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At World of magnets, we believe that magnetic therapy should be available to everyone. In order to make this become a reality we have conducted consumer trials (April 2004) in conjunction with national charities and self help organizations like Arthritis Care, The Stroke Association, The MS Society and the Fibromyalgia Association.


 Your ALT-Text here The results of our trial has been compiled and is published in the 'NURSING IN PRACTICE' nursing journal nationally the week commencing 19.07.04. Read the findings of the report below.



Magnetic Therapy pain relief - Science or Fiction
By Debbie Shimadry RN, Dip MT (MC), Dee Parsons RGN, Dip MT (MC), Sanj Shimadry RN, BSC Hons

What is magnetic therapy?

Magnetic therapy is the application of high strength magnets at the point of pain. It is claimed that magnets can treat many ailments from scar tissue reduction to the treatment of internal organs, the predominant use of magnets is for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. The mechanism by which this pain relief occurs is subject to the increased blood flow to the area under the footprint of the magnet 1.

The strength of a magnet is measured in gauss units. Magnets with 1000 to 2000 gauss power are recommended for chronic pain relief.2


Aim and Objective

The aim of the World of Magnets Ltd consumer trial was to provide reliable and identifiable feedback about the benefits of therapeutic magnets. The objective was to determine whether chronic pain can be relieved by the application of static magnets on an identified pain trigger point.

Target Group:

32 members from the following self help organisations were selected for the trial: Arthritis Care, The Stroke Association, M.S Society and the Fibromyalgia Association.

The selection criteria were:

1. Participants must have pain at rest and whilst mobilising.

2. They must not have used magnets before.

Magnetic devices used:

The magnetic devices used were knee straps (4800 gauss), back belts (9600 gauss), shoulder wraps (31200 gauss), bracelets (21600 gauss), insoles (80000 gauss) and pillow inserts (39000 gauss).


The magnetic device was worn continuously for 4 weeks at the point of pain. The participants were shown how to use their devices by a trained therapist. The pain score was assessed whilst at rest and on mobilising before the trial and at a 2 and 4 week interval respectively using a Numeric Rating Scale of 0- 10; 0= no pain and 10= extreme pain.


The average pain score of the group was 5 at rest and 7 whilst mobilising at the initial assessment (before the application of magnets). At the 2 week interval, the pain score at rest was reduced to 3 and whilst mobilising reduced to 4. The final assessment at 4 weeks showed an average pain score of 2 when at rest and 3 whilst mobilising (fig 2).

These results showed a 69% in pain reduction whilst at rest and a 78% in pain reduction whilst mobilising after wearing magnets for 2 weeks.

Furthermore, using magnetic therapy for 4 weeks showed a 75% pain reduction at rest and an 82% pain reduction on movement.

9% of the group was non compliant.

Average reduction in pain score.

Text Box: Pain Score










The application of static magnets of 4800- 80000 gauss over a pain trigger point results in significant pain relief for people suffering from musculoskeletal pain.

Study days in magnet therapy are available from World of Magnets Ltd, a  B.C.M.A registered institution who provides an educational and advisory service to healthcare professional and patients. Patient information packs are available, free, on request. Contact Debbie Shimadry at World of Magnets Ltd on 0800 612 1347. Web:


(1) Skalak. T, Morris C: Magnet Therapy The Power to heal. The American Physiological Society. (San Diego,CA),2003.

(2) Meridian College: Magnet Therapy-Module 2. Meridian College, 2001

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