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Magnopain Skin care product, facial skin care product and natural skin care product for face care.

Magnopain Rejuvenating Magnetic Eye Mask.

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The Magnopain eye mask will revitalise and rejuvenate tired, red, puffy eyes. This natural skin care product will reduce bags under the eyes by drawing away the excess fluid under the eyes. Dark circles will decrease and wrinkles appear smoother. Results can be seen very quickly usually within a couple of days the skin will appear firmer around the eyes and lines are fainter. Prolonged wearing of this facial skin care product will increase the effects. For best results, the Magnopain eye mask should be worn very night whilst sleeping. This facial skin care product can also be used during the day before an important night out or whilst in the bath before getting ready to go out. It will give a last minute lift to the eyes before going out.

magnetic eye mask blue magnetic therapy eye mask

Contains 18 x 1200 gauss magnets (2160mTesla)

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Perfect for reducing the after effects of a night out. Wear this magnetic skin care product whilst sleeping at night and the next day the bags underneath the eyes will be reduced and dark circles diminished. Tired red eyes will clear and people will not be able to tell that you have just had a heavy night out. Can be used by young people to combat effects of modern living, pollution, smoke, jet lag,  partying or as a preventative measure. Also, the more mature women who have wrinkles, bags, dark circles and puffy eyes will feel years younger.

The Magnopain magnetic eye mask contains 18 x 1200 gauss ceramic magnets placed inside the mask with 11 magnets over each eye. The magnets will increase blood circulation to the eye area, increasing melatonin levels in the skin which in turn  increases the elasticity of the skin by rejuvenating skin cells. The magnets last for 5 years.

Magnopain Skin care product, facial skin care product and natural skin care product for face care.

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Conversion Chart
1 milliTesla (mT) = 10 Gauss

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