane. Magnetic devices of this strength are classified in the “Dangerous Goods” for transportation regulations.

The CAA dangerous goods for transportation regulations contain stipulations on how potentially harmful items can safely be carried on aircraft.

The transport of dangerous goods regulations state that;

Strong magnet devices may only be allowed onboard an aircraft if they are sufficiently protected and carried in the cargo hold.

Sufficiently protected is defined as:

The magnetic device must be wrapped in a protective layer that will reduce the flow of the magnetic field; i.e. 5cm (2 inch) thick bubble wrap or similar material.

Failure to comply with these regulations may result in one of the following:

1. Seizure of the ‘dangerous’ goods by airline staff

2. Investigation of the incident by the CAA

3. Prosecution in the Magistrates court and a £5,000 fine And in the most extreme cases (extremely unlikely for carrying magnets) prosecution in the County court and a maximum prison sentence of 2 years

I do not want to seem an alarmist and it is highly unlikely that you would be subjected to an investigation, fine or imprisonment but you may have your mattress cover confiscated and not returned to you and I do not want you to lose your mattress cover because you were unaware of the fact that you could not carry your cover onto the plane.

All other types of magnets can safely be taken on holiday. You should keep them in your hand luggage so that they can be scanned through airport security and be inspected if needed.

Airports are used to people travelling with magnets, so you should not worry about being questioned. You will not make the airport scanners go off or raise any alarm bells.

Here is the extract from the dangerous goods for transportation regulations that explains how your mattress cover may be seized

The Dangerous Goods Office carries out inspections and has a scheme for the recording and investigation of incidents, as required by Annex 18. Regarding inspections, the four authorised Inspectors carry out inspections to check for compliance with all the requirements of the Technical Instructions. They are to check on packages and documents, procedures for handling dangerous goods, the state of training for those involved and the provision of adequate notices at cargo acceptance points and passenger check-in areas.

The Inspectors are empowered to seize packages of dangerous goods if there are reasonable grounds to suspect a consignment does not comply with all applicable requirements. Regarding the recording and investigation of incidents, approximately 400 incident reports are received each year in the UK and the Dangerous Goods Office maintains a database of such incidents. Many incidents are of a minor nature and do not warrant investigation; these are usually dealt with by letter. Sometimes there is insufficient information to enable further action to be taken. Sometimes, if an incident arises with imported dangerous goods, there is little action that can be taken if the offence originated outside the UK; in these circumstances, all available evidence is determined with a view to informing the originating State so that action can be taken there. When an incident is judged to be sufficiently serious to warrant a formal investigation this is carried out by an Investigation Officer from the CAA Legal Department, in liaison with the Dangerous Goods Office. On completion of the investigation, all the evidence is considered and a decision made as to whether or not to prosecute the alleged offender. In the event of a prosecution, an offender can be fined up to £5000 per contravention in a Magistrates Court. If there is a Crown Court trial, the penalty can be an unlimited fine or up to two years imprisonment or both.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air 15/4/2002.

If you travel or go visiting/holidaying a lot, a portable travel pad will be the best possible way for you to ensure that you do not go without your much needed magnet fix

I’m sure that you’ll agree that,

When holidaying you are undoubtedly more active than when you are at home, simply because you want to explore and see the sights. You stay up later at night and most probably have a dance or 2 (or maybe more than 2).

At any warm or hot destination swimming is a must, it’s fun and cools you down, but it uses most of your muscles, creating aches and pains.

If you are anything like me, you will come back from your holiday more exhausted than before you went. I usually need a holiday to get over my holiday.

This is certainly not the time to be without your magnets!

The portable magnetic travel pad;

Essentially it is a long (50 inches) quilted and cushioned pad containing 45 x 2,400 gauss magnets (just under the maximum gauss allowed by the dangerous goods regulations), that is both very soft and flexible allowing it to be folded into a very small and compact bundle that will easily fit into a standard, or hand luggage bag.

When you lie on it your body from shoulders to ankles will be covered by the magnets (if you are very tall it may only come to the calf area). This is sufficient to keep most people with all over body pain magnetised whilst away from their mattress cover.

What’s more, Is that it has so many other uses apart from just putting in your bed whilst you are on holiday:

1. You can put it in your car when travelling and it will help to keep the aches and pains of sitting for long periods away.

2. You can place it on the sofa or chair while you are watching TV or reading during the day and evening.

3. During a long flight or car/coach journey place it behind you and your back and legs will not be still when you arrive at your destination. 4. If you tend to have a nap on the sofa during the day, place it under you and get the same benefits as your mattress cover, without going upstairs to bed. Each time you visit your relatives you won’t have to take your mattress cover off the bed and lug it around with you.

How to stay healthy on holiday
By: Dr Patricia Macnair

Cheap and easy travel has shrunk the globe and opened up all sorts of exciting holiday destinations. But the ability to reach almost any point on the planet in little more than a day can bring some tricky problems too, not least for your health.

So if you want to return rested rather than wrecked, plan well in advance. Whether you're heading for Bognor Regis or Baluchistan, a little preparation can reduce the stress of being away from home and help you avoid most holiday health disasters.

First, do some research into the area to find out what the local health risks are and where you can turn for help. For example, is the water safe to drink? Are there infections to watch out for or other hazards such as poisonous insects? Can your hotel find you a doctor if you need one ? Check what vaccinations you will need.

Your GPs surgery can direct you to the local travel medicine clinic which will have the most up-to-date information, including advice concerning the risk of malaria. Don't leave the country without travel insurance. The price of medical treatment abroad can be a very unpleasant shock. Fortunately the UK has reciprocal health arrangements with other European countries and Switzerland.

To make the most of these, you will need a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which has replaced the old E111 form. You can apply for one online or through the Post Office.

However you may need insurance too, for example to get you back home if you are ill. Make sure you are as fit as possible before you travel, especially if you are heading to remote regions. Now is the time to get nagging problems, such as a toothache, sorted out and top up your immunity with boosters such as zinc and vitamin C supplements.

When I travel, I'm always tempted to pack half the pharmacy but some essentials include:

All your regular medicines, carefully labelled.

A supply of first-aid items such as wound dressings, antiseptic creams, anti-histamine creams for insect bites and an elastic bandage for sprains.

Pain killers.

Medicines for diarrhoea.

Sun-protection creams.

Insect repellents (and mosquito net in malaria areas).

Water-sterilisation tablets.

Travel sickness treatments.

For very remote locations, you may want to take an emergency kit, with syringes, needles, sutures and even an intravenous fluid set.

Finally keep with your passport a printed list of any regular medication you take in case you lose yours or need more.

Another common holiday misery is travellers diarrhoea. Choose food carefully steaming hot dishes are most likely to be safe. Avoid uncooked vegetables or salad and choose fruit that you can peel. Drink water from sealed bottles (fizzy drinks are reliable) and don't have ice. You may want to pack a supply of pro-biotic supplements. These can help repopulate the intestines with healthy bacteria and cut down the likelihood and duration of gastroenteritis.

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