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The Migraine care package

For treating migraines without neck stiffness and muscle spasm

You will use the stainless steel 29-40 x 3,000 gauss necklace, magnetic pillow pad and drink magnetised water every day (by placing a 2,300 gauss water wand into all your cold drinks) until the pain is gone. click on images for more product details

constable stainless steel magnetic necklace Deco stainless steel magnetic necklace monet stainless steel magnetic necklace
Constable Deco Monet

You’ll also be very glad to know:

magnetic water wandWhen you drink magnetised water each day, the overall healing effect of the magnets placed on your body has been measured to be as much as ten times greater. Magnetic water will also detoxify your body, eliminate excess fluid and waste. But what’s even more important, it will increase your energy levels and help you to gain a deep and restful sleep.

Just 4 large glasses of any cold liquid (it doesn’t have to be water) magnetised by placing a magnetic 2,300 gauss ‘wand’ into your drink for 15 minutes (or in a volume of 2 litres for 1 hour) will give you all of the benefits mentioned above.

Plus, when you continue to magnetise all of your cold drinks each day, even after you pain has gone, it will help to prevent your pain or ache from coming back.

magnetic therapy pillow pad Your body heals by the greatest degrees at night time whilst you sleep. That is when most of the healing work is done. Sleeping on a 15 x 2,400 gauss magnetic pillow pad will dramatically boost your body’s natural healing process; reducing the time it takes for your pain to be resolved.

Plus, take the pad put of your pillow during the day and place it behind your head when you are sitting in a chair, on the sofa, in the car, or at your desk at work. Your necklace and pad together will reduce the strain that occurs in your neck and head when sitting.