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    In this issue:
  • Editorial: Magnetic Water - Is it For Real?
  • Success Stories: Magnetic Water lowering blood pressure Pain!
  • Ask The Experts: Which treatment improves the circulation and heals?
  • Tips Of The Month: Extend the life of your water wand

Magnetic Health Matters - Issue 9 May 2007
To Your Pain Free Life...

Editorial: Magnetic Water - Is It For Real?
by Sanj Shimadry

Over the last few weeks, I've had several queries about the benefits of drinking magnetic water. And also a fair few people saying that it's quackery (specially those who have done their research on the web)

In this article I will try to explain how magnetic water works. And the rest is up to you, whether you decide to use it or not. First, I'll talk about whether water can be magnetised or not, then a quick review of the possible health benefits you can gain from drinking magnetic water and finally the easiest and most effective method to magnetize water.

Can water be magnetised?
Many of us understand our basic need to drink clean, healthy water. But what actually is healthy water, and why do we need it?

We are over 70% water. All our biological functions including circulation, digestion, absorption, and excretion depend on water. Water is required for blood, the lymphatic system, and healthy skin and muscles. Doctors, scientists, researchers and natural healers all agree that drinking enough water on a daily basis can help maintain good health and likely help fight disease. Most experts advise drinking at least a litre of  water a day to assist in maintaining healthy skin and properly functioning kidneys, bowels, and circulation.

Water is Paramagnetic meaning that it holds a magnetic charge.
Paramagnetism occurs primarily in substances in which some or all of the individual atoms, ions, or molecules possess a permanent magnetic dipole moment. Water has a dipole moment and is, therefore, subject to paramagnetism. (At the University of Tokyo researchers were able to make water levitate using magnets (Source: NATURE . Ikezoe, N. Hirota, J. Nakagawa and K. Kitazawa, Making water levitate, Nature 393 (1998) 749-750).

Again, water molecules are dipolar. Since opposite electrical charges attract, water molecules tend to attract each other (Kegley and Andrews, 1998). Water in living systems naturally gathers into structures of 14, 17, 21, 196, 280, or more molecules (Mikesell, 1985; Davis, 2004). The bottom line is that structured or ionised or magnetised water can be formed using magnets (Mikesell, 1985).

There is a long history of the promotion of magnets to improve the quality and health benefits of water. Researchers found that when a permanent magnet is kept in contact with water, the water gets magnetically charged and acquires magnetic properties. Such magnetically treated water affects the human body when taken internally and regularly for a considerable period of time (Lam, 2001). Also, when water is magnetically treated, more hydroxyl (OH-) ions are created to form alkaline molecules, and reduce acidity. Normal water has a pH level of about 7, whereas magnetized water tends to be more alkaline.

Research has shown that it is possible to regenerate water to its original healthy state by magnetizing it. It is now clear that water has a very definite structure. A water molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom. Because of the electron configuration of the molecule the hydrogen atoms tend to attract other water molecules resulting in the formation of clusters which can contain anywhere from four to hundreds of water molecules each.

Some very exciting research done in Hungary has shown that these clusters actually have a memory and can remember and carry an imprint of the magnetic energy they have been exposed to either simply from the earth's magnetic field or through flowing over paramagnetic rock. It is the fact that this memory is destroyed on the way to the tap which renders our drinking water lifeless. (Zhalko-Tytarenko, Olga, et al. Endogenous electromagnetic field influence on the free energy of hydrogen bond formation in water. 2nd Advanced Water Sciences Symposium, Dallas, Texas, October 4-6, 1996. Proceedings, pp. 23-27).

The health benefits of drinking magnetic water.

Magnetized water is claimed to be energy-building, activating, cleansing and detoxifying. There are reports of people resolving bladder problems, recovering quickly from a stroke, alleviating arthritis pain and reducing blood pressure by drinking magnetized water. It is perhaps reasonable to assume that if scientific studies on animals have proven that magnetized water has health benefits, then it should also be beneficial to humans. However, so far there have been no systematic, clinical trials done to prove or disprove the healing effects of magnetized water in humans. (Gursche, Siegfried and Rona, Zoltan. Encyclopedia of Natural Healing. Alive Publishing, Inc., Burnaby, Canada, 1997, pp. 400- 07 )

Here's a list of all the claims of the potential benefits of drinking magnetic water:

  • Magnetized water tastes sweeter and has more clarity.
  • Magnetic water promotes a more alkaline pH in the body
  • Magnetic water promotes healing of wounds and burns
  • Magnetic water has a therapeutic effect on digestive, nervous and urinary systems
  • Magnetic water may also be beneficial for fevers, sore throat, menstrual and menopause discomfort.
  • Magnetic water revitalizes the body
  • Magnetic water provides positive effect on the autonomic nervous system
  • Magnetized water has been reported to help regulate the heart function and clear clogged arteries
  • Magnetic water has been beneficial for kidney ailments, gout, obesity and premature aging
  • Magnetic water may help relieve pain
  • Magnetic water infuses energy into the body, controls bacteria, and stimulates brain function.

