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Natural Pain Treatments Success Stories

Below are a few more real life success stories of those who have achieved pain relief with magnopain medical magnets

For years I had really bad dark circles around my eyes which were always puffy when I woke up, especially during the summer. I tried many things including cucumber, cold teabags, cold camomile teabags, a frozen eye mask and various creams designed for under the eyes teabags non of which were successful in relieving my eyes.

Then one day my boyfriend was looking on the internet and found the world of magnets website which had a magnetic eye mask designed for this problem. So I decided to give it a try. It was the best 25 I have ever spent. After just a few days I noticed reduced puffiness.

Now, several months on, my eyes are "normal" and I feel a lot more confident about my face. I don't feel "ugly" when I go into work in the morning. Now I don't have to wear it every night to keep up the reduced puffiness and the reduced dark circles but I choose to wear it most nights.

It really works and it has really changed my life and increased my confidence. - Thanks guys! Miss Jessica Lawrence UK (27.04.07)

I was at my wits end with my poor cat having recurring cystitis. Nothing seemed to work, except antibiotics, so I was keen to try an alternative non-drug remedy.

I bought the magnetic cat collar, put it on my suffering cat and quite remarkably her health improved within only a matter of days. She wears the collar constantly and since then her cystitis has not recurred. I am most grateful to these collars they are brilliant!
Miss A Falcinelli 30.04.07

I purchased a magnetic collar for my pet dog who has sadly passed away now. I do think the collar helped my dog in the last years of his life as he was suffering from arthritis and the magnetic collar certainly helped him to have a better quality of life. (it certainly seemed this way!) it also looked good on him! So thank you for providing my dog some comfort in his difficult years I would recommend your magnetic collars to other pet owners with older dogs and cats. Miss Joanne Lewis (01.05.07)

Thank you for the prompt despatch of my order I wish more companies were as fast.

The patient is my cat Porthos who arrived on our doorstep in January and said he was staying! My other cat Hara who is 13 was not amused and the vet said that Porthos was suffering from mange to start with only it wasn't so she said he was stressed. The signs were he was licking all his tummy and legs bare of fur. After a course of tablets which were useless I decided I must find something else. So to magnets.

He is wearing the magnetic cat collar. Both cats are drinking from the water bowl. The magnetic pet bed pad - Porthos loves sleeping on it - is in our bedroom and once he has gone to bed he doesn't get up until we do. Before the bed he was always out all night hunting.

Sadly he is still licking his fur but it is early days and I hope the magnets are going to work.

Best wishes,
Rose Voelcker (13.07.07)

Arthritis in neck, high blood pressure and fatigue

"For more than ten years I have suffered aches and pains with arthritis, high blood pressure and being in and out of hospital too. I was so grateful to a neighbour telling me about magnets, yes, now I am using them.

The magnetic mattress cover and pillow are wonderful for a good nights sleep, something that I have missed for a very long time. My neck pain is now almost gone and I am not so tired now. I have more energy for my daytime duties and it's all down to magnets.

I am so glad I took the advice given to me and yes it does work."
Audrey, Cheshire, UK. 19th June 2007

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Magnetic therapy pain relief testimonials

Magnet therapy testimonials

Natural pain relief success stories

Natural pain treatments testimonials

Magnetic therapy treatments testimonials >>


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