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Your back is at serious risk of permanent and irreversible damage if you have any if these 7 medical conditions

Read how to reduce or completely STOP any further permanent damage to your back in just 33 days

 Dear Back Pain Sufferer,

     I am almost certain that if you have any of the conditions listed below, you will more than likely be experiencing pain and muscle spasms in your back, hips and buttocks, you may even have shooting pains and pins and needles down your legs (sciatica).

These 7 medical conditions in question are:

1. Arthritis- osteo and rheumatoid.

2. Spondylosis- Cervical and lumbar.

3. Sciatica.

4. Disc problems- prolapsed discs, herniated discs, worn discs and removed discs.

5. Lower back pain-from work injury, lifting, bending, driving, repetitive strain and pelvic problems

6. Spinal stenosis.

7. Osteoporosis.

Announcing the only way to ensure that your back and hips do not suffer further permanent damage by one of these 7 conditions

     In brief your back and hips will almost definitely be feeling sore, swollen, painful or numb because the blood supply in your back, hips and legs is not as good as it should be. Your medical condition has reduced the blood supply to the back, hips and legs, which causes you to suffer with some or may be all of these symptoms.

     Fortunately there is an incredibly simple and easy to use tried and tested solution that will almost totally guarantee to rid you of all of the pain, swelling, burning, numbness or pins and needles in your back, hips and legs for good. Iím certain that you can achieve these results by using a combination of an extra super strength back belt during the day and a magnetic bed pad at night time.

Many clients who use a magnetic back belt are asking if they should be using magnets at night time as well as during the day and if the 24 hour exposure will reverse the damage to their back and hips faster and more effectively

    The answer is yes but let me be clear, a magnetic back belt will noticeably reduce the pain, swelling, and burning in your back, hips and legs when worn throughout the day. BUT if you have quite severe and constant back, hip or sciatic pain greater strength magnets have shown to reduce even quite severe pain much quicker.

     Essentially night time is the best time to use magnets and even more so when the magnetic field is strong enough to penetrate all of your back and hip. In brief, whilst you are sleeping your body enters itís most productive healing phase. Because you are asleep your organs do not need so much oxygen and this allows the body to concentrate on repairing the damage to your back, hips and legs. Thatís why when you sleep on very high strength magnets the magnetism is very rapidly absorbed into the tissues and blood stream, 3 times quicker than during the day.

    What this means is the circulation to your back, hips and sciatic nerves will be radically improved, so much so that almost all the excess fluid (swelling) in your back and hips will be drawn away and safely excreted, plus the increased blood flow will provide any damaged areas with all the essential healing nutrients needed to repair it.

Relieve all of your back, hip or sciatic pain - plus strengthen the whole of your spine whilst you sleep.

     The truth is wearing a super strength back belt (3 times stronger than the standard back belt) and sleeping with your back and hips on a magnetic bed pad is the best therapeutic magnet treatment you can have for back, hip and sciatic problems. The super strength back belt contains 10 x 2,600 gauss magnets discretely encased inside a soft, comfortable and completely flexible belt You will immediately feel the soothing support and begin to feel the total relief in just a few days. Best of all the layer of super strength 2600 gauss magnets is the secret key as to why this advanced back belt almost instantly and permanently relieves you of almost all of your back, hip and sciatic pain for good.

     Whatís more, the super strength bed pad contains 20 x 2600 gauss super strength magnets carefully interwoven into an extra soft quilted cotton pad (itís like sleeping on an eiderdown) which measures 22 x 25 inches. Your bed pad will fit snugly under your sheet in the mid section of your bed ensuring that your back and hips rest on all the 20 super strength magnets.

     Frankly the effects of the extraordinary super strength back belt when used in-conjunction with the high strength bed pad are astonishing; they will create a super strength magnetic field around your back and hips that will reach down your legs. Not only will your pain and swelling be reduced but the circulation in the whole of your spine will be dramatically improved.

      As if thatís not enough numbness and pins and needles will disappear, shooting pains down your legs from sciatica will be a thing of the past. In a nutshell the health of your back and hips will be radically restored. By the way any damage that you already have in your back and hips, for instance disc prolapse, sciatica and trapped nerves will be healed remarkably quickly once your circulation is restored.

I used to suffer with lower back and sciatic pain just like you, but not anymore - Hereís how I got rid of ALL my back and sciatic pain and why it hasnít come back again.

