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All Magnopain magnetic straps are available in Black Neoprene fabric and have adjustable Velcro fastening. They are comfortable to wear and fully machine washable. All classic magnetic straps with 800 gauss magnets have been replaced with super strength straps containing 2,400 gauss magnets. (except for the ankle wrap). The fact is super strength magnets will reduce pain and inflammation much quicker and more effectively than 800 gauss magnets. We have seen this evidence time and time again in our clinic and quite frankly we want you to use a magnetic strap that will benefit you the most.

magnetic therapy neck wrap

Neck Wrap
magnetic ankle wrap

Ankle Wrap
magnetic therapy elbow strap

Elbow Strap
magnet therapy wrist strap

Wrist Strap
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magnetic knee strap

Knee Strap
magnetic therapy back belt

Back Belt
magnetic thigh strap

Thigh Strap
magnetic knee support

Knee Support Open Patella

magnetic therapy shoulder support

magnetic back support

magnetic therapy wrist support


When Dee first spoke to me about magnetic therapy, I admit I was very sceptical about it’s uses. I thought it involved wearing an umbrella shaped frame above one’s head as I had once seen an African model wearing on TV some years ago.

Dee explained that she had made magnetic bands which, when worn next to the skin, reduced inflammation and thus the pain of arthritis of the joints and the muscles. This therapy was used in Egyptian times, centuries ago so it’s not a modern fad. She had found how beneficial the bands had been to her when she first wore them. So convinced was she that she recommended them to friends who suggested that as the magnetic straps were costly, she make them herself and sell them.

My husband has arthritic knees which although generally not very painful, make him feel as if he’s ‘walking on stilts’, and very uncomfortable. I’d bought him bandage knee supports which always ended up round his ankles. Dee said she offered a money back guarantee as she was so sure of the benefits of her therapy. I sent for the bands thinking I had nothing to lose. We were warned not to expect miracles; the magnets do not cure arthritis but relieve the pain by reducing inflammation. They could also take 2 to 3 weeks to work.

In Ron’s case, the result was instantaneous. He had reluctantly accepted that his weekly long walks were no longer an option but now he can walk for some considerable distance. We have done several hilly walks in Derbyshire and he has felt none of his previous symptoms of aching and fatigue. Since we have joined the ‘magnetic brigade’ and have experienced how well magnets have worked for us, we have recommended the magnets to family and friends. Many say that the magnets have helped them to take up their previous activities again and to reduce or stop painkillers.

I now have a back belt which has helped me get over sciatica in a few days instead of weeks, a magnetic water wand and a magnetic pillow which benefits migraine sufferers. I very happily recommend this therapy to others.

Claire Gardner

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Magnopain magnetic therapy magnets are natural pain relief treatments for arthritis, back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia and more..