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"After 7 Years Of Testing, Finally Revealed:
Proven Magnetic Therapy Treatment Packages
Specifically Designed To Relieve Your Chronic Pain
 Within Just Days… "
PLUS At The Same Time Also:

  • Improve Your Circulation by stimulating blood flow and getting more essential oxygen and nutrients to your organs, muscles, joints and limbs!

  • Reduce Inflammation and Swelling by excreting excess fluid and promoting a Toxin Free Body!

  • Experience a Tremendous Boost in Energy due to your improved circulation and elimination of toxins which allows your heart to rest, hence, LOWERING your blood pressure and pulse rate naturally.

  • Encourage Deep, Long And Restful Sleep as magnetic therapy stimulates the brain to produce 'melatonin' the sleep hormone.

  • Strengthen Your Immune System through the cumulative result of more oxygen, more nutrients, balanced hormones and a rested heart.


From Dee Parsons
Pain Nurse Specialist/
Magnetic Therapist

Dear Friend,

Are you one of the thousands of people who suffers from Arthritis, Pain, Back Pain, stiff joints, Fibromyalgia? Have you had enough of taking painkilling drugs and suffering their nasty side effects?

Well there is another way - - A breakthrough and completely natural magnetic therapy pain relief treatment which dramatically and most often completely relieves mild, moderate and even severe pain in people with muscular, inflammatory and joint conditions is here.

People with months and years of pain, are within just about one month, finding themselves completely free of pain and able to live a normal and active life again.

Incredibly, people who have been severely physically restricted are able to be almost 100% active again—gardening, travelling, playing sports, walking their dogs, shopping...

"Biggest Myth About Magnetic Bracelets Exposed…"

Wearing a magnetic bracelet or wrist band WILL NOT take pain away from any other area other than the arm, fingers, wrist or hand. You cannot treat pain all over the body by wearing magnets around your wrist.

Magnets have to be placed directly over the area of pain to have an effect. Unfortunately you cannot treat the whole of the body with just one magnet. In short, wherever the pain is located you must place magnets within that area or in the very close proximity.

Your Free Report: Magnetic Bracelet - Does It Really Work?

Do not waste your money on buying a magnetic bracelet! It might NOT do a thing for you. Read this special expose report to find out exactly what a magnetic bracelet can and can't do.

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My Recommended Magnetic Therapy Treatment Packages

Just follow the links below to find out more information on how these pain relief packages can help you get rid of your pain the natural way, without drugs or surgery or any side effects whatsoever...

Wrist, Hand and Arm Pain Relief Package Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief Treatment Knee Pain Relief Package Foot and Lower Leg Pain Treatment All Over Body Pain Relief Package Back, Hip and Sciatica Pain Relief Package Insomnia Relief Package

"Why Use Magnopain Magnetic Therapy Magnets"

Magnopain® Magnetic therapy products are registered Class 1 Medical Devices with the Medical Devices Agency (MHRA) and should not be confused with ordinary magnetic or copper products. Magnopain® Magnetic therapy products also carries the mark. CE Marking on a product is a manufacturer's declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislations, in practice.

All Magnopain magnetic therapy products are made from rare earth Neodymium material, (core gauss between 12,000 and 14,000) the strongest permanent lifetime magnets made today and contain north facing magnets. In other words they create a negative magnetic field. read more>>

Free Of Pain At Last...
Previous Pain Sufferers Share Their Excitement

When All Had Failed, A Magnetic Mattress Cover
Came To Rescue Of Sue Winter

“I had tried all the conventional treatments and without much success. I had a bit of success here and there but when you are in as much pain as I am you would try anything. So I thought I would have a go at magnets. I decided to go the whole hog and buy a magnetic mattress. Which has worked wonders, I must say it really has. The pain has been reduced considerably and I’m able to get up in the morning, I think it’s worked a lot. I think it would be about 2-3 weeks really, before I felt the real benefit of it. Then the pain had reduced considerably. Before I was waking up and my husband was having to get me a drink to take some pills with and then I would have to lay there for half an hour until they had worked before I could get out of bed and once the mattress cover had ‘kicked in’ I was actually able to get out of bed and actually make my own cup of tea. So that was a considerable relief.”
Sue Winter, Stewkley Road, Drayton, Parslow, Bucks, UK

Sue winter is a 56 year old business woman who has been suffering from arthritis in her knees and spondylosis of her neck and back for 5 years. She sleeps on a magnetic mattress cover. click here to listen to her personal account.

