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The natural Magnopain® insoles will relieve painful swollen feet within 21 days. The Magnopain® magnetic shoe insole will reduce the pain, swelling and soreness in your feet, plus significantly improve your mobility. How? The insoles contain over 100 x 500 gauss magnets in each pair. The magnets stimulate the feet to improve circulation. Best of all they increase the amount of the body’s natural painkillers (Endorphins). You’ll also be glad to know that Magnopain® insoles are 100% safe and totally natural, with no side effects. The fact is Magnopain® magnetic shoe insoles are composed of soft, rubberised plastic which will not compact under the body’s weight. What’s more the gently raised nodular texture of the insole actually massages your feet while you walk. And that’s just the start. The unique moulded structure encases the magnets, not only giving lasting durability, but it provides a level of comfort you won’t find in any other insole. You will find – even after a full day on your feet-these insoles are as comfortable as when you first out them in your shoes in the morning.

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Here are just a few of the testimonials we have received about the Magnopain® magnetic shoe insoles in the last few months.

Customer Review:
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“ When I was pregnant 16 years ago I got swollen ankles. Unfortunately the Oedema never went and over subsequent years got worse, so much so that my lower legs and feet were swollen if I stood for any length of time, being a qualified nurse I tried all the conventional ways to help the Oedema. I saw your magnetic insoles and sent for them. It took three weeks before I could felt any difference , my calves, started to feel lighter and I’m pleased to report the insoles appear to be working. I can’t believe it. It’s so long since I’ve seen my ankle bones. Thank you. (Vicki Rodgers, 43yrs, Breadsall, Derby)

“..The insoles I purchased from you have worked wonders for me. I can now sleep at night & do not get any of that awful pain & burning in my feet…”  (M Taylor. 45 yrs  Westbury.)

"I have suffered with cold feet for years and nothing has been able to warm them. I put the insoles in my shoes and within a few hours my feet were warm. I really couldn’t believe it. My feet haven’t been cold since and I never take the insoles out of my shoes..” (Peter, 69 years, Oxford.)

"I would just like to say how pleased I am with your magnetic therapy products especially the shoe insoles. I have suffered with restless legs for years but now thanks to the shoe insoles which I wear in my shoes all the time it has completely disappeared and now I can have a night sleep without the problem."
E. Winstanley, Cheshire

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