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How to determine the right treatment for me?

Both the severity and the length of time you have suffered pain will determine which treatment you require.

Naturally, there is more than one type of pain. Your doctor does not prescribe everyone the same painkilling drug. He/She will look at the type and severity of your discomfort and then prescribe a pain killer which is appropriate for that particular type of pain.

When you are treating your pain, discomfort and immobility with magnetic therapy just as with any conventional treatment, you need a treatment package that is designed specifically for your particular pain problem.

There is no single ‘cure all’ treatment for everyone, that’s why this product selector will guide you through the process of identifying the correct type, strength and positioning of magnets that your particular type of pain needs.

  • Select Your area of pain

  • Select what other symptoms you have (e.g muscle spasm, burning etc)

  • Select the length of time you have suffered with the pain

  • Select how bad your pain is

  • Click "Get your Treatment Package"

If you have pain in 3 or more places click here

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Magnetic therapy is a natural pain treatment without drugs or surgery or side effects. Magnetic healing bracelets relieve wrist pain, tendonitis. Healing magnets are natural pain relievers for fibromyalgia, arthritis, lower back, knees, neck and shoulder pain.