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Magnet Therapy Testimonials

"Thank you for your e-mails. A few weeks ago I purchased the magnetic knee strap and water wand. My knee is considerably better even after so short a time."

Anne Short

"I have been wearing my magnetic bracelet for three years now and I am practically pain free in my arms and shoulders. I got a magnetic back strap from you a fortnight ago and wear it constantly. Pain in my back has all but disappeared. Thank-you for the help. I have recommended Magnet therapy to quite a few people now, hope they listen to me.

Violet Littlejohn

"I bought two magnetic bracelets 3000 gauss, one last August and another about a month later, and by Christmas the pain in my hands, particularly the thumb joint and the first finger joint had dramatically improved. I then only needed to take the occasional Ibuprofen 400mgs tablet.

I went on a Caribbean Cruise for two weeks in March/April this year (2007), and had to keep renewing my cruise card as I couldn't get into our cabin. Eventually after the forth new card I realised that the magnetic bracelets had wiped all the info from the card, so I had to take them off for the last five days.

I was horrified and amazed that after two days of not wearing my stainless steel magnetic bracelets, the pain in my hands came back with a vengeance.

As soon as I put them back on when I got home, I was further amazed at how quickly (only a couple of days) the pain eased and almost disappeared.
This is truly a testimony to their worth
Thank you
Elizabeth Frith

"I suffered a stroke in 1994 and the pain in my knee felt like it had been put through a mangle then set on fire. I cannot take painkillers because of my other tablets so I just put up with it.

One night I was listening to the radio in bed when world of magnets came on to talk about their magnetic products. They didn't specifically mention stroke pain but I thought it was worth a try, so I sent for a magnetic knee strap.

I cannot remember how long it took but I noticed an improvement in the pain level after a while. Now, if I forget to put it back on after a shower, within 24 hours, my knee is screaming with pain again and it reminds me how valuable it is.

I am on my second knee strap having worn the first one out and when this wears out I will buy another.

Carol Pepper

"I have always for many years worn a magnetic bracelet. I have arthritis is my fingers, and I find that the bracelet helps a great deal; in fact I don't often notice any pain in my fingers these days.

I also have a daughter who suffers from migraine and she wears a magnetic necklace. My husband had a very painful elbow, and nightly you could see him rubbing it. I told him I would buy him a magnetic bracelet. I did and he says it wasn't working. I noticed he wasn't rubbing his elbow anymore, and then he realized himself. So now, he always wears the magnetic bracelet and is happy to recommend them to his friends.

Lastly my horse has arthritis in her front hoofs and she wears magnets in her boots and I certainly noticed the difference in her when out on a ride.

I am grateful for finding these magnetic products as I can just get on with my life.

Patricia Clowser

"I have been using magnetic therapy for about 6 months and I wouldn't be without it.

I suffer terribly with my feet and often find it extremely painful to walk. I have bunions on both feet, calluses on the bottoms of my feet and they always feel cold and numb. I have heard it said that if your feet hurt it shows on your face with every step you take. Since using the magnetic insoles, I have found considerable relief and can actually walk without limping and the coldness and numbness just disappears. I know the insoles work because if I forget to put them into my shoes I can feel the difference immediately!

I also bought the magnetic knee strap, really intended for my dad, but I jarred my knee at work and couldn't put any pressure on it at all. I used the knee strap and felt an immense relief - I could kneel and bend my knee without any pain. What I love is that you can wear it under your clothes without it being noticeable and it is extremely comfortable.

The magnetic water wand is a must, especially if you live in a hard water region. It helps make the water taste pure and if the water tastes better you tend to drink more of it, which is what you need to do with magnetic therapy as it helps to flush out the toxins in the body. I feel healthier and more energetic as a result of using my magnetic therapy products.

Thank you for supplying these fabulous products they really have made a change to my daily activities.

Josee Downie


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Magnetic therapy pain relief testimonials

Magnet therapy testimonials

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Natural pain treatments testimonials

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