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Please read before using any magnetic Necklace.

If you suffer with neck, shoulder, upper back pain or headaches, stainless steel magnetic necklaces are a very effective and powerful way to treat your symptoms. The severity of your pain will determine the type and strength of magnetic necklace that you will benefit most from. Magnetic necklaces are available in many different designs and styles but the one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a magnetic necklace is the strength. You cannot overdose on magnetism but you can under-dose, if you have severe pain and you choose a necklace that does not have sufficient strength you will not gain the maximum benefits from the magnets.

Stainless steel necklaces are the highest strength necklaces that are currently available. Each link of the necklace contains a 3,000 gauss super magnet. The number of links/magnets per necklace depends on the design and the length (average between 29-40 magnets). Stainless steel necklaces are strong enough to help with very severe and longstanding pain. Including pain from spondylosis, frozen shoulder, upper spine disc degeneration, long term whiplash damage and migraines. The magnetic field created by the stainless steel necklace is sufficient to penetrate not only the neck and shoulders but also the upper back, head and down the arms as far as the elbows.

Stainless steel magnetic necklaces are made from surgical stainless steel (grade 316L); so they are hypoallergenic and they do not contain any base metal which could cause an allergy. Stainless steel necklaces have a standard length of 18 inches, but they can be altered free of charge, extra links to increase the length of the necklace will be charged at a cost of 1.00 per inch. Each extra link added to a necklace will increase the necklace strength by 3,000 gauss. The Monet and Deco design necklace have 24 carat gold brushed over the stainless steel to give a two tone appearance, this is epoxy coated to maintain its colour and sheen.

Hematite necklaces are standard strength and will generally have 800-1000 gauss magnets in each hematite bead. The amount of magnets per necklace depends on the design and the length of the necklace (between 22-80 magnets). Hematite necklaces have sufficient strength to deal with mild to moderate pain that you may have had for a shorter period of time.

Tension in the neck, trapped nerves, moderate muscle spasms and whiplash injuries are treatable with hematite necklaces. The magnetic field from a hematite necklace will penetrate the neck, shoulders and base of the head. Hematite is also claimed by crystal healer to be a purifying crystal stone that has blood purifying and detoxification properties. You should preferably wear magnetic necklaces 24 hours a day 7 days a week (especially at night time) until the pain and discomfort has been resolved. Once you symptoms have gone you may remove the necklace but if your pain returns then you must replace it immediately.

Most people wear their necklace permanently to prevent any symptoms from returning. Magnetic necklaces are not made for purely cosmetic reasons they are in fact (depending on the style and number of magnets) up to 25 times stronger than a magnetic neck strap. Plus they are much easier to wear as they do not have the appearance of a medical device. Hematite necklaces are all a standard 18 inches in length. They can be shortened free of charge but unfortunately they can not be lengthened. For every large hematite bead which is removed from a necklace a magnet is also removed. Depending on the design they contain 800- 1000 gauss magnets and have between 22- 80 magnets per necklace. Hematite necklaces will keep their graphite grey appearance as long as hey are removed for washing and swimming, but remember to replace them straight away afterwards.


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