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Magnetic Therapy Packages

Magnetic Therapy Packages

The most effective magnetic therapy care packages.

Hematite Rings

Hematite magnetic rings for finger pain relief

Open Ended Magnetic Rings

open ended magnetic rings

Stainless Steel Magnetic Rings

The Magnopain® magnetic rings will help with arthritic fingers, swollen or painful finger joints, fracture sites, carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injuries.

If you have just one finger that is painful, perhaps due to a fracture or previous injury then you may not want to use a bracelet to treat just one finger. There is a small but extremely effective magnetic treatment for single finger pain — a magnetic ring. Magnetic rings look just like ordinary rings, but they have 2 x 1,700 gauss magnets placed into the inside of the ring. When you wear the ring the magnetic field will treat the whole of the finger on which it is placed.

These rings are open ended so they will virtually fit all finger sizes. Thumbs can also be treated with rings, but special magnetic thumb rings should be used. In these special rings the magnets placed in at the ends of a twisted ring and when worn the magnets will sit on the top part of the thumb close to the knuckle joints which are most likely to cause pain and discomfort. If you are allergic to base metals like nickel then you should not use a magnetic ring as they are copper based with nickel plating over. Available in 8 designs.

Revolutionary New Magnetic Ring Now Contains ‘Super Strength’ 3,000 Gauss Magnets!

These rings will reduce or completely eradicate the swelling and pain from even the most severe arthritic fingers. You will not find these rings anywhere else. These super strength stainless steel rings have been created exclusively for World of Magnets. If your fingers are swollen, stiff, crooked, bent and painful the 3,000 gauss neodymium magnets will virtually if not totally resolve your finger pain, swelling and stiffness. 4 exclusive World of Magnet only designs which match and coordinate with the super strength stainless steel bracelets.

Real life success story:

I was somewhat, like most people, open minded but rather sceptical about magnets. I had a very bad fracture over the middle joint of my right ring finger. The tendon had pulled away from the joint, taking part of the joint with it and unfortunately the loose end had embedded itself in the remainder of the joint. When this became obvious that it was more than a simple fracture surgery was required. My hand was very weak and I had to regain the strength in the broken tendon, the pain, even after the surgery was horrendous. Once I was out of the splints I had to wear, which itself took over 6 months, I decided to investigate magnets, having tried anti-inflammatory/painkillers, which are not really good as a long term fix.

I bought a reasonably high strength bracelet, admittedly from one of your competitors, as I hadn't found your website then! Certainly the pain did ease, but I was slowly recovering from surgery and couldn't really ascertain as to whether it was the magnets or not, but activities such as typing, even for a short while and playing musical instruments such as piano or flute still caused immense stiffness and aching in the joint which was really quite swollen even over 2 years after the surgery. I wanted to buy a high strength ring to place at the joint. I did trawl through a lot of the internet for some while and then eventually noticed that you were beginning to sell these. I didn't want plated/copper based as I react to base metals. You appeared to be the first UK outlet for steel rings!

The joint has certainly reduced in size and is scarcely bigger than its neighbouring fingers. Within 2-3 weeks of wearing the ring I was noticing much less stiffness and piano playing and typing was becoming easier and easier. Now I do not have any problem with these activities, and for the most part, unless I bang my hand or do prolong work eg. lifting awkward or heavy items, I have no problems whatsoever.

Mrs L. Liddle, Suffolk, August 15th 2006


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