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The headache care package with neck stiffness and muscle spasm

For people who suffers with headaches with neck stiffness and muscle spasm - not suitable for migraines

You will wear 29-40 x 3,000 gauss stainless steel magnetic necklace and drink magnetised water (by placing a 2,300 gauss water wand into all your cold drinks). Plus you will also use the special Nukkles hand held massager (no level of expertise or training needed) and the simple microwaveable hot/cold therapy gel pack in-conjunction with your magnets.
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constable stainless steel magnetic necklace Deco stainless steel magnetic necklace monet stainless steel magnetic necklace
Constable Deco Monet

You’ll also be very glad to know:

magnetic water wandWhen you drink magnetised water each day, the overall healing effect of the magnets placed on your body has been measured to be as much as ten times greater. Magnetic water will also detoxify your body, eliminate excess fluid and waste. But what’s even more important, it will increase your energy levels and help you to gain a deep and restful sleep.

Just 4 large glasses of any cold liquid (it doesn’t have to be water) magnetised by placing a magnetic 2,300 gauss ‘wand’ into your drink for 15 minutes (or in a volume of 2 litres for 1 hour) will give you all of the benefits mentioned above.

Plus, when you continue to magnetise all of your cold drinks each day, even after you pain has gone, it will help to prevent your pain or ache from coming back.

nukkles hand held massagerThe special Nukkles hand held Massager relaxes your muscles, reduces muscle spasms and improves local blood flow.

In addition, the microwave hot gel pack used straight after the massager will continue to soothe painful areas and muscle spasm whilst maintaining the blood flow to the area.

The Cold therapy gel pack (place this pack in the freezer for 10 mins) will then reduce swelling and soothe irritation.

hot - cold microwable gel packWhen you use this combined treatment you allow your body to heal at its fastest rate. You continually provide a rich fresh blood supply filled with healing nutrients and painkillers and at the same time you reduce the inflammation and swelling enabling your joints to move freely again without pain or discomfort.