Biker Rides Again After Racing Accident..

"As a youngster I had a sporting life. Club motorcycle racing was my big passion and due to spills on and off the racecourse I've broken my ribs, shattered my left arm at the elbow and right collar bone. My left ankle was pinned and rebuilt and of course the hips take a pounding when bouncing down the race track, but I still ride a motorbike.

I also drive a class 1 HGV for a living and had a nasty accident causing me head and neck injuries and now with age I suffer with a lot of aches and pains and stiffness which I did until I was introduced to World of Magnets products.

I wear a magnetic necklace for the relief of my stiff neck and enhanced mobility and a magnetic bracelet which has relieved my right elbow of the constant pain. I also use a knee magnet support. I can't thank World of Magnets enough for the relief their products have given me." Rod Hamlin, Herts

Piano Teacher Regains Full Use of Hand and Fingers

    I keep meaning to write to you but I have been so busy!

   I purchased one of your bracelets last year as I was having a lot of problems with my index finger on my left hand. It seemed to be stiffening up and would not bend totally. I was told it was probably arthritis and there was nothing that could be done about it. As I play the piano, and am a piano teacher, it was causing me immense problems. It was not only stiff, but painful and was affecting my playing. I had also taken the step of deciding to complete my final grade 8 examination, which although I have been playing for 23 years, I had never taken. The music is extremely taxing and I need my hand to be perfect.

   I purchased your stainless steel bracelet after doing a lot of research on the internet, and your bracelets seemed to be one of the best. Well what can I say! After a few weeks of wearing the bracelet all the pain had gone in my finger and I had regained full movement. I was a little dubious and wondered if it was down to the bracelet, or just a coincidence. So I took the bracelet off. After about a week I started to get the pain again. Needless to say I now wear the bracelet all the time, even to bed.

   One last thing, I passed my piano examination. Thank you so much for such an excellent product. I have recommended your products to all my family and friends.
Kind regards
Linda Hammond, Chemin de Hajau, Mielan, Gers, France

43 Year Old Business Woman Riddled With Arthritis
Don't Have To Take Painkillers Anymore!

"I would just like to say how happy I am with the mattress cover I purchased from you 9 months ago. Since then I have been free from much of the pain I was experiencing when I came to you. I have recently seen the specialist at the hospital and found not only to have rheumatoid arthritis in my spine but also osteoarthritis together with the spondylosis in my neck. I suffered for almost 12 years, life had become very hard.

I even thought I would have to give up my business. I, as you know, was in so much pain when I came to you and very frustrated by the side effects the drugs were creating with my stomach, together with the lack of sleep I was experiencing I really was as you would say at the end of my tether.

Thankfully with the mattress cover I feel the situation has been helped and I am now getting a relaxed and pain free sleep which was proved a few weeks ago when I was house sitting at my mother's. I suddenly found I was in agony, the pins and needles in my leg returned and on one of the mornings I had great difficulty getting out of bed - not the thing a 43 year old woman finds easy to cope with! After 3 or 4 days I suddenly realised the problem, I was not sleeping on my mattress cover; obviously on returning home the problems that had returned started getting better within 2 days or so.