Whether these claims are true or false remains to be tested by science. It will be decades before the science of magnetized water is fully understood. Those in mainstream medicine may discount magnetized water "quackery". That in the forefront of magnetic research paints a different story. If one understands and accepts that each of our cells possesses a small magnetic field, as many research studies are now supporting, the logical conclusion that magnetic water has the ability to affect our cells must be taken seriously.

What we believe is the most efficient way to magnetise drinking water.

We promote using a bipolar magnetic water wand to magnetise water. It is a quick, efficient, simple and cost effective method. Here's some more data about the water wand. 

The magnetic water wand is 14cm (5¾ inch) long and looks like a pen with a ceramic ball at the end. The long lasting, lime scale resistant rhodium coating protects the 2 bipolar, magnets inside, totalling 2300 gauss (230 m Tesla). Because you are actually placing the magnets directly into the water the magnetic field penetrates the water extremely quickly. To magnetise a glass of water (200 - 250 ml), leave the magnetic wand for 10 to 15 minutes. and to magnetise a litre, we recommend leaving the magnetic water wand for an hour.

Remember, you don't have to drink ONLY water. You can magnetise any cold fluid with the water wand!

Do you agree with the statements made above? Just click on the link below to leave your comments on my blog. Let's keep the conversation going...

Success Stories: Magnetic Water Reducing Blood Pressure And Pain

"I do not know if thank you is enough. After I felt so ill and depressed, my blood pressure was 195/85. Just three weeks of magnetised water and I feel fine, blood pressure down to 147/67. Thank you once again. Gratefully Yours.”  -- Mrs H Johnson.

“I obtained one of the wands in April; I can’t believe how quickly it worked; about 7 days. I’d had like toothache in the muscle at the top of my right arm and it was going all down my arm to my wrist.” I drink 4-5 glasses of water or juice a day and it’s stopped this awful ache, isn’t that marvellous. Thank you again.”  -- Mrs Jean Barton.

"Dear World of Magnets, A few months ago I purchased a knee strap and a water wand from you. After using them for one week, I was free from pain in my knee and I felt generally much better. I am ninety years of age and confined to a wheel chair, I thought there was no help for me at my age. I also suffer from epilepsy, asthma, kidney trouble, arthritis and insomnia for which I have taken sleeping tablets for 60 years. I’ve now come off my sleeping tablets since drinking magnetized water and all my other troubles have much improved. I have recommended you to several of my friends and my doctor thinks it’s marvellous. Thank you very much." --  Regards Violet Ambrose.

Share Your Success Stories!

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Ask The Experts: Which magnetic treatment improves the circulation and heals?

Question: My mother in law has a partially blocked artery in lower leg which is limiting circulation to the lower foot. As a result, she has developed an ulcer on on foot which is not healing. Can you recommend an appropriate treatment Many thanks! Steve Ellis

Answer by Debbie Shimadry -Pain Nurse Specialist:

Hello Steve,

With there being a reduced supply of blood to the area, the foot isn't getting enough nutrients and minerals from the blood to be able to heal this ulcer. The magnets will help to increase her circulation to his area and allow a fresh supply of oxygenated blood to flow to the area around the ulcer. The magnets will also work directly on the ulcer to help reduce pain and inflammation and promote new cell growth to heal the ulcer more quickly.

You need to wear the magnets as close as possible to the affected area so I would recommend that she wears magnetic insoles and drinks magnetised water.

The insoles are very comfortable to wear and are only 2mm thick so they won't take up a lot of room in the shoe. Each insole contains 50 magnets and are mad from rubberised ferrite which will mould to the shape of the foot as it warms. She should wear these for as long as possible. When she wakes up in the morning she should put them straight into her slippers and keep putting them into her shoes as she changes them throughout the day.

The magnetised water will also benefit her poor circulation and also increase the effectiveness of the magnetic insoles. You can magnetise water using a magnetic water wand.


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Tips Of The Month... Extend the life of your wand!

If you leave a magnetic water wand in a jug of water for long periods, you might get a build up of lime scale on the wand which can potentially lead to rusting of your wand. This is a sign that the water in your area is very hard water. To avoid this, take your wand out of the jug, wipe it dry and leave it out of the water overnight. Do this once a week...

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