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Donít spend even one more moment of your life suffering with wrist, hand or arm pain ó you donít have to!

Buy this advanced treatment package that will enable you to have full use of your hand, wrist and arm once again

Dear Wrist Pain Sufferer,

            The fact that you have wrist, hand and arm pain is preventing you from doing things that you want and need to do: gardening, carrying the shopping, cleaning, washing your car. The list is infinite... You are not alone in this many hundreds of people who have wrist, hand and arm pain just the same as yours have already tried a brand new advanced wrist, hand and arm pain treatment.

The feedback that we have gathered so far has enabled us to deepen and widen our understanding of how magnets work with your specific wrist, hand and arm condition. We already have a very clear picture of which is the fastest and most beneficial treatment for your wrist, hand and arm pain. As a direct result of these findings we are now inviting you to join the advanced treatment program to prove that these treatments do in fact almost if not totally eradicate your wrist, hand and arm pain.

If you have worries about the financial cost of the advanced treatment then óDonít worry

            Debbie and I did not become magnetic therapists to make money. We did it to help people and we are still helping people each and every single day. I understand that you may be worried or anxious about the cost of magnetic treatments. Some of them can be expensive, but not all.  Please ask yourself this question: Who do you trust with your health a nurse or a sales person?

            As trained pain nurses and therapists we will do whatever we can to help you get the magnetic treatment that you need, to ensure you get your life back. There are 4 ways in which we can help you with the cost of your treatment:

  1. We can and will, at every opportunity, fund part of your treatment. Whether we pay the VAT for you or make a treatment available for cost only. The pain relief that you will receive is more important than profit.

  1. If you receive incapacity benefit, carers benefit or you have a very limited income, we can arrange for you to pay for your treatment in interest free instalments, that you can comfortably manage.

  1. Every single treatment that you try is totally risk free. If it doesnít work for you then we donít want you to pay for it. I canít put it any simpler than this. If you do not get the results that we promised you, you do not pay a penny. We will refund 100% of your money with no questions nor any hard feelings. We canít say fairer than that.

  1. Your magnets will last you for 10 years. We only use the highest grade neodymium healing magnets, which keep their magnetism for ten years. This means that you will be able to use all the treatments that you try for the next ten years, which equates to, on average, an equivalent cost of just 1-2 pence a day for most treatments. Surely your freedom from pain is worth 2p a day.

I used to suffer with constant excruciating pain just like you, but not anymore ó
Hereís how I used the very same advanced magnetic treatment on my wrist and hand pain
and why I'm still PAIN FREE

            8 years ago I was in almost the exact situation as you are in now. I couldnít see how I was going to be able to get rid of the constant, never ending pain. PLUS I also didnít know how I was going to be able to carry on living with such excruciating pain day in and day out. I was in a desperate situation and I couldnít see a way out.

            Fortunately for me, at that exact time I received a flyer through the post. It was advertising magnets for pain relief. Normally I would have dismissed it as junk and thrown it away, but maybe because I felt so low, depressed and truly desperate for a solution, I kept it and read it. I must confess at first I really didnít believe that it could possibly work, as a trained nurse I could not see how it would take my pain away. But as I said I was desperate, so I rang and ordered my first magnets.

 The results? Well within just a few days my pain was easing and after a couple of weeks I could pick things up and drive the car again, without pain! Iím not going to say that one strap took all my pain away, it wasnít that easy. I wear a super strength bracelets, sleep on a super strength bed pad and drink magnetised water. I wonít tell you that I never get any pain because I do get twinges, when I overdo it in the garden or sew for very long periods of time. But on the whole, day in and day out I am pain free, (when I do get a painful twinge, on go my magnets and it quickly resolves).

Words can not describe how I felt when I was finally able to get out and about again. Being able to just the simplest of tasks like drive the car or open jars gave me the most amazing feeling of FREEDOM

I really and truly want to help you to experience the same life changing results that I have had

            I understand your worries and scepticism about trying something new and unknown. I want you to know that you donít have to be worried or afraid to try this treatment. It can and will help you just as it helped me.

            The magnets that you are currently using may well noticeably reduce the pain, swelling and burning in your knee but it will take a lot longer, maybe even weeks longer than the new advanced treatment programme.