Thank you - at least 99% of the time I can honestly say that I manage without the medication and am still much of the time pain free or at least the pain is manageable!"
Julie Hodgson, Ripley Rd, Sawmills, Belper, Derbyshire, U.K

2 Super Bonuses For You To Keep, No Matter What...  

Your Super Bonus #1

Grab yourself a FREE copy of the most educational magnetic therapy magazine - Magnetic Health Matters - Where you can learn which magnetic products works best for what type of medical conditions, guaranteed to give you a magnetic treatment solution for your specific problems. Furthermore, you will also get detailed explanation of all magnetic therapy products available and how to use them. (Download link will be sent in your order confirmation email after you have placed your order)

Your Super Bonus #2

"Discover How 6 Long Term Chronic Pain Sufferers Achieved Life Changing Release From Pain"

If you have tried and tested virtually every single form of pain relief method available and have failed miserably - Do not despair, You are not alone!

My favourite success stories belong to people just like YOU who have lived with pain for most of their lives -- and are now PAIN FREE!

I've managed to secure exclusive interviews with 6 people who have achieved total FREEDOM from pain and persuaded them to share their deepest personal feelings about their pain relief with you!

And now, this Special Bonus Report on CD contains all six in-depth "tell all" interviews, including...

# Christine Chesters, an occupational therapist who has diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritic knees and crumbling discs in her back.

# Roy Sidall, a 71 year old retired gentleman who has been suffering from osteoarthritis in his lower back, knees, wrist and feet for over 10 years.

# Anne Fairbrass, a 63 year old care manager who has spondylosis of the neck and lower back, sciatica, curvature of the spine and shoulder pain.

plus 3 more...

This is an incredible opportunity for you to hear REAL PEOPLE just like YOU, who have had chronic pain for years and are now PAIN FREE since using these recommended magnetic therapy treatment packages!

"Try Your Personalised Magnetic Therapy Treatment For 6 Months Without Risking A Single Penny"

I have arranged for you to try your personalised magnetic therapy treatment with absolutely no risk for an unusually long 180 days. Within those 180 days your pain and swelling is virtually guaranteed to be relieved.

But if (and it will be unusual)— after at least 170 days of continuous use, your pain and swelling has not been virtually or completely resolved, I want you to return the complete package and I will send you a full 100% refund.

The only reason we can offer you this exceptional guarantee is because experience has proven that mild, moderate and even severe pain has been relieved in thousands of pain sufferers by using these recommended packages.

Actually, the risk we take in providing you with this long guarantee is very small. The likelihood is your pain will be gone or greatly reduced and your mobility will be recovered as you apply and use the correct care package.

Nevertheless, if you are the one in hundreds whose pain is not substantially removed, and whose movements are not almost entirely freed up with the correct package we do not want you to pay for it.

If this is your experience, please return the whole package after 170 days and we will promptly refund every penny of the cost of the package you bought. You have nothing to lose BUT Your Pain.

I am delighted that you have come to me and my organisation. Please do email or call and tell us of your reduced pain and increased mobility. All my staff and I really do care and are always here to help in every way we can.

So Here's my recommended magnetic therapy pain relief treatment packages that I use myself PLUS which I've also recommended to over 10,667 chronic pain sufferers over the past years; who are now PAIN FREE!

Wrist, Hand and Arm Pain Relief Package Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief Treatment Knee Pain Relief Package Foot and Lower Leg Pain Treatment All Over Body Pain Relief Package Back, Hip and Sciatica Pain Relief Package Insomnia Relief Package

To your pain free life.

Dee Parsons RN, Dip MC (MT)
Senior Pain Nurse Specialist/Magnetic Therapist

P.S. I can assure you that there is an answer to your pain problem, regardless of how bad it is — no matter whether mild, moderate or even severe. Even if you have suffered for years, I want to reassure you that you can start to reduce the pain that you are feeling this very day.


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The 7 Biggest Myths About Magnetic Bracelets: "EXPOSED"

The Truth That Virtually Every Single Magnetic Bracelet Retailer Wants To Keep Secret From You... You will not find this information anywhere else on the internet - - Because they don't want you to know... A Special Report worth £27 for you, FREE! Simply enter your name, e-mail and area of pain below, and you will be sent the download link INSTANTLY.

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