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    In this issue:
  • Editorial: 5 'Other' Health Benefits of Using Magnetic Therapy
  • Success Stories: Magnets for Headaches, Migraines and Insomnia
  • Ask The Experts: How Do You Know If A Bracelet Is Not Fake?
  • Tip Of The Month: Are Your Magnets Really Working?

Magnetic Health Matters - Issue 14, October 2007
To Your Pain Free Life...

Editorial: 5 'Other' Health Benefits Of Using Magnetic Therapy
by sanj shimadry

You have all heard about the pain relief properties of therapeutic magnets. Many of you are using medical magnets successfully to keep pain at bay.

But when used correctly, 'clinical magnetic therapy' can offer much more than just pain relief.

Here are 5 additional benefits you can expect to gain when using 'clinical magnetic therapy'.

• Improved Circulation
• Deep, Long And Restful Sleep
• A Strengthened Immune System
• An Abundance Of Energy
• A Toxin Free Body

How? In layman’s terms, clinical magnetic therapy speeds up blood flow and causes several things to happen in your body:

1) Firstly, your circulation is improved. Basically the blood flows around your body more effectively, so you get more oxygen and nutrients to your organs, muscles, joints and limbs.

2) Secondly, clinical magnetic therapy will help to balance your hormone levels. What this means is, the hormones insulin, serotonin, endorphin, and melatonin will be more readily available and better regulated. When your melatonin (the hormone which induces sleep) levels have regained their optimum concentration you will enjoy a deep and restful sleep.

3) Thirdly, the magnetic field aids the body in realigning the positive and negative ions which are present in every single cell. Your cells are like little batteries each with a positive and negative end. If you put batteries in your radio the wrong way round it won’t work. The same principal applies to your cells.

Magnets push the cells back into perfect alignment so that any excess fluid and toxins are forced out of the tissues and flushed out of the body when you go to the toilet. You can “wee” up to 2 litres of unwanted, excess, toxin laden fluid once you start using clinical magnetic therapy

4) Fourth, the combination of your increased circulation and the elimination of toxins will allow your heart to take a rest. You will have less fluid to push around your body and your blood will be flowing much more efficiently which means your heart will not have to work so hard. Your blood pressure and pulse rate will naturally begin to lower and you will feel a tremendous boost in your energy levels. In a nutshell, you will have a terrific feeling of wellbeing.

5) Lastly, the accumulative result of more oxygen, more nutrients, balanced hormones and a rested heart results in a strengthened immune system. You will be less likely to catch “bugs” and viruses. You will be able to fight infections better and ward off coughs and colds. Your immune system protects your body from attack and harm. To protect your body your immune system must be strong and healthy.

Therefore, when used correctly, your whole wellbeing is enhanced with clinical magnetic therapy.

Success Stories: Magnets for Headaches, Migraines And Insomnia

"Originally I suffered from migraines, sometimes two or three a week. These gradually lessened to become headaches, but were still painful and limited my social life to the extent that I could never guarantee being pain-free on some future occasion. I found pain-killers of only limited value and often with unpleasant side-effects. I also had "singing" tinnitus to go with them, also a pest.

Having tried various alternative medicines to little avail, I tried magnets. Magnetic bangles/bracelets seemed to have little effect, so I tried a pad of magnets placed under my pillow at night. And that did the trick! Quite quickly my headaches grew less in intensity and in frequency to my present state, where I do get the occasion mild headache one a month or so, as other people do, but they can generally be got rid of with standard painkillers.

So magnets do work!" Regards, John Stephens 20.05.07

“I had suffered with pain in many different areas most of which due to Spondylosis and arthritis in my hands, feet, knees, neck, shoulders, chest, back, arms, ankles and fingers. I also had a lot of trouble sleeping.

I was taking a lot of painkillers and anti inflammatory creams to try and ease the pain, I also used strong elasticated bandages on my knees and wrists and walked with walking sticks.

I tried a small magnet on my finger and within 5 days it had removed the swelling and the pain.

It was amazing.

I then went on to get a water wand, bracelet, necklace, knee straps, mattress cover and a bed pad to use in my chair.

Within 8 weeks my headaches have been reduced by 50%, neck and shoulder pain reduced by 50%, hand and foot pain reduced by 90%.

I sleep 100% better now I have stopped using all my anti-inflammatory creams and painkillers. All the pain I had been having for 10 has also completely gone.

I can now walk for 1/2 hour now whereas before I struggled across the kitchen floor with great pain and the aid of walking sticks!”

Frank. Smith, age 64

Get Your Own Magnetic Solution For Headaches, Migraines and Insonmia by using the Magnetic Treatment Selector

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Ask The Experts: How Do You Know If A Magnetic Bracelet Is Not Fake?
by Kat

A couple of weeks ago, kat, our magnetic therapist got asked an interesting question via email, which I thought I'd shared with you.

How do you know that the magnetic bracelet is original? How do you know if it is not a fake one? shahrir ahmad

An excellent question indeed. Specially with the amount of online magnetic therapy bracelets retailers that are spouting left, right and centre. Who do you believe?

Here's what Kat said about this issue:

Hello Shahrir

The only way to know for certain that you are getting genuine magnets, that are of a certain strength and are designed for the area that you want to treat, is to purchase them from a reputable retailer.

Whenever you buy magnetic devices always ask what strength the magnets are and never accept any item unless it is specifically designed for the area you suffer with. So a bracelet for wrist and hand pain, a necklace for neck and shoulder pain, a back belt for back pain and so on.

Never use a bracelet to treat any other area of the body except the wrist or hands. And if your suppliers tells you that the bracelet will help your pain all over your body, do not waste your money as this is not true.

If in any doubt always check.


If you have come across such retailers please inform the Magnetic Therapy Council

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Tip Of The Month... Are Your Magnets Really Working?

If you have been using magnetic therapy products for a few weeks (over 6) and still feel that you have not received any pain relief, here's what you should do:

Remove all magnetic products for a period of 2 weeks. That includes not sleeping on magnets and not drinking magnetised water. And obviously removing the magnet that you wear at the point of pain.

Monitor your pain levels closely during that period. What most people notice when trying this is that their pain level increases. Which is usually proof that the magnets are working!

If this still doesn't do it for you, have a free online consultation with a magnetic therapist to get tot the real cause of why magnets are not relieving your pain at

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