            When you have spent so many years in pain, why would you willingly spend just even one moment longer in pain than you have to? The only regret that I have about my pain is that I didnít find out about magnets much earlier. If I had known about them 15 years ago I wouldnít have lost of much of my life to pain. You have already given up too much of your life to pain, please donít lose anymore time, itís such a precious commodity.

Here's how this advance treatment package will get rid of your pain.

     The truth is wearing a super strength, stainless steel,  magnetic bracelet  and drinking magnetised water is the best therapeutic magnet treatment you can have for your hand , wrist and arm problem. The super strength magnetic bracelet contains between 9-17 x 3,000 gauss magnets (4 times stronger than the standard bracelets)  discreetly encased inside an extremely hardwearing and long-lasting surgical stainless steel bracelet. You will immediately feel the soothing support and begin to feel the total relief in just a few days. Best of all the combination of the super strength 3,000 gauss magnets and drinking magnetised water is the secret key as to why this advanced treatment almost instantly and permanently relieves you of almost all your hand, wrist and arm pain.

Essentially when you drink magnetised water you are tackling your problem from inside and outside at the same time. Magnetised water is absorbed into the blood steam through the bowel wall.

      It is then very rapidly distributed around the whole body. Of course the magnetic field that is circulating around the body has the same effect on the inside as the magnetic field has on the outside of the body. It will reduce inflammation with in the body plus increase blood flow and oxygenation of the tissues, especially around any damaged areas. This 2 sided approach will most definitely increase the strength of the magnetic field at the point of pain plus it will also speed up the healing process by increasing the absorption rate of the magnetic field by an amazing 10 times.

What this means is the swelling and inflammation in your hands, hands, wrists and arms will be drawn away and safely excreted, plus the increased blood flow will provide any damaged areas with all the essential healing nutrients needed to repair it.

The magnetic water wand is 14cm (5ĺ inch) long and looks like a pen with a ball at the end. The long lasting, lime scale resistant rhodium coating protects the 2, negative pole, magnets inside, totalling 2300 gauss (230 m Tesla, super strength magnets). Because you are actually placing the magnets directly into the water the magnetic field penetrates the water extremely quickly. This is the fastest and most efficient way to magnetise water.

            Frankly the effects of the extraordinary super strength bracelet when used in-conjunction with the water wand are astonishing; they will create a super strength magnetic field around your hand and wrist that will penetrate all the way up your arm to your shoulder. Not only will your pain and swelling be reduced but the circulation in the whole of your arm will be dramatically improved.

            As if thatís not enough numbness and pins and needles will disappear, shooting pains down your arm will be a thing of the past. In a nutshell the health of your whole arm will be radically restored. By the way any damage that you already have in your wrist, hand and arm will be healed remarkably quickly once your circulation is restored.

Your recommended  advanced treatment programme consists of:

A stainless steel super strength bracelet (with a 3000 gauss magnets each link). Plus a water wand containing a 2,300 gauss magnet.

Here are the stainless steel magnetic bracelets that I personally use and recommend:

Rembrandt | Constable | Monet | Taurus | Turner | Goya | Van-Gogh

| Deco | Davinci | Lowri | Mona Lisa | Picasso

Ready to buy click here>>

To help you afford this crucial treatment package,
I have arranged to fund part of the cost. This package costs £55.90,
but we will pay £9.78 for you which means you pay only £46.12

And remember that you can try this package totally risk free. If you do not receive any pain relief in the first 12 weeks of use simply say so and we will give you a 100% refund. As if thatís not enough this package will last for 10 years thatís just 2 pence a day.         

Act NOW ó I can only offer this preferential price for the next 10 days

         I urge you place your order right now if you donít want to miss this opportunity to acquire the advanced treatment programme and save £9.78. I can only fund £9.78 per person for the next 10 days. After this time regrettably we will not be able to take anymore orders for advanced treatment packages at this price. Iím telling you this because I want you to know that there is a window of opportunity here that will not remain open for long and I donít want you to miss out.

            So donít hesitate try the stainless steel bracelet and water wand package today and remember you canít lose anything, our unique 180 days RISK FREE guarantee is your safeguard.


Dee Parsons
Pain nurse specialist/
Magnetic Therapist                                                                    

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