      The fact is I fractured my spine 15 years ago in a riding accident. I was left with a permanent lower back injury which gave me chronic pain and sciatica. For 8 years I lived with excruciating pain day in and day out. I couldnít work or lift anything (even my own children) whatís more I ended up walking with crutches, not a pleasant life for a twenty something.

      BUT I donít live with pain anymore. Iím able to get out and about and do all the things that I want to do. I achieved this phenomenal turn around in just a few short months.

      In brief I started wearing a magnetic back belt which did reduce some of my pain, but not all, so I tried drinking magnetised water as well. After a few weeks nearly all my pain had gone, however I was still getting pain at night and when I lifted anything heavy. To further boost the strength of my magnets I changed my back belt for a super high strength back belt and slept on a magnetic bed pad.

      The results speak for themselves. I am back working again and I walk without crutches, I can now do any activity (within reason, I wonít be climbing any mountains) that I want to do. I would never have been able to live this way without magnets. I still use them today.

            Words cannot describe how I felt when I returned my crutches to the physio department. I was practically skipping down the corridor. Iíve never been so happy about losing something as I was when about losing my dependence on crutches. Being able to play with my children and go back to work gave me the most amazing feeling of FREEDOM!

If I said that Iím almost positive that I can help you get rid of your back pain for good would you want to?

Wouldnít it be great if I could help you get to a point where you could go back to doing all the things you have had to give up

       Iím certain that I can help you regain control over your life, plus achieve the same freedom that I gained 7 years ago and still have today.

Your problem areas suggest that you would benefit significantly from a super strength back belt and a bed pad - so I have arranged for you to receive a preferential discount of 17.5% (we will pay your VAT) off a super strength back belt and bed pad set.

      In a nutshell I want you to be able to gain the same tremendous results from using magnets that I have received. I know that your back, hip and sciatic pain can be completely resolved and you can return to all of the activities that you have had to give up. Your special preferential discount entitles you to try a super strength back belt and a bed pad at the reduced price of £66.41 saving you £14.09 for the small size and £67.65 for the large size, saving you £14.35

Magnetic Back Belt - Magnetic Bed Pad (white only) - Water Wand

PLUS  you can try a magnetic water wand together with the above package and increase the strength of these super magnets by an incredible 10 times for just £14.81 more and save 17.5% (normal water wand price £17.95 - we will pay the VAT).

     When you drink water that has been magnetised, the magnetism travels into the stomach and is absorbed into the blood steam through the bowel wall. It is then very rapidly distributed around the whole body. Of course the magnetic field that is circulating around the body has the same effect on the inside as the magnetic field has on the outside of the body. It will reduce inflammation with in the body plus increase blood flow and oxygenation of the tissues, especially around any damaged areas.

       Think about it, when you drink magnetised water you are tackling your problem from inside and outside at the same time. This 2 sided approach will most definitely increase the strength of the magnetic field at the point of pain plus it will also speed up the healing process by increasing the absorption rate of the magnetic field by an amazing 10 times.

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And remember you can try a super strength back belt, bed pad or water wand without any risk or future obligation

       Quite simply all I ask of you is to try the back belt, bed pad or water wand, if you do not improve the circulation in your back and hips, plus resolve the pain in your back, hips and legs during the first 12 weeks of use, you can return your back belt, bed pad or water wand and I will send you a prompt 100% refund.

Act NOW and claim your 17.5% (we will pay your VAT) preferential discount-But do it today this offer is only available for the next 2 weeks.

     I urge you to respond right now if you donít want to miss this opportunity to grab a super strength back belt plus a bed pad and a water wand and save 17.5% on each item. I can only offer this VAT FREE discount for 2 weeks after this time regrettably we will not be able to take anymore orders for super strength back belts, bed pads or water wands at this price. Iím telling you this because I want you to know that there is a window of opportunity here that will not remain open for long and I donít want you to miss out.

     So donít hesitate try a super strength back belt plus bed pad and water wand, plus remember you canít lose anything, our unique RISK FREE guarantee is your safeguard.  

Debbie Shimadry
Pain Nurse Specialist/
Magnetic therapist

P.S. If you are at all serious about permanently resolving your back pain call today. Youíve read about how it has literally changed my life.  It can do the same for you. Donít wait and suffer for even one more day my absolute 100% results or your money back guarantee protects your 2p per day investment

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