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Who is world of magnets?

Debbie Dee

Mother and daughter…

    Dee Parsons and Debbie Shimadry are 2 NHS trained nurses with over 40 combined years of nursing experience, from acute surgery to healthcare of the elderly and from intensive care to community nursing.

    Both Dee and Debbie have immense personal experience of chronic pain.

    Dee (56) suffers from osteoarthritis which has infiltrated into virtually every single one of her joints. Debbie (37) fractured her spine in 2 places 16 years ago. This left her with a permanent injury in her lower back.

     Having worked in conventional medicine both Dee and Debbie steadfastly believed that using traditional medical treatments was the only option.

How the NHS failed to help 2 of it’s own nurses in their time of need

    All of this changed 8 years ago when their chronic suffering came to a head. In January of 1999 Dee became so debilitated by her osteoarthritis that she became unable to walk.

    In brief,

    The bones in her feet were simply crumbling away. Every single step was excruciatingly painful. Dee couldn’t walk or drive or even leave the house. She was desperate for relief but the NHS system she had placed all of her trust in, could not provide any solution to her pain.

    Dee’s doctors told her that basically there was nothing more that could be done for her condition. Obviously Dee was devastated by this, how could she face a life of this pain when she was only 48 years old?

    Oddly enough, at almost exactly the same time Dee’s daughter Debbie was going through a very similar experience. Debbie’s back condition had progressively become worse aver the years. Her work as a nurse did nothing to help, as she was constantly lifting and moving patients, plus having 3 young children only caused her spine to degenerate further.

     Essentially in early 1999 Debbie

     Just like Dee, found herself housebound, on crutches, unable to work, drive or even pick up her children. Debbie had also trusted the NHS to help and the answer she received was identical to Dee’s “Sorry there is nothing more we can do for you.”

Amazingly one piece of ‘junk mail’ provided the answer to their pain

      Frankly, many people would just have given up in despair at this point but neither Dee nor Debbie was going to allow themselves to be crushed by this devastating blow. They were both determined to find an answer to their pain. Fortunately their determination paid off when Dee discovered a piece of ‘junk mail’ on her doorstep.

      The ‘junk mail’ was talking about the benefits of magnetic therapy. It professed to reduce swelling, increase blood flow and reduce pain and best of all it was completely natural. Surely this was too good to be true. Neither Dee nor Debbie could believe that the magnets would do what they claimed to do. As trained medical professionals, they just couldn’t see the logic of it.

But when you are in agony 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you will try anything to find even a small amount of relief.

      Not expecting any results at all, they decided to give it a go, and the rest, as they say, is history.

      Astonishingly it worked.

      Within just 3 short weeks both Dee’s and Debbie’s pain had virtually totally disappeared simply by placing straps with magnets in over their pain.

Dee and Debbie’s remarkable release from pain has been the inspiration for thousands of other pain sufferers, who have since eradicated their pain

This was the turning point in their lives and eventually their careers.

     Immediately they began a crusade to learn as much about magnetic therapy as they could. Both Dee and Debbie became so enamoured by the abilities of magnets that they both trained to become magnetic therapists and both of them hold a diploma in magnetic therapy in addition to being qualified pain nurse specialists. (We are Real Qualified Nurses and Magnetic Therapists View our credentials >> )

     Of course, friends, colleagues and family members noticed how both Dee and Debbie were now able to get out and about without pain and also able to return to work. Obviously they wanted to know how they had both achieved this phenomenal turn around in such a short time. Several had pain themselves and wanted to try magnets for themselves so Dee and Debbie took their new found knowledge and put it to good use helping friends, neighbours, work colleagues and family members.

     It wasn’t long before word soon spread and soon they had a queue of people asking for help. Virtually everyone who was helped by Dee and Debbie knew someone else who was suffering with pain. Dee’s 3 bedroom house became the hub of their ‘makeshift’ clinic. They would see people downstairs in the lounge and then run upstairs into the spare bedroom to individually make straps, wraps and supports to fit each persons needs.

 What’s most astonishing is the fact that Dee and Debbie helped more people in 6 months than they did in over 40 years of nursing

     After just 6 months they had helped over 1,000 people to become pain free. To say that they were elated was an understatement. They had helped more people in 6 months than they had in their entire combined careers as NHS nurses.

Suddenly their future path seemed lit before them, they knew what they had to do.

     Both Dee and Debbie reduced their hours at the hospital so they could devote more time to helping people with magnets. The demand for their help became so great that in January 2001, just 2 years after first discovering magnets, Dee and Debbie quit their NHS jobs and became full time magnetic therapists. They founded World of Magnets with the aim of providing trained and qualified help, information and advice to any pain sufferer who asks for their help.

     So far, to date, they have helped over 12,250 people resolve their pain.

     With the aid of their information based website they are now able to reach pain sufferers right around the country.

Modesty aside Dee and Debbie know more about magnetic therapy, from a medical point of view, than any other magnetic supplier in the UK

     Knowledge about magnetic therapy is still vitally important to Dee and Debbie. They have been at the forefront of magnetic research in the last 5 years.

     In 2003 they joined forces with the local Arthritis Care and MS Society support groups to run a small, but very crucial, study. The results of their testing clearly showed that 82% of the arthritis and MS sufferers dramatically reduced their pain by using Dee and Debbie’s magnetic devices.

     Since then Dee and Debbie have been founding members of the Magnetic Therapy Council, a charitable organisation set up by members of the medical profession who also practice magnetic therapy. The council’s aim is to provide the UK’s largest resource for education and information about magnetic therapy.

     It also intends to create a national register of qualified magnetic practitioners so that the public can find a bone fide therapist and avoid being ripped off by one of the many ‘dubious’ traders who do not have ‘medical’ grade magnetic devices. 

Here’s how magnetic therapy works

     Science has discovered that a magnetic field over and around the point of pain increases blood flow in the effected area. This increased blood flow carries with it greater quantities of oxygen, vital nutrients, and especially endorphins which relieve and soon remove and alleviate the pain. In real terms the effects of these magnets will reduce pain and discomfort in and around the area that they are placed.

     The truth is, magnets need to be placed directly over the area of pain to have an effect. Unfortunately you cannot treat the whole of your body with just one magnet. I wish I could say that you could but I would be doing you a great disservice. In short, wherever your pain is located you must place the magnets within that area or the very close proximity.

Debbie has made numerous BBC radios appearances

      Debbie has appeared as an expert guest on many BBC radio shows:

    BBC 5 Live, BBC Radio Cleveland, BBC Radio York, BBC Radio Humberside, BBC Radio Stoke, BBC Radio Leicester, BBC Radio WM, BBC Radio Berkshire, BBC Radio Sheffield, BBC radio 3 Counties, BBC Radio Lincolnshire & BBC Radio Oxford. BBC Nottingham. At Oxford they completed a consumer trial were 3 out of 4 people benefited from using our magnets.

    Most guest slots include a phone in which is always well received by the listeners as they get an opportunity to find out if they can be helped by magnetic therapy. The shows always provoke a wide variety of interesting queries and comments. The listeners are always given the chance to obtain further information via the free help and advisory service which is provided in person or via a free phone system. FREE Comprehensive confidential consultations are available for everyone.

     A recent stint of appearances on the Alex Trelinsky late show from BBC Nottingham produced such a great volume of interest that the helpline and advice line numbers were jammed for days. Each time Debbie appeared the advice line received between 800-1000 calls in the week following.

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