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"Breakthrough Treatment For Helping Cats And Dogs Combat Pain and Old Age. Don't Let Your Pet Suffer Any Longer. Here's How..."

"Dilly, our dog, was sleeping in the hallway. My husband came walking into the hall, not looking where he was going. He stepped with his full weight onto Dillyís leg. The poor dog only has one hind leg due to an earlier accident. Dilly was crawling around, dragging himself and whimpering. The leg was broken.

The leg was set and it was very swollen and plain to see that Dilly was in considerable pain. It occurred to me to try magnet therapy. I bought Dilly a magnetic dog collar and magnetic dog bed. I put the collar on straight away and he was lying on the bed.

He lay there obviously still in pain. After a while he got up, went to the door and asked to be let out. He went out still limping but seemed to be walking with less effort. Within days he was walking without limping. His leg is now healed.

How could he have healed so fast? I can only believe that it had to be the magnets. Thanks so much for helping Dilly". (Jacqueline)

    Animals are prone to many of the same ailments that humans are, such as arthritis, spinal problems, kidney failure, heart conditions, immune disorders and joint problems. Conventional treatments used on animals are also very similar to those used in human medicine. Magnetic treatments are just as effective on animals as they are on humans.

    Both canine and feline circulation is much faster than that of a human, they have less circulating volume and magnetic fields are absorbed much quicker than in humans. This makes treating dogs and cats much easier than humans.

    If magnets are placed around a dog or catís neck, ideally in a collar, the magnetic field will be absorbed very rapidly into the carotid artery (one of the main arteries that supplies oxygen from the heart to the head and neck). The magnetic field travels around the animalís body in a short space of time and increases blood flow to the tissue and organs in the same way as it does in humans, inflammation is also resolved and new cell growth will be encouraged.

   This means that most canine ailments can be treated with a magnetic dog or cat collar. The strength of the magnets and the number of magnets required is related to the type and size of dog. The smaller the dog the less magnetic strength is required. You must always be aware that the same rules apply to animal magnets as those of human magnets; there must be a minimum of 800 gauss/80 m Tesla to penetrate into the blood stream.

    In some cases a collar alone will not be able to treat all of the dog or catís symptoms, either because the inflammatory phase is too acute, or the condition is too chronic and severe. In this instance there are other magnetic therapy products that can be used in-conjunction with a collar to enable the magnetic field to be over the injured area (as in human treatments).

magnetic dog collarMagnetic dog and cat collars will help your pet with:

Arthritis, Joint pain, Back Pain, Hip displaysia, Sciatica, skin conditions Stress, Renal problems Anxiety, bowel disorders, Old Fractures, stiffness.

The toy and small size collars contain 1x 2600 gauss magnets (260mTesla) and the other sizes contain 2x2600 gauss magnets (520mTesla).

Toy (9 - 12 inches): £14.00, Small (10 - 13.5 inches): £16.00,
Medium (13 - 16.5 inches): £18.00, Large (15 - 19 inches): £20.00
Ex-Large (20 - 25 inches): £24.00, Cat Collar (One size, safety): £15.00

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Customer review:
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In November 2002 my 16 year old German shepherd cross dog was run over and received a broken pelvis and tail. Remarkably the vet was able to save her and she was able to walk again. However due to her injuries and previous arthritis she was very wobbly and creaky at her rear end.

In January I purchased a magnetic dog collar from World of Magnets. I was advised that it may take up to 2-3 weeks to start working but after 3 days Zena was noticeably better. She was not wobbling so much and she could get up from the sofa, which she previously couldnít do.

After 3 weeks she was better than she had been for 2 years, extremely agile for a dog of 16. People who know of her injuries canít believe how well she is now and my husband who was very sceptical tells every one ďits since she had her magnetic collar.Ē
Mrs J Godber Derbyshire

Magnetic Pet Bed Pad

    magnetic pet bed padA magnetic pet bed is a square or oblong quilted pad can be placed on top of the dog or catís existing bed or placed in an area where the dog or cat normally lies. As the dog or cat lies on the pad the magnetic field will penetrate the legs, hips, spine and shoulders. These pads are particularly good for old dogs and cats who get very stiff when lying down and dogs with hip dysplasia or spinal problems.

size: 20" x 14" Contains 15 x 2600 gauss (3900 mTesla)

Magnopain pet bed pads are available in White only Price: £38.75

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magnetic water bowlA Magnopain Magnetic stainless steel bowl magnetises the water in the bowl. The small water bowl contains 1 x 2600 gauss magnets (260mTesla) and the large bowl contains 2 x 2600 gauss (520mTesla) magnets. The effects of magnetised water on animals are the same as that of humans. The water will help animals with kidney and digestive disorders as well as increasing the power of the magnets in the collar by 10 times.

Price: Small: £8.00, Large: £10.